Queen for a Day

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  • 8.5

    The show that made Liza Minnelli cool again. Or, for the first time, maybe.

    By montaigne61, Sep 13, 2011

    So, I never understood what the fuss was about Liza Minnelli. Judy Garland's daughter, starred in one movie about Nazis or something a long time ago that everybody made a big deal about, and somehow that makes her some kind of national treasure. Whatever. Lucky for her, she was blessed with a supporting role in Arrested Development, and now a new generation gets to witness her talents. Everybody wins. Except Gob, who had to sleep with her; Michael, who lost his company to her; and Lucille, who lost her bathroom to her. Guess it always pays to be a little nicer to the neighbors.

    So, Tobias gets a little cash and he decides to buy himself a gay bar. And then his "gang" of dancers discovers how West Side Story really would have gone down. At least they didn't throw water. I guess all that snapping and dancing was a metaphor for violence or something. I always wondered when they found time to rehearse.

    And where can I find a car salesman like that guy? Here's a practical car. No, nobody ever buys those, they're worthless. You don't need a free windbreaker. What a guy. Geez, Gob f*#$ed Lucille 2. That's taking one for the team, right there. Or for himself, I guess.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Stock is unfrozen and the company control is gone thanks to the Bluth family.

    By jimbo_001, May 30, 2006

    Gob once again manages to screw up everything Michael has done and is therefore responsible for the family’s loss of control of the company (but on the plus side he BLEEPED Lucille 2 who returns to the series in this episode.

    George Michael’s notes and the conversation between Maeby and George Michael later in the episode (never once talking about the same thing) was very entertaining and Maeby’s plot follows on from the previous episode where people started assuming that she worked there.

    Overall, this episode is very entertaining especially the fact that nobody read past the word “unfrozen” except Buster who Michael was taking advantage of.moreless

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