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    about this episode

    By JordanWelch, Aug 14, 2013

    I find out very funny. It had wonderful script, directing and single-camera picture editing.

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    "Illusion, Michael.. a trick is something a whore does for money."

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Jun 06, 2011

    For many, the Bluth family is as important and recognizable of a family as the Simpsons, the Jeffersons or that family from Dallas (I never watched it nor intend to). Either way, my point is that "Arrested Development," in just three seasons and fifty-three episodes, became one of the most well-loved and respected shows of all time. It's a shame that Mitchell Hurwitz hasn't been able to put out anything else nearly as important as this show in the wake of its cancellation. His new shows simply illuminate how amazing "Arrested Development" was.

    The pilot does everything a good pilot should do, and maybe a little more. Right off the bat, we jump into the thick of everything and meet the main characters: The Bluth's. There's Michael Bluth, the most normal of the group and the one who basically, as the credits will eventually explain) holds everyone together. He has a son named George Michael who has a crush on his cousin Maeby and a child-like sense of wonder about him (Jason Bateman and Michael Cera play the roles respectively). There's Gob (a.k.a George Oscar Bluth, pronounced "jobe," played hilariously by Will Arnett)the oldest son and aspiring magician. Next is Lindsey Bluth, now Lindsey Funke (Portia de Rossi), an arrogant woman who is married to a psychiatrist turned actor, Tobias Funke (David Cross in his best role to date). Their daughter is Maeby, George Michael's crush, and is also disgusted with her parents. The youngest Bluth is Buster (Tony Hale), a panic attack prone mama's boy who takes useless classes. Then there's the mother and father: Lucille, whoi drinks a lot and sort of dislikes her children and George Bluth, father and CEO of Bluth company, which in thepilot, is caught by the S.E.C for an unknown crime.

    For any big fans of the show, the above premise is likely old news and pointless to read, but for newbies, it's a sign of how intricate the family tree is and how closely they pay attention to each and every character, joke and plot point. The pilot, perhaps not the funniest episode the show has ever done, is certainly a perfect indication of what to expect from the show. In a very Curb Your Enthusiasm-ish way, each plot point has a savvy way of tying together in the end. The pilot focuses mainly on the Bluth company holding a party on their yacht to celebrate George Bluth's retirement and announcement of a new boss. Michael Bluth believes he'll get the job because he's proven himself to be the most loyal (him and his son live in one of the model homes they're selling, where everything is fake and falls apart easy). Meanwhile, Maeby feels isolated and ignored by her family, and in a ploy to get their attenion, makes out with George Michael, her cousin, which makes George Michael go insane. Gob wants to impress a magic group , the Alliance of Magicians, so he prepares a trick (scratch that.. an illusion!) to perform. Tobias has been fired as a psychiatrist and accidently ends up on a gay pride boat, where he realizes that he wants to pursue an acting career. Every single character is given a background, a unique personality with unique traits and ends up having a huge impact on the outcome of the episode.

    Here, we're seeing the Bluths for the first time and it's a fantastic way to begin the show. Season 2 is still my favorite, but then again, I don't think there's really a bad episode of "Arrested Development."moreless

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  • 8.5


    By Canogaparkcindy, Mar 23, 2011

    The pilot episode of Arrested Development definitely delivered with it's introduction. Certainly it wasn't the best episode of Arrested Development, but it was a great introduction to the series, and it was one of the best pilots I have ever seen.

    We've got very interesting characters with dynamic plots. It tied together very well, and it just gave us viewers a very good feel at the end. In the beginning, it was a bit slow paced, but that's the beauty of it, isn't it? My favorite characters from the start would definitely Jessica Walter's character or Michael's Cera's character. This show isn't afraid to cross any lines, which makes this show what it is. Too bad it got canceled so early in the game, but definitely a good pilot episode.moreless

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    This is the story of a wealthy family who lost it all and the one son who had to keep them all together. Moments after Michael Bluth decides he is leaving the family company for good his father is arrested for shady bookkeeping.

    By TraHag, Feb 14, 2011

    This one of the best pilot episodes that anyone can make because of the whit that its written in its easy to get a great grasp on who the characters are and its funny and all the comedy works. This episode won an emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

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  • 8.5

    Everything about Arrested Development - from the perfectly timed editing to the outstanding character acting - is ridiculously good!

    By iLoveOlivier, Sep 24, 2010

    I think the moment I heard "Look what the homosexuals have done to me," delivered dead-pan by the Bluth matriarch...I knew I had stumbled upon greatness. With each family member being presented, the audience begins to form an idea of what kind of family this is. Characteristics developed throughout the three seasons begin to become more evident for each familiy member - George is the family patriarch with a knack for illegal business practice; Lucille is George's power-hungry wife; Job is a perverted, immature man with a love for magic; Buster is prone to panic attacks; Lindsey is obsessed with living a luxurious lifestyle; Tobias is a clueless and talentless actor; George Michael is Michael's shy son; Maeby is George Michael's rebellious and witty cousin; and Michael (the main character) is the only sane one in the family. And the probable theme of the whole series - "We are one extremely disappointing family. But we are family."moreless

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  • 9.8

    Great Start to a great series

    By efc91, Aug 23, 2008

    Michael anticipates becoming the new president of his father's homebuilding company, having put up with his family for years in order to achieve it. This includes living in the attic of a model home with his son George Michael, and learning his sister Lindsay, brother-in-law Tobias and niece Maeby have been in town for a month without telling him. Instead, the position is given to his mother Lucille, shortly before his father George Sr. is arrested. Michael, reluctantly, returns to run the family business to steer them while his father is incarcerated, and Lindsay decides to become close to Michael again. This show is so funny I cant beleave it was cancelled by supid FOX.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Love it

    By loveGOB, Apr 21, 2008

    This pilot introduces the bluth family very well. The introduction of all the characters made me love them all because of their quirky and different ways, and the extended pilot on the dvd is even better.

    The way all characters are introduced makes the pilot and instant success as they become memorable and likeable through their jokes and lifestyles. My particular favourite being Gob.

    The episode would get viewers hooked on the witty jokes and banter between characters. Some can be overlooked the first time it is watched and discovered the next, which ensures fans will still love the show after watching it over and over.moreless

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    By WhipMyAss, Jan 16, 2008

    This episode of Arrested Devlopment was very good. The acting was great. The introduction to the show was very well done and this is probably one of the best pilots I have seen. This show is addictive and really cool. No Wonder it did terrible in ratings this show is to smart for most people!

    This episode of Arrested Devlopment was very good. The acting was great. The introduction to the show was very well done and this is probably one of the best pilots I have seen. This show is addictive and really cool. No Wonder it did terrible in ratings this show is to smart for most people!moreless

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  • 9.1


    By jacobp76, Jan 10, 2008

    ...although I'm particularly talking about the Extended Pilot, which didn't air on TV but is available on the DVD. I've heard people say that pilots are typically weak episodes, but if that's the general rule, the AD pilot is the exception that proves the rule. It's one of the best episodes in the whole series. In it, the hard-working Michael Bluth finds himself in charge of the family business when his father is arrested for massive corruption. The episode has the burden of introducing all the characters and storyline, but in the process we get classic dialog from the character GOB, who informs us that magicians practice illusions, not tricks, because a trick is something "a whore does for money." Additionally, we learn the head of the family George can't be considered a mastermind because "he can barely work our shredder." We learn the family is composed of shallow people and snobs who don't get along, and yet by the end we get the sense that they care about each other... even when they're still trading insults. This is what made The Simpsons brilliant, and AD catches that dynamic just as well or better.

    There's sort of a cinematic feel to this episode, particularly the extended version, and there's definitely an exciting feeling at the end that the Pilot has set up an amazing roller coaster ride of a series. If you don't believe me, this Pilot won more Emmys than any other AD episode, for writing, directing and editinmoreless

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