Flight of the Phoenix

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Notes (2)

  • Michael: No one likes to share their identity.

    A nod to Jason Bateman's 2013 film The Identity Thief, where his identity is stolen.

  • The opening scene is a parody of "The Grinch," a Dr Seuss book. The story is about a cold and heartless green recluse, who scorns the holiday season. He lives on a cliff overlooking Whoville, a cheery and joyful town.

    The film was directed by Ron Howard and Jeffrey Tambor (George Sr) plays the Mayor.

Trivia (4)

  • On the map in George Michael's dorm, there are three pins in it. 2 in California and 1 in Portugal. A reference to how no one in the family (apart from George Michael) seems to know that Portugal is in Europe and not South America.

  • British news reporters microphone reads "WEE O.C."

  • As Michael and George Michael come up the stairs, there is a sign on the notice board that says "Korean Club." Also, as they walk along the corridor, there is a sign on a door that says "Hello" -- a possible reference to Annyong.

  • On the wall outside the shop that GOB buys, his Roofie's is a sign that reads:


    Are you in a Roofie Circle

    How to tell:

    The shame feels like it won't go away.

    People are surprised when you're surprised to see them.

    Loss of month.

    Weight Gain.