Arthur Sells Out / Mind Your Manners

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  • Grandma Tibble: You two are awfully quiet. Is everything all right? Timmy: Uh huh. We're just reading signs.

  • Molly: Table manners are about being aware of the people around you and thinking about what they'd like.

  • James: They said they need to practice their table manners on someone, so they came to me. Molly: Don't sweat it, little bro. I'll keep them in line.

  • D.W.: I'm done teaching Tibbles.

  • Tommy: She didn't want to go to a restaurant. Timmy: I can't figure out why. D.W.: Probably because you two are slobs. Tommy: No we're not. Are we?

  • Emily: What did you do for your grandma on Grandparents' Day? Timmy: Grandparents' Day? We didn't even know there was one. D.W.: Typical. Well, you missed it. It was last Sunday.

  • Buster: It's bad enough when grownups cheat kids, but when kids cheat kids, it's like a total meltdown of the fabric of our society. And who needs melty fabric?

  • Arthur: Let the buyer beware, I always say.

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  • Raye Lankford is the writer for "Arthur Sells Out" and Ivan Tankushev is the storyboard artist. P. Kevin Strader is the writer for "Mind Your Manners" and Robert Yap & Nick Vallinakis are the two storyboard artists.

Trivia (1)

  • Postcards from You: Jamie, Kade and Mahhal visit the Estes McDoniel Marine Science Lab in Henderson, Nevada. This "ocean in the desert" features sharks, puffer fish and other fascinating marine wildlife. A second postcard comes from the kids at the Delano Optional School in Memphis, Tennessee. One of their friends, Khalik, is hungry for ribs, so they take him to get some. They visit the Blues Cafe and it's noted that "Memphis is the home base of ribs."