Any Day Now

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Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 9/29/98
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  • Episode Description
  • Present: When an old family friend who is now a city councilman asks Rene to defend him against corruption charges, Rene agrees after being convinced by some members of the black community that the charges are baseless and rooted in racism; M.E. is appalled that her friend would represent someone so lacking in ethics, and is further dismayed when Colliar excuses the man's dishonesty as "the way of the world"; after being lied to by her client and realizing that he is guilty of the charges, Rene withdraws from the case and is subjected to hate mail and a brick thrown through the window of the Jackson home; M.E. and Rene decide that politics will be one of the very few things they don't discuss. Past: As the Jackson family prepares to participate in the March on Birmingham, M.E. gives Rene her St. Christopher medal for protection.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Annie Potts

    Mary Elizabeth "M.E." O'Brien Sims

  • Lorraine Toussaint

    Rene Jackson

  • Mae Middleton

    Young Mary Elizabeth (Episodes 1-66)

  • Shari Dyon Perry

    Young Rene Jackson (Episodes 1-66)

  • Maya Elise Goodwin

    Young Rene Jackson (Episodes 67-88)

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  • Quotes (4)

    • (James is preparing Rene for the march) James: And if somebody spits on you and calls you a nigger, what do you do? Young Rene: Keep marching and ask God to bless them.

    • Young M.E.: If what they say's true and God's everywhere, then that means He's even in the dirt under my fingernails. Young Rene: And in the smoke from your cigarette. Young M.E.: It feels like he's always watching me. Young Rene: Like when you steal cigarettes from the store. Young M.E.: And it means He's also watching us when we go to the bathroom! (both laugh)

    • Young Rene: They had us all in one cell, it was fifty kids and a metal toilet in the corner. Young M.E.: Did they give you bread and water? Young Rene: No, but when my Daddy came to get me he brought a candy bar, a Chunky. Young M.E.: Weren't you scared? Young Rene: No, there was this one little girl in a white dress and she cried and said "I want my momma, I want to go home". But I wasn't afraid, we were there for a good cause.

    • M.E.: Rene Jackson, I swear if you ever try to leave Birmingham again, I'll tie you down with my clothesline.

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