Archie's Weird Mysteries

Ion Television (ended 2000)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Scarlet Night

    Aired 10/2/99

  • S 1 : Ep 42

    Archies in Jugman

    Aired 11/3/02

  • S 1 : Ep 40

    Big Monster on Campus


  • S 1 : Ep 39

    Little Chock'Lit Shoppe of Horrors

    Aired 2/21/00

  • S 1 : Ep 38

    The Incredible Shrinking Teens

    Aired 2/18/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Andrew Rannells

    Archie Andrews

  • Chris Lundquist

    Jughead Jones

  • Paul Sosso

    Reggie Mantle

  • Camille Schmidt

    Veronica Lodge

  • Danielle Young

    Betty Cooper

  • show Description
  • The most recent attempt to bring Archie to the small screen, this show revolved around a school newspaper column written by Archie, appropriately dubbed the title of the show. As Archie writes about the mysteries of the universe, weird things keep happening in Riverdale, and it's up to the gang to solve each dillema as it happens. The show's cast, discluding the regular adults, is mainly limited to the primary five Archie characters (being Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Reggie Mantle), and employs Dilton Doiley whenever there is need for the help of a genius. Other Archie teens who made appearances on this show were Moose Mason, Ethel Muggs, and making their first appearances (finally!) on any Archie show, Midge Klump, Chuck Clayton, and Nancy Harris.moreless

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  • Quotes (98)

    • Zombie Jughead: If you don't believe me, ask Betty.
      Zombie Betty: (Zombie betty arises from the potato)Join us, you'll like it, Archie.
      Zombie Jughead : Come on, Arch. Everyone's doing it (tosses a potato at Archie)

    • Veronica: Oh, Archiekins!

    • Jughead: (watching tv) Here comes the part where she finds out that her best friend is a mindless zombie. Archie: I know how she feels.

    • Archie: Dilton? Zombie Reggie: Guess again.

    • Dilton: Go archie! You're our only hope, you're our only... (Zombie Betty stuffs a potato in Dilton's mouth)

    • Archie: You sat in front of that television for 12 HOURS??!! Jughead: That's why they call it a marathon. Archie: No,that's why they call it the boob tube!

    • Jughead: Archie forgetting a date with Veronica? It's getting so you can't count on anything these days!

    • Car: Step away from Archie! (splats Veronica with oil) I warned you!

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    Notes (42)

    • Principal Character(s): Archie

    • Principal Character(s): Archie

    • Principal Character(s): Veronica

    • Principal Character(s): Reggie and Archie

    • Principal Character(s): Veronica

    • Principal Character(s): Jughead

    • Principal Character(s): Archie and Jughead

    • Principal Character(s): Reggie

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    Trivia (11)

    • Why would a museum install actual deathtraps instead of normal security?

    • When Betty pushed Archie out of the window, her eyes had irises.

    • Miss Grundy's first name is Geraldine, not Doris.

    • Goof : When Archie and Jughead leave the mall, the Betty and Veronica mannequins are on display in a store front window. However, when the two guys go later to return them to normal, the mannequins are located at the back of the store albeit in the same outfits.

    • The outfit that Betty wears while she and the others are in the tomb is similar to the outfit worn by Lara Croft in the computer game, Tomb Raider.

    • Reggie appears in this episode but has no lines of dialogue.

    • Here are what the characters dress up as for Halloween: Archie: A space hero Jughead: A raindeer Betty: A cheerleader Veronica: A gypsy Reggie: A werewolf Dilton: A mad scientist Smithers: A clown Moose: A football player Midge: A cat

    • Here's a list of some of the stuff in the alternate Riverdale: -Archie's car is pink, then it turns into a motor scooter and then just dissapears. -Big Ethel has a crush on Dilton instead of Jughead. -Jughead is into health food. -Betty and Veronica switch personalites. -Principal Weatherbee is the school coach. -Dr. Beaumont is the school principal. -Dr. Beaumont's shop is a night club owned by Miss. Grundy. -There's a Starbucks where the library should be. -Professor Flutesnoot is a cop who has made reading illegal.

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    Allusions (6)

    • n/a: n/a
      The agents X and Y are obvious references to X-Files and Men In Black. Their names are just like the naming scheme from MIB and at one point they use a neuralyzer (bright flash) type device to distract Archie while they sneak away from him. The fact that one agent is female and the other male makes it similar to X-Files but more importantly in the scene where the agents capture Jughead you can hear a parody of the X-Files theme music playing in the background.

    • Spider-man The metallic arms that Dr. Arachnid have sticking out of his back are similar to the ones used by the Spider-man villian, Doc Octopus.

    • Nightmare On Elm Street The girls getting attacked in their dreams is a reference to the 1984 horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.

    • E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial When the alien is found, Betty refers to the movie when suggesting they hide it from federal agents. E.T. was a 1982 movie about a young boy finding an alien and his attempts to help the alien return home.

    • The New Archies This episode bears many similaities to an episode of The New Archies series titled "Incredible Shrinking Archie". Like this episode, Archie and Jughead are shrunken and struggle to find a means to return to normal size before the effects are permanent.

    • 2001: A Space Odyssey:

      The Stanley 9000 is a parody to the HAL 9000, the evil computer that tried to kill all the people on a spaceship in the sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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