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    Here's a Good Point...

    By kruptedseed, Jan 31, 2016

    The way I see it, you can watch the show, and enjoy it. (I do) Or, STOP WATCHING. But, to read all the moaning and groaning and b***hing, bout it. The first season was great, now it sucks. Go to school and learn how to be a writer. Then see how hard it is. Pay your dues to get in the door to start make a living at it. Pour your time and energy into writing a script. Just so, some couch potato, who's done nothing can say it was a waste. I'm not trying to start a war. Everyone is in title to their opinion. But, no one and I mean no one, likes a HATER. So, Watch and enjoy or Don't Watch and enjoy something else. No ones holding a gun to your head. Season 1 thru Season 4 has been quit entertaining.moreless

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    Potential Wasted

    By leon_dimitri, Jan 30, 2016

    Seriously, this show is going down the crapper... it was a really good show until the end of season 2, then the quality just keeps falling down. I was hoping that after a wishy-washy season 3, that season 4 would be better, but nope. It's really a shame what CW is doing with a show with so much potential.

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    By GrandmotherOwl, Jan 23, 2016

    I also am becoming very disappointed in the direction these episodes are going. This episode, "Blood Debts" falls far short of the title and is more ridiculous than the last one ("Dark Waters").

    Felicity has been shot and is now paralyzed, and apparently is going to remain so for the rest of her life.

    Green Arrow, aka Oliver, keeps fighting Darhk head-on. It has never worked in any of his previous head-on meetings with the dastardly demon, so why would he do it again? It is said that the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Duh. Also, Oliver has become so very passive it's become embarrassing!

    Laurel?.. Now there's a perfect example of 'REDICULOUS'! She always has been a whiney, self-centered baby, and now she's magically transformed into a masked avenger with all the skills of a martial arts expert. All of that after very little training. It took Oliver and Thea many months, even years, to get that good at it and John Diggle was formally trained in the military. Laurel has always been a joke as far as I'm concerned, and this transition into an avenger is so WRONG!!

    Somehow the writers have latched onto the stupid idea that other action shows have begun, which is showing scenes from the FUTURE. Really??? That makes the show even more difficult to watch! I, for one, will find something else to watch in its stead if this crap doesn't stop before the end of the season.

    Please, writers... give Oliver his cajones back, and take Laurel's away!!

    The only ones making any sense and keeping my respect are Diggle and his family. Go figure.moreless

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    Please take my advice Arrow Crew

    By MrQueen, Jan 19, 2016

    Ok I love this show so much l, I actually started watching season one like 2 days ago and I'm now on season 3 episode 22, I literally have gotten addicted to it. But the thing that frustrated me the most with the show is how felicity smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) is now starting to pretty much date Oliver "Stephen Amell". Stephen Amell is a fantastic actor by the way and great role model, but I think the person Oliver should be with is laural, I mean they have deep history and it just seems right! Not felicity they make her act weird on the show and it's nothing against the actor or anything, I just prefer Laural and Oliver together. And another thing that made me upset was when Sarah "Caity Lotz" died. WHY, she was just a boss. I think her death was way to soon. Also I wanna see more of Celinda Jade, whether it's Shado or the twin May. Other then that I love the show but would really like if felicity would back off of "oli" its laurels man...moreless

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    By 24cbre, Jan 15, 2016

    Oliver Queen is a girl now with all these feelings. Laurel NEEDS TO PLEASE DIE, she's basically a "See You Next Tuesday", Felicity is annoying more than ever and making Oliver a wuss. Speedy is unrealistic beating up 3-4 men twice her size. Season 1 was great, season 2 ok, season 3 watch-able and season 4 is painful.

    It's time to stop watching this show and go back to watching Flash only. Least every girl on that show doesn't turn into a 100lb superhero.

    This show has turned into a woman's superhero bitch fest where all people do is whine, complain, and blame others.


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    Cannot Stand Laurel

    By judoyle, Jan 05, 2016

    Seriously? Laurel is going to learn how to fight and be a superhero, too? Ugh. She is incredibly lame and constantly whining about how things aren't fair. And watch, after just a couple lessons she will magically be entirely proficient in taking the bad guys down. Sadly, this show is starting to lose interest for me. Oh, and not to mention that Oliver has become "Mr. Sensitive I'm in Touch with my I really miss Season One.

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    arrow blahs

    By robertthebruce, Dec 17, 2015

    If this is the way oliver is going to act ,like a little bitch i wont be watching ANYMORE!

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    Lost Souls

    By MayDorcel, Dec 10, 2015

    Felicity doesn't take Oliver's rebuffing well. . FREELY FOR YOU

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    Laurel is becoming a little too stupid

    By finnygirl, Nov 21, 2015

    She never sees how ridiculous and self centered her decisions are, in particular the inane decision to bring Sarah back even after the problems with Thea's blood lust. Seriously, what did she expect ... and now she blames Oliver .... aie. Do something .... please.

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    I'm new to Arrow

    By xxliveyourlife, Nov 16, 2015

    I've started watching this show last week (nov 9th) and now I'm on mid season 2 and I love it so much! I don't know why I didn't watch this show sooner ! I guess I wasn't so interested in the story or superhero type which is odd because I love other shows like that.

    But now I am so glad that I started watching this show. I really love the cast and the performance of the actors...

    I'm in middle of my 3rd economics semster at uni and I also work part time (80% of the week) so normally I don't have the time to actually watch anything but I think for this show I make an exception :P :D

    I already ship Oliver with Felicity (even though they hadn't had much romantic scenes so far except for like 4-5) so I'M STAYING FAR AWAY FROM MY TUMBLR ACCOUNT ATM!moreless

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