In God We Trust

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  • Lindsay: How’d it go? Michael: Well, the bad news is you’re in debt again, and we never busted Mom, and we’re stuck with Barry. Lindsay: Mm. Michael: The good news is we’ve been asked never to participate in the pageant again.

  • George, Sr.: Thank you. Thank you for coming down on Christmas Eve. Barry: Oh, it’s like any other day, except that I bill double.

  • Maeby: I don’t think you’re a monster. Lucille: And I think you’re a lovely girl. You know what? I think you and I ought to spend more time together. Maeby: Yeah. And that’ll drive them crazy. Lucille: Exactly.

  • Maeby: You ever get the feeling like you don’t even matter? Lucille: Only when I’m around my children.

  • Michael: Dad, you’re not going to outrun me in that dress! George, Sr.: Come on. Michael, let go! Michael: Dad! George, Sr.: For God’s sake, I’m not even wearing a jock.

  • Wayne Jarvis: I shall duck behind that little garbage car. Michael: Guy’s a pro.

  • Monti: You know, I saw you do this when I was a kid. I was so impressed, you know. You were so still and god-like. You know, it was at that moment that I knew I would be a dancer. George, Sr.: Glad I could make a difference.

  • Lucille 2: You ready to show me off before God and the whole world? Buster: Well, it’s not my Dad’s reaction I’m worried about.

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Notes (4)

  • John Michael Higgins (Wayne Jarvis) received the "With" credit. Henry Winkler (Barry) received the "And" credit.

  • Guest star Henry Winkler was Executive Producer/Narrator Ron Howard's co-star on Happy Days. Ron Howard also directed the movie The Night Shift, which starred Winkler.

  • This is the first episode where they did not include the "On the next Arrested Development..." gag at the end of the show.

  • Rating: 4.5/6

Trivia (5)

  • The obscured headline on the story of Wayne Jarvis's discrimination case against Barry Zuckerkorn reads "Jarvis Nails Zuckerkorn For Gay Bash".

  • Barry's website is "".

  • Portugal is referenced several times in this episode as being in South America and as a Spanish-speaking country. In fact, Portugal is located in the western limit of Europe (limited by the Atlantic Ocean and Spain) and the language spoken is Portuguese, not Spanish.

  • Early in the episode when Buster is talking to Lucille Austero, she is flipping through a newspaper. One of the pages that can be seen has a headline which reads 'Dead Sox...' and above that is a banner which reads A.L. Division Races. Obviously this newspaper is from late in the baseball season, probably August or September while the episode is supposed to be taking place near Christmas.

  • In the scene where Gob and Michael are going after their father, a Foothill Transit bus can be seen nearby. Those busses do not run in Orange County.

Allusions (2)

  • U.S. Currency
    The episode title "In God We Trust" is on all U.S. money (bills and coins).

  • Bruce Vilanch Bruce Vilanch is an American comedy writer, known mostly for making wisecracks on "Hollywood Squares" and writing gags for various award shows.