Sword of Destiny

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Quotes (11)

  • Gob: My middle finger and index finger are -- Dr. Stein: Switched! For the first time ever.

  • Tony Wonder: For what, Buster, huh? You're the magic. Just check out those moves you're doing, they're in their own orbit. Look at Tiagre, my girl. Don't look at her. 'Cause you look at her and, like, it affects her in a way I don't feel comfortable with. Or go for it, I don't care, whatever. I'm just saying, it's your world.

  • Dr. Stein: Well, the operation went pretty smoothly. But once I got in there, the appendix wasn't so inflamed. D'oh!

  • Buster: Now, our magic trick. Gob: Illusion. Buster: Silent, slave! In this magic trick, I'm going to put a sword through my assistant's tummy. May I have the trick sword, please?! Gob: It's a real sword, (sarcastically) master.

  • Tony Wonder: You like bread? Buster: Yeah. Tony Wonder: Have some. Buster: Wow, it's warm. Gob: (completely astounded) How did you do that? Tony Wonder: Oh-oh-oh, magicians only. (He whispers the "illusion" to Buster) Buster: Wow, that sounds easy.

  • Michael: ...But I can't. I have to teach George Michael how to drive. Gob: Michael if I make this comeback I'll buy you one hundred George Michael's you can teach to drive. Michael: You're losing blood aren't you? Gob: Probably. My socks are wet. Michael: I'm sorry. Gob: You'll be sorry! Wait that doesn't work after his line.

  • Gob: Michael, I've been looking for you. Michael: Looks like you're looking for dragons... In the future. Gob: I wouldn't mock the Sword of Destiny, Michael. Michael: Careful with that Gob. (Gob sticks the sword into his side) Michael: Bleeding? Gob: Nope.... Yeah, that's blood.

  • Dr. Stein: I'm certainly good enough to take out that appendix of yours. Michael: Appendix? Lucille: I don't buy it. It could be a hernia. Tobias: Or it could be your colon. I'd want to get in there and find some answers.

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Notes (6)

  • David Cross (Tobias) and Special Guest Star Ben Stiller both starred in the comedy "School for Scoundrels".

  • Dan Castellaneta receives the "And" credit.

  • This episode was nominated for the 2005 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series".

  • The actual www.tonywonder.com now looks like it does in this episode, minus the "Family Guy" pop-up ad. Clicking anywhere on the site leads to the Fox Network's website for the show.

  • The joke about the 22 houses being scaled down to 18 is an obvious jab at Arrested's episode reduction between the first and second seasons. Also, the website pop-up joke showing ads of Family Guy taking over the website on the screen.

  • Rating: 3.8/6

Trivia (8)

  • In the previous episode, Gob is looking for the video camera and wrongly assumes that Tobias took it. Now, we see that George Sr. has it in the attic.

  • During the "On the next" gag, the Star Wars Kid parody video was obviously re-shot. The cardboard box George Michael originally kicks in already has the hole in it from the previous episodes.

  • On Tobias's resume you can see Gobias Industries, the company created by Gob and Tobias.

  • Tony Wonder's newspaper articles: -"Despite the oohs and ahs of the mean audience there was one disgruntled ex-magician who was seen doing some sort of chicken-type dance at fevered pitch [Gob]". -"[The trick] was once contemplated by Houdini himself but that the ovens during that time period were either too small or booked way in advance".

  • The "Dirty Ears" coin trick Buster uses is exactly what earned Gob a shiv to his side.

  • The employees have the "Mission Accomplished" banner from "The One Where They Build a House" in the office when they are happy about dropping a story.

  • Gob squirted the shopkeeper at Ancient Chinese Secret with lighter fluid, and then asked where the lighter fluid came from. He also did this to Sally Sitwell once.

  • It's obvious that Tobias is wearing a fake mustache due to his Mrs. Featherbottom not having one. Ironically, the mustache has always been glued on the actor throughout the series.

Allusions (8)

  • When Tony Wonder goes into his chest to rip out the little menorah, he is mocking the David Blaine trick where he reaches into his chest and rips out his own heart, which can be seen over the internet.

  • Tony Wonder laments that he had to change the name of one of his magic videos slightly after some band used the same name. This is a reference to the group Arrested Development, who once sued the show over the use of their name.

  • Mission Accomplished: The Bluth employees hang a "Mission Accomplished" banner - alluding to Bush's famously wrong "Mission Accomplished" sign on May 2, 2003 claiming the invasion of Iraq was successful.

  • The doctor's name is Frank Stein, an allusion to Frankenstein, from the same titled book, a monster made out of human parts. Also, that was the name of the scientist who created him (which explains the "Doctor" part).

  • Use Your Illusion Tony Wonder mentions “some band has got the rights to [Use Your Illusion]”. Guns N’ Roses released two albums named Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II. Use Your Illusion, at the time of this submission, is still royalty-free.

  • Buster: It's a Subway Club Card.
    For many years (until the end of July 2005), the Subway restaurant chain had a program to get a free sandwich as a bonus by collecting stamps from multiple purchases.

  • Dr. Stein: D'oh!
    After Dr. Stein goofs up, he utters a wee "d'oh". Dan Castellaneta, of course, is the voice of Homer Simpson, whose trademark annoyed grunt is a thundering "D'oh!" Stein's bedside manner and borderline unethical experiments also are reminiscent of Dr. Nick Riviera, The Simpsons' resident quack.

  • Tobias and Michael: Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?
    In the early 70s, there was a commercial where one person asked another how they got their laundry so clean. The second would say "ancient chinese secret." It was then revealed that they used 'Calgon', and the first person would say "Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?"