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    Great show, although the drama's a little thick

    By rogun, 2 days ago

    Arrow has exceeded my expectations, even though the drama's a little too thick and hazy, like most CW shows. As Thea says, everyone always lies, even when it makes no sense to do so. They're also quick to blame themselves for every problem imaginable, so we spend a lot of time watching them mope over spilled milk.

    While it's been exciting watching the plot quickly unfold, I believe the suspense would be greater if it took more time and developed the story better. It's still very suspenseful, however, and the acting has been good enough to make it very enjoyable.

    The only other disappointment is that it's on a CBS network, which makes it difficult to catch up on old episodes, unless you're willing to open your wallet, to shill out $2/episode, and I'm not. I'm seriously considering boycotting CBS shows for this reason, because watching CBS shows is just too much trouble.moreless

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    By deanjonson_flame, 3 days ago

    Best TV show

    I hope that felicity and Oliver will at some stage be together.

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  • 6.5

    Getting Worse

    By jeremypregent, Feb 21, 2015

    I used to absolutely love ths show in the first season. Maybe because I can now compare the show to the flash, but i feel like its getting boring. Always the same ennemies coming back from jail, it feels like reruns. Also, why is Oliver so weak suddenly, emotionnaly AND physically (losing multiple fights). They need to bring in more charismatic villains.

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    Not my favorite I like BETTER CALL SAUL

    By echafaii, Feb 16, 2015

    BETTER CALL SAUL by Bob Odernkik

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    By V3ntilator, Feb 15, 2015

    Oliver is kinda wimpy at the moment, but most likely affected by all the negativity happening all the time in close circles.

    That should change when Merlyn trains him. Probably starting in episode 14.

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    Last episode

    By selenadiamond26, Feb 10, 2015

    The last episode of the series can be found at -> tv-showsonline*com

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    Feio o retorno

    By nartdigit, Feb 09, 2015

    Muito ruim esse retorno de Oliver, sem emocao alguma e de quebra ainda conseguiu ficar mais distante da Loirinha. Alem de uma ressurreicao fraca, o cara tomou dois gole de um ch milagroso, s se a gua era do poco de Lazaro! Deveria ter mais emocao no episodio.

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    Yo My Best Series Ever

    By AdnanKTK, Jan 28, 2015

    Ohhh Oliver Comeback Plz Faster

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  • 3.5

    Truly, Madly, Deeply... Tedious

    By JcHendee, Jan 27, 2015

    Big bad guy takes on the cops. Big bad guy invulnerable to conventional weapons. Big bad guy recruits, black mails, coerces lesser bad guys into evil plan. Big bad guy wants to take control of the Glades. Wait, this all sounds so familiar somehow?

    Oliver sacrifices himself. Thea is a witless idiot, still. The gang starts to come apart... blah, blah, blah.

    I didn't know we were into re-runs already... again... and again.

    And really now, how could anyone think Oliver was actually dead?!moreless

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