Arrow Trailer for Upcoming Episodes

By Noel Kirkpatrick

Mar 05, 2014

So Stephen Amell just posted a fantastic-looking trailer for the upcoming episodes to his Facebook (you don't need to be on Facebook to watch; not sure about region-locking, though). It has spoilers, obviously, but I'd argue that it's pretty well worth the spoilers to get you amped up for next run of episodes.


Now you can watch the trailer below since the CW finally gave us an embed-friendly version!

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  • patsully Mar 05, 2014

    I've only watched the first episodes of Arrow, but this really does make me want to catch up quickly...

  • noelrk Mar 05, 2014

    In all honesty, I would watch the episodes I cherry picked for the fall TV cram as Season 1 is a bit of a hodge-podge, unless you just have the free time to do the entire first season.

  • TomWayne Mar 06, 2014

    There's always that "Year One" special/transition ep. Not as thorough, but it does reduce a fair amount of headscratching as the writers appeared to be trying to pick a direction as they found their footing.

  • patsully Mar 06, 2014

    Ooh, much appreciated tip.

  • patsully Mar 06, 2014

    I will definitely take your advice and jump around a bit... it might be fun to keep a running tally of quality episodes in that regard. I've always wanted to put together guides to skippable episodes in otherwise great shows for marathoning purposes. The West Wing is one that comes to mind given the 7 season X 22 episode commitment.

  • noelrk Mar 06, 2014

    West Wing is super easy. First four seasons in their entirety and then Season 7. Done.

  • Gully_Foyle Mar 06, 2014

    Seasons 5 & 6 are better the second time round. You can't just skip over the Government shut down, Bingo Bob being useful for once in his life, appointing the a new Chief Justice, Gaza, Leo's heart attack, the shuttle leak & Freedonia

  • patsully Mar 06, 2014

    There are some real clunkers in those first four seasons though... this one is the worst I can think of off the top of my head.

  • TomWayne Mar 05, 2014

    So, anyone calling it that Roy becomes Arsenal after a confrontation with Slade that ends with him losing his arm? (Since they don't seem to be in a hurry to make him actually be Red Arrow instead of Red Hoodie.)

    Figured Helena would be back, especially considering that virtually everyone else from S1 has made an appearance so far (except Fyers, I suppose).

    Some spoilers, true, Noel, but I noticed that they left out any major surprises on the villain side, even though it's been leaked that Nyssa returns. Maybe the CW has learned to not leak too much (e.g. Sara), or maybe they figure they'll save some for next year (or the final shot of the finale, which I'm still calling as finally showing Ra's al Ghul).

  • Haloprogram Mar 05, 2014

    They release a clip from "The Promise" showing Roy doing some archery practice so at this point, who knows! Pretty sure they're saving him turning Arsenal until later or else it'd be cramming too much into one season, IMO.

  • Rolamb Mar 05, 2014

    Now that looks very cool!