The CW's The Flash: Here's Your First Look at Barry Allen in Costume (PHOTO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 28, 2014

Stop what you're doing! The CW and Warner Bros have released the very first image from The Flash, their in-the-works spin-off pilot of The CW's popular series Arrow, and it's a portrait of the title character's new costume!

Here, have a peek at how that gent in the photo above looks as a dude with superspeed, and then let's talk details: 

As Arrow fans already know, the potential Flash-centric series stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, an assistant from the Central City Police Department's Criminal and Forensic Science Division who ends up with superspeed after a freak accident at S.T.A.R. Labs. Gustin has appeared as Allen in two episodes of Arrow this season, the latter of which served as The Flash's origin story and gave Allen his powers. 

Credit (or criticism) for The Flash's new costume goes to Colleen Atwood, an Oscar-winning designer who also created Oliver's costume on Arrow. Now, given that Ollie's "mask" was just a really sloppy makeup job for a year and a half before Allen arrived in Starling City and created a form-fitting version, I was a little worried about what we'd get for the Flash. But there's no makeup in sight here, and considering that his headwear could have looked like this guy's, I think Atwood did a pretty awesome job. 

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  • kaelonhahn Jul 07, 2014

    There is an intro to the series where you can see the entire costume as well

  • kaelonhahn Jul 07, 2014

    I don't think you know what a portrait is

  • eli0291rh Mar 14, 2014

    I dont like him as the flash! He looks like a little kid that got lost from home, maybe its not him but the personality they gave him.. I dont know..

  • lifeofpi Mar 08, 2014

    I recently saw the movie Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and this movie is so great. I love it. Seeing a dark Justice League was so amazing and all the twist and turns and the Reverse Flash and Flash OMG so awesome. This movie made me more excited for this series. I hope that with the introduction of the Reverse Flash they introduce: alternative worlds, parallel words, alternative timelines, etc. In the movie this was so well written, but The Flash series need to do it right. I have hopes that they can introduce all this elements and make the series great and good at the same time. For now, very excited about this series.

  • lifeofpi Mar 08, 2014

    Or pilot. LOL

  • mariela06 Mar 03, 2014

    I am not sure if it is red. it seems brownish/burgundy. The chin strap is not going to stay put at high speeds, I think that's why the flash of the comics does not have it. Like Nishant mentioned, it does look like dare devil, which shouldn't be. Despite all that, I do like it, provided it is red, that is

  • mariela06 May 11, 2014

    Well, now that I had an opportunity to look at the full suit, I believe there should be some changes. It is not skin tight, which would be ok, except that the neck part of the mask (or suit) seems to be made of either thick leather or plastic, and it not only looks uncomfortable, but too big on Barry, to the point that it looks like two necks could fit there. Could they not use neoprene?

  • Bruceshire Mar 01, 2014

    Could do without the chin holster!

  • Azaron Mar 01, 2014

    It gives me Robocop vibes. :P

  • docspector Mar 01, 2014

    Speed is nice, but the Flash is going to have to be super-strong, too. Why? It has to do with how much force has to be applied to achieve a given acceleration (not just start and stop, either, but every time the Flash turns, that's an acceleration, too.) It takes a lot of horsepower to accelerate to and through the speed of sound.

  • NishantChhettri Mar 01, 2014

    Daredevil meets The Flash!

  • ukeishiro Mar 01, 2014

    I don't really have an opinion on his costume, the picture is a bit dark and we don't see a lot. I reserve that for later. But It's seems better that the one in the last show "Flash"
    However I don't understand why we call "The Flash" a spin off of "Arrow", OK the show and the main character was introduced in "Arrow" and it's produced by the same network but the show "Flash" existed long before "Arrow" ( this Arrow anyway, maybe there was another show before this one with Amell. But we already have an archer and even Flash in Smallville).
    For me a spin off it's about an original show made after the success of his "big borther/sister" like NCIS is a spin off of J.A.G, or Angel is a spin of of Buffy , Tribes (arghhhh) will be a spin off of Supernatural.
    For me The Flash is more a reboot or a reuse of DC comics collection.

  • sailtovictory Mar 02, 2014

    Its a spinoff because the Flash show was conceived after the popularity of the Barry Allen character in the two Arrow episodes. if the character had failed in Arrow we wont be having this show. Hence its a spinoff. It does not have anything to do with the character in the DC universe where Flash is much bigger than Green Arrow...

  • docspector Mar 01, 2014

    It can be BOTH a spinoff of Arrow AND a reboot of the Flash at the same time. It's a spinoff because it takes characters and backstory from an existing show; This used to be a way to keep popular characters after the main stars of a show have left (examples "Joanie Loves Chachi", "AfterMASH", or to give secondary characters more screen time ("The Cleveland Show", "Private Practice"). Later, the "backdoor pilot" was invented, basically, embedding a pilot episode for a new show within the existing episode order for a show the network is already paying for. Doing this both sidesteps the normal pilot authorization process and gets a built-in audience for the pilot; networks like it because they can examine the ratings numbers in a more realistic setting.
    Sometimes it's just a brazen attempt to clone a very popular show ("Law & Order:Anything", "CSI: Anywhere", "NCIS Anywhere", and it's almost always less creative and original than starting from scratch, but the sad fact is that the vast majority of the viewing public wants more shows just like the ones it already likes, and don't truly latch on to shows that are too different from what they already know and love. That's why "what the public likes" and "what the critics like" so often don't overlap... the public wants same old, same old, and the critics want fresh and inventive. That's why Community clings to life instead of being recognized as the best comedy available on television.

  • somner1 Mar 01, 2014

    I like it. Dark. Classic. I can only imagine how the rest of his suit will look. Its going to be awesome.

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