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  • 9.4

    Michael finds out he has a sister

    By jimbo_001, Jul 06, 2006

    Michael finds someone he thinks is his sister, named Nellie, which comes in handy when comparing her to Tobias, and who also turns out to be a prostitute (including George Sr’s – it’s a good thing it turns out they aren’t siblings.

    When plots are as well woven as this one, it’s a wonder why Arrested Development is getting cancelled, with the hilarious revelation of who the pimp Frank turns out to be, the person controlling the puppet still not believing there to be any sign to change his ways.

    George Michael takes his marriage to Maeby a little too seriously and Maeby takes it a little too lightly but I have yet to see the episode they actually get married in.

    Overall, the plots of this episode are great and show that anything can happen in the Bluth family.moreless

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  • 10

    This episode was fun

    By metzjedi, May 04, 2006

    This sets up the premise of an 'older sister' that Michael may have, which in fact turns out to be Linsday later on.

    This episode showcases how naive and oblivious Michael is to everything going on around him. It likens him to Tobias's denial that he may be gay.

    The hilarious reference to the old computers was fun; Tobias called the computer Michael was on a "ky' model and said 'make sure you don't get any moisture on these babies"

    Justine Bateman was outstanding in this episode and it was great seeing her again.


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  • 9.8

    Another girl Michael misunderstands

    By chage_16, May 03, 2006

    Between the misunderstandings with Rita, not figuring out that George Michael is infactuated with Maeby and now Nellie, I'm starting to see Michael really is a bluth. He's as dim- witted as the rest of them... okay he's not that dumb but still... not figuring out Nellie was a prostitute was a bit over the top.

    Loved the whole Franklin/ Frank thing, I was wondering when Michael would figure that out... while George Michael's take on the wedding to his cousin was funny too. Not much really to say on this one... can't wait for the final few episodesmoreless

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    Michael finds and hires Nellie who he thinks is his long lost sister. Buster falls in love with a nurse while still in his fake coma. Lindsey and Tobias schedule a night of “heterosexual intercourse”, and George Michael tries to make his marriage work t

    By retroboy7777, Feb 15, 2006

    Finally Justine Bateman is on Arrested Development. It seems like the rumors have been going around forever that she was going to come on the show. But she finally made it on and she did good. I think that the only problem I have with this episode is that it could have been three or more episodes (hardly a problem at all) but all of the four final episodes were rushed storylines each and every one could have been material for the rest of the Third season which was cut short or the fourth season. But I’ll take what I can get. I’m still a little confused though. In a news article about Justine Bateman being on the show it showed a picture of her wearing a large amount of make-up to make her look digusting and dirty but she didn’t look like that at all, maybe they just rewrote the episode.

    The genius of the writers never stops astounding me and those laugh out loud moments are just everywhere. The way they write the stories is just so circular and hilarious. Too bad America didn’t get it.

    At this point now that the show is over I find myself just trying to enjoy the show as much as I can. Because I could be outraged and hate the guy at FOX that cancelled the show but then I wouldn’t enjoy the show to the same degree. So remember that people, we can write our outraged letters and sign petitions in our spare time just don’t forget to enjoy the show while we still (kind of) have it.


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  • 9.5

    A good episode, but some facts were a bit confusing.

    By dju010, Feb 11, 2006

    Things heat up when Michael finds a person he thinks that she’s his sister he never met. Well she’s a prostitute, but somehow Michael doesn’t think too far, when he hires her for the company. When she presents herself, well I really wonder what she tells exactly that so much is cut out. By the way we find out that Nellie’s pimp is in fact Michael’s older brother Gob!

    We also learn witch men were customers of her.

    Meanwhile Lindsay and Tobias try to get an active relationship again, but that’s harder than it looks, once more.

    Funny is it also when Maeby and George Michael find out their play marriage is legally registered!

    George Sr. is trying to destroy all information stored on the company’s computers. But why doesn’t the state attorney and the police never got the files? I mean the first thing they do when they get evidence for a new case; they try to get more information when they search the company. Why didn’t that happen here? That really confused me!

    Buster is still in his coma and got some serious trouble to stand it.

    I really liked the ending, because Nellie might have saved the company, because she spends all the money to pay the employees salary and new equipment.moreless

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