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    Intense start.

    By amazing_race, Dec 03, 2014

    This was a really good pilot in which a lot happened and a very nice foundation was established for the show. The story is interesting and I'm curious to see where it goes.

    The last scene was absolutely glamorous - jaw-dropping surely... I wonder what's up!

    Looking forward to catching up on the whole series!

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    Bad pacing and weird drama, known CW sins but with interesting premise and a great cliffhanger, Arrow's pilot episode kicks in full of confidence...

    By dimakosrou, Oct 02, 2014

    A lot of things have reached my ears for the CW's superhero drama that invaded our small screens a few years ago and all of them have been positive with a warning that the show needs some time to pick up. Many shows managed to start with something not exceptional and quickly transformed into something enjoyable. I really hope the same for the Arrow.


    That being said, the drama elements are not original or at least descent with only one exception. Spoiled young billionaire goes for a journey with his father and his ex(?)girlfriend's sister, the weather shows them no mercy, they sink their boat, only the young one survives through a dramatic decision and is found after 5 years... So no GPS in the lifeboat, no phones, no one scanned the entire ocean for the ridiculously rich father and son? Perhaps a conspiracy to kill them with weather as their key murderer? I don't know, I will have to wait.

    Then, the protagonist obviously found some badass martial art master and on the island taught him how to break necks and do some superb martial art stunts. The islander also had access on some amazing creatine-fueled mass of meat which he fed with the young man every 2,5 hours and during their martial art sessions he was melting him with some notorious bodyweight and calisthenic exercises on rocks and trees. Some great cremes for this flawless baby face too. Or, to put it simply, CW unrealism of how an island survivor would look like.

    Then, our handsome fella will have to meet with his mother, sister and best friend only to receive the most frozen reactions I've ever seen. If my son, my brother or my best friend was thought as dead for 5 years and he was suddenly back, I would be much more dramatic and heartwarming. Is the writing, the acting or simply rich dudes are so heartless is something I will never know. They asked almost nothing, they didn't express any emotions, they just resumed their lives and the first thing his best buddy wanted was to have his friend get laid... :/

    As a great twist/cliffhanger, mother Theressa had some guys to kidnap his own son and torture him to reveal the possible whereabouts of his father (who we know is dead). That boosts the conspiracy theory.

    Then is using his fortune to create his lair in one of the abandoned buildings that used to be his father plant and uses his Bad Guys notebook and asks politely-ish from a bad corporate guy to deliver 40m$ as a charity. He doesn't, pays him a visit, fails and then hacks his account and steals all of his money by his own. Either the spoiled billionaire playboy was also a hacker (doubtful) or wow, the martial art master was also a hacker master and once again showed to his young protege everything. Please, tell me the name of the island, if I will become the hacker master and fatal martial art master and bodybuilder in just 5 years and free of charge, I really find this quite an offer!

    As you can see from the recap, the episode was extremely fast-paced with mediocre editing and didn't try to deepen any emotion or make us feel comfortable with the characters. I detect romance coming as a CW show as soon as possible. Acting was acceptable with the best coming from Roger R. Cross. Cinematography's the usual with a bad CGI island and sky which somehow managed to create a beautiful scenery.

    Yet, despite its flaws, Arrow is confident and knows how to deliver cliffhangers with an interesting modern Robin Hood that used to be a rich brat and lots of conspiracy theories where everyone is a suspect (even your own mother) and powerful families running a corrupted city much like Batman's Gotham. I will give Arrow the benefit of the doubt because of its confidence and proceed it for the 4-episode test.moreless

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  • 8.5


    By TimeToParty, May 18, 2013

    good start to the show, i am litery at the end of my seat with this show,

    and his mother omg could not belive that,

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  • 8.0

    Great show!

    By AldrinBrosas, Jan 10, 2013

    I love the serialization. It reminds me sometimes of the 'Once Upon a Time' format. The events of the present connects with the events shown in the flashbacks from Oliver's isolation in the island.

    Action packed, incredible stunts. I'm hooked.

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    What a joke.

    By d-phrag, Dec 19, 2012


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    By hell693, Nov 22, 2012

    I watched the show with very high expectations and it surprised me as i loved it. The show is amazing. This episode is amazing and this show is the best new show this season. I was surprised that the best show for me was a CW show and i hope this show continues with this quality of action and storytelling and improve more to be an even more awesome show. can't wait for more.

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    Not what I was expecting.... in a good way!

    By smpm22, Nov 10, 2012

    I learned about Green Arrow through Smallville. Since the first moment I loved the character; he was the only one that would tell Clark what a wimp he was for not killing a killer. Of course, I understand Superman has a rule to not kill, and I respect that. But I think Green Arrow is a better hero for not having said rule. Therefore, he immediately became my favorite superhero from Smallville. Also, Justin Hartley's performance was enticing.

    So, as a Smallville fan, I was expecting a lot from this series. Well, I still am. After watching the trailer I noticed two big changes: Justin Hartley was not playing Green Arrow, and the hero's personality has radically changed.

    I approached the Pilot with distrust. I have to tell you, my fears have been put to rest. The Pilot is everything I was expecting and more.

    Here are some points on why I think Arrow's Pilot was excellent:

    It presents the background story for Oliver. How he was in a yacht that sank and was the only survivor. After many days at sea he found an island and stayed there for five years until rescued. But it is not presented from beginning to end, rather in a series of flashbacks through the whole hour. Which prove to be an ace up the writers' sleeves. Some unexpected things happened at sea that you don't get to see until the end of the episode and it serves as a plot twist and a hook for next week's episode.

    It explains why he decided to become at vigilante and is targeting the wealthy of Starling City.

    The characters are well presented and constructed. Oliver was a drunken playboy, but after five years on an island he returned as a killing machine. Oliver's sister, Thea, after suffering his brother and father's death as a kid, turned out a party girl and now recurs to drugs. Oliver's best friend, Tommy, is the same after five years because he hasn't gone through much. And so on.

    It plays like an action movie. I can definitely see The CW's effort to attract men. They played their cards well. The pilot has everything an action movie needs: deaths, explosions, hand-to-hand combat, parties, a mob dealer, everything! I was so excited while watching this episode. You could pick any given minute of it, and something interesting would be happening. Nevertheless, there is a bit of drama in between of action shots. They were perfectly balanced. I just hope the writers don't tip the balance to either side; I don't want just action or just drama for this show.

    It ends with a gazillion plot twists! Actually it's three or four, but by the end of the episode I felt like I was going to have a heart attack from all the times my heart jumped and sank. They wrote them brilliantly at the end, to serve as hooks for the next episode. Thus, at the end of the episode I found myself wanting to tear my hairs off my head and screaming: "why?" This of course in a good way, I just really wanted to keep watching Arrow.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By MoralesAlpha, Oct 27, 2012


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    The Pilot for Arrow

    By TrueTvWatcher, Oct 18, 2012

    The Pilot episode of Arrow was pretty great! I really enjoyed watching from the gritty cold open of Oliver running through some rough terrain to the end where friends and family show they have their own agendas. I liked the format, the music, the cinematography, editing and the actors. This could definitely be the new Smallville etc... and I am definitely intrigued to find out how every thing will unfold. There was so much information and a lot of depth in this episode that I will watch it again to pick up small clues I may have missed. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next! This looks like it will definitely be an amazing series!!!!!!!moreless

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