Arthur Goes to Camp / Buster Makes the Grade

Season 1, Ep 7, Aired 10/21/96
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  • Episode Description
  • #10701"Arthur Goes to Camp"Arthur and his friends go to summer camp and Binky brings up the issue that it's boys vs. girls. The other team participating always won because of this problem, so now the kids of Elwood must work together to defeat them this year.#10702"Buster Makes the Grade"Buster's grades aren't as good as his jokes, and now he is on the verge of repeating his third grade year. If he does not receive at least a B on his next test, he fails...moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jodie Resther

    Francine Alice Frensky

  • Arthur Holden

    Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

  • Michael Yarmush

    Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

  • Sonja Ball

    Janet Read

  • Bruce Dinsmore

    David Read / Binky Barnes

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • Arthur and his friends go to summer camp and experience spooky events. Buster must make a B on his test or he may fail the class.

    By idontwatchtv99, Nov 22, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Buster: Mr. Ratburn said I have to get a "B" on the next test or else, (impersonates Mr. Ratburn) "You won't have the pleasure of joining your friends in the fourth grade." Francine: What? That's terrible Buster. Arthur: How can we possibly go to the fourth grade without you? Buster: Well, how am I going to get a "B?" I can barley name all the twenty states of America. Muffy: Buster, there are fifty states. Buster: See how dumb I am?

    • Buster: If we hurry, we can get to the park before the game starts. (He grabs his game gear and is about to head out the window, when Arthur closes it.) Arthur: We're not going to the park today, Buster. Buster: What?! Arthur: Get your books. We're gonna study! Buster: Study!?

    Notes (2)

    • The story "Arthur Goes to Camp" is based on the 1982 book of the same name. Differences include it being the Brain's first appearance in the books, the boys get a mean counselor named Rocky while the girls get Becky (in the TV version, Becky's the only counselor), and there are more items in the scavenger hunt, with Brain wearing the fur coat posing as a wild bear in the middle of the hunt (instead of near the end), and the item Arthur finds to help his camp win is a flashlight (Instead of a postcard).

    • Brain is seen swimming in this episode. In a future episode, he is scared of water.

    Trivia (4)

    • When Becky first appears in "Arthur Goes to Camp," she is wearing a watch on her left wrist, however when the scene cuts to her walking over to the group, it has disappeared. It's there again when she's despairing over the arrival of Muffy's air conditioner. Next when Muffy arrives to camp, her mom has a watch that jumps from arm to arm.

    • In "Buster Makes the Grade," Francine and Muffy try to teach Buster division by having him divide candies among them. Francine lays out twenty candies and asks Buster to divide them by two. Buster takes half of them, so Francine asks him to divide them by three. Once Buster is done, Francine complains that he is wrong, as he now has more than either her or Muffy. So Buster eats one of his candies and then eats another. Francine shakes her head, saying that he is "wrong, wrong, wrong" and Muffy snits "F, Mr. Baxter. I'd give you an F!" The truth is, while what Buster ultimately ends up doing isn't right, neither is what Francine or Muffy is asking of him. 20 candies can not be divided evenly among three people.

    • At one point, Arthur goes over to Buster's house to tutor him in English. As he berates Buster for falling asleep, his arms appear to planted firmly in the middle of Buster's desk and there is a cup on the desk containing scissors, pens and other supplies. When the camera cuts out to a wide angle, the cup is gone and Arthur's arms have shifted so that one end is on the edge of the desk.

    • During Buster's marathon study session, he spills some candies onto his desk. The camera focuses closely on them and you can see that there are eight red candies and four blue candies. When the angle switches away from the close-up, there are suddenly six of each.

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