Anything but Love

ABC (ended 1992)
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  • S 4 : Ep 17

    Marty Walks

    Aired 6/3/92

  • S 4 : Ep 16

    The Waiting

    Aired 5/27/92

  • S 4 : Ep 15

    Tryst and Shout

    Aired 2/12/92

  • S 4 : Ep 14

    Angst for the Memories

    Aired 2/5/92

  • S 4 : Ep 13

    Catherine Honey, I'm Home

    Aired 1/22/92

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bruce Kirby

    Leo Miller (1989)

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

    Hannah Miller

  • Bruce Weitz

    Mike Urbanek (1991-1992)

  • Richard Lewis

    Martin "Marty" Ezekiel Gold

  • Louis Giambalvo

    Norman Keil (1st Season)

  • show Description
  • Anything but Love was the story of Hannah Miller and her relationship with Marty Gold. After they meet Marty gets Hannah a job in research at the magazine where he works. Hannah, an aspiring writer, sees this as an opportunity to get into the business. The show was created by Wendy Kout and developed by Dennis Koenig. Creative differences between Wendy, Jamie & Richard caused her to leave the series after the 1st season. When the show was picked up for the following fall season it had some revisions to the format. Marty, Hannah and Jules still worked at the magazine but other characters were replaced. A hip new editor was brought in and played to the hilt by performance artist Ann Magnuson. Holly Fulger was added to give Hannah a best friend to confide her thoughts about Marty with. One of the running bits between Hannah and Robin was that they called each other Mrs. Shmenkman. A name they came up with years ago when they decided they would both marry a couple of brothers named Shmenkman before they were thirty. Joseph Maher was added to round out the major cast. Other minor characters in the first part of the 2nd season were played by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore; they were also the show's executive story consultants during this time. Their characters didn't really do much and were dropped halfway through the season. Joseph Maher's character was also dropped after the second season and Bruce Weitz was brought in as Mike Urbanek, an everyman's writer. One of his primary functions was to become Marty's confidant for his relationship with Hannah. Starting in the second season each episode featured an opening vignette that featured Hannah and Marty sitting at a diner counter making observations on life, love, etc. The on-screen title (and usually the subject) for these bits are included with each episode where they appear as a note. First air date: March 7, 1989 Last air date: June 3, 1992 Original air time: Tuesday 9:30:00 pm (Eastern)moreless

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    • Marty: Alice, I thought we were going to meet at the restaurant. Alice: Well, there's just something I really thought I should say before we have dinner tonight. Marty: What is it? Alice: We're through. Marty: Oh I see your point, that would have really ruined the buffalo mozzarella appetizer.

    • Marty: All right, it was a peck. It wasn't even a peck. It was like a semi- demi- hemi-peck. You know, like when Gorbachev kisses Bush. Hannah: When Gorbachev kisses Bush; he doesn't go home and fantasize about having his babies. Marty: Let's wait for the autobiography.

    • Robin: Hannah, it was a date that will live in infamy! Oh wait, that's a bad thing. What's the opposite of infamy? Profamy? Goodfamy? (chuckles) Well, it was good for me, I hope it was good for him!

    • Brian: Good morning, Hannah. How was your weekend? Hannah: Two dates, two duds. Yeah, the first one wore one of those ties with the piano keys… The other one had an aneurysm. Brian: What? Hannah: Oh, all right, it was just a bad headache, I was just hoping it would like lead to an aneurysm.

    • Catherine: You should try primal scream therapy. It will really help with your problems.
      Robin: What makes you think I have problems?
      Catherine: That conversation you were having with the first runner-up of the Nina Khrushchev look-alike contest, for one thing.

    • Robin: I have a ticket for "Fiddler on the Roof." You want to go with me?
      Jules: Please. John Davidson as Tevye?!?

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    Notes (54)

    • Song "Come a little bit closer" was played.

    • Wendie Malick's name was credited as Wendy in this episode.

    • Teaser: vacation...

    • Although credited Holly Fulger (Robin Dulitski) does not appear in this episode.

    • Teaser: plants...

    • Teaser: shay what...

    • Teaser: superstitions...

    • Teaser: mood music...

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    Allusions (11)

    • Marty: I know, you're sorry, you're sorry. Hannah, you've apologized more times than Jimmy Swaggart. This is an allusion to the 1988 scandal in which the televangelist resigned from his ministry after pictures were taken of him with a prostitute. A lengthy apology was broadcast over the issue.

    • Episode Title: Ch-Ch-Changes This is an allusion to the popular David Bowie song, "Changes," released in 1971. The title is also pertinent to the many on-set changes in the series that began with this episode, including series creators and supporting cast members.

    • Brian: The age of this building suggests that it was evidently spared by Mrs. O'Leary's cow. This is an allusion to the urban legend that a cow was responsible for the Great Fire of Chicago on October 9, 1871, that destroyed nearly the entire city.

    • Episode title: This is a reference to the 1963 hit song by Lesley Gore "It's My Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)."

    • Title: The episode title is a reference to the 1978 documentary, Scared Straight. It attempted to have prison inmates talk to teenagers who were on a dangerous path and scare them into behaving.

    • Title: The episode title is reference to the 1983 movie starring Teri Garr and Michael Keaton.

    • Title: The episode title is a reference to Jack Webb's famous phrase on Dragnet.

    • Title: It's Better to Have Loved and Flossed This is a play on the famous quote, "It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."--Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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