Are You There, Chelsea?

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    Loved It & Missed It

    By BrendanRainko, Aug 29, 2012

    I have to say out of a lot of shows on NBC i really did like Are You There, Chelsea, it was fun while it lasted but i hope they put it on Netflix so that way i can watch on there at least.

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    Not there anymore, Chelsea?

    By Chrille_1977, May 12, 2012

    After a non-stop marathon of season one yesterday, I found out that the show has been cancelled. What a bummer. I really liked the characters and the storyline, even though it's somewhat exaggerated.

    A lot of shows has been cancelled lately, after only one season. And ones with good reviews even. What's up with that? This past year, at least 10 of the shows I followed (or had the intention of doing) has been cancelled. Do I dare to start on a new one or am I setting myself up for a disappointment yet again?moreless

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    Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang!

    By mindmalfunction, Apr 12, 2012

    I love Chelsea Handler. Her books are hilarious and so far, my favorite autobiography/comedic stories. I like the show, but Chelsea is hardcore and I really miss her lies. She needs to lie more - much, much, more. I get that the offensive stuff has to be toned down, but they toned it down a little too much. Maybe if this was on another network, they'd allow more of the true Chelsea raunchiness. When Whitney first came on, I posted a review like her personality was a light version of Chelsea and they need to do a Chelsea Handler TV show or at least let Chelsea work with the writers...then BAM! The Chelsea Handler show started. I'm sure it was in work long before I suggested it and the network probably didn't even see my post, but I like to think I'm responsible. ;)moreless

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    this is televised poop.

    By black_heart, Feb 25, 2012

    Just, awful. And the lead "actress"??? Ugh. Doubly awful. I watched the first episode with reservation and finally shut it off after 15 minutes. Hahaha, I'm a whore! Really, in 2012? We have the right to vote and this is the best we can say about our sex? Shame, shame, shame. Thankfully, COMMUNITY is back and hopefully this, won't be.

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    By DamianFraser, Feb 23, 2012

    This show i find similar yet varstly different from the new girl love them both just as much bout time we got some comedy that was truthful confusing unique and quick witted wet dog nose lol dede if you ever decide tyo drop acid you gotta call me lol awesome awesome awesome dont know how a show as similar to the bold and the beautiful then anything i have ever seen like revenge can get a 9 and this be only at 6 cmon hatersmoreless

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    Love this show. Laura, Natasha and Chelsea give me wood.

    By Jim__, Feb 07, 2012

    Laura, Natasha and Chelsea give me wood.

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    I love this show makes me want vodka

    By thatshot1886, Jan 30, 2012

    I most say that this is a really good show one of the funniest shows i seen in a hot second..I love Laura i had a hudge crush on her back when she was on that 70s show..Lol it must me akward for the real chelsea to call laura chelsea ha ha ha i want vodka...LMFAO

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    Not funny!

    By Larexx, Jan 17, 2012

    I hated this show! It was NOT funny. The show centered around Chelsea making fun of her red haired date. Making fun of people is not funny. Insulting redheads is offensive. I will NEVER watch this show again. Shame on you Chelsea Handler!

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    Someone pass me some Vodak, so I can watch this trainwreck.

    By bevan3423, Jan 12, 2012

    Wow that was a piece of ......and you hear the splash. To say the show is a comedy would imply that you might laugh or at least see some humor in the show. The show seemed very forced and the writing was as good as a late night infomercial. I have never written a review before, that is until this masterpiece forced me to go online and warn people of the next cancelled show. At least Whitney Cummings makes jokes people can relate to and show a satirical point of view on men, women and relationships.moreless

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