Arthur Weighs In / The Law of the Jungle Gym

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  • Binky: It's good to be back. Molly: You can say that again.

  • Molly: I've got an idea. (a leaf blower starts up, drowning out Molly) ... cool as an ice-cream cruise ship on an ocean of lemonade.

  • Mr. Crosswire: Looks like one of your friends. You know anyone with a black skateboard covered in barbed wire? Muffy: Tell her I'm not here. Make something up. Mr. Crosswire: (opens door and gives cover story) I'm afraid Muffy has moved to Paris to study astronomy. Molly: Oh. Okay, Mr. Crosswire. When she comes out from hiding under the table, could you tell her that I just wanted to ask her something?

  • Binky: How come we never listen to disco?

  • Dog Lawyer: Molly McDonald, by order of the Second Circuit Court of this jurisdiction, you are instructed to grant Muffy Crosswire access to this public facility...

  • Molly: Get this straight. The Tower of Pain is ours. And if I ever see you here again, you're gonna be... (a loud garbage truck pulls up behind and drowns her out) ... like a pig sucking cheese out of a fire hose!

  • Rattles: Well, well, the little shutterbug came back for more pictures. Slink: (having taken hold of the digital camera) Uh oh. I think I might accidentally press "delete." Muffy: Go ahead. I already downloaded everything. Molly: Sassy, huh? Put her in solitary.

  • Molly: You have five seconds to get off the Tower of Pain or I'm gonna... (loud school bell drowns her out) ... pretzel on a bungee cord! Muffy: Oh, yeah?! Well, you're gonna have to wait! Because recess is over.

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Notes (3)

  • Maggie Castle was revealed as the voice of Molly in "Arthur, It's Only Rock and Roll", but this is the first season where she's credited in the cast list for regular episodes.

  • Molly's last name is revealed in "The Law of the Jungle Gym." It's McDonald.

  • "The Law of the Jungle Gym" Title Card: The Gang Pops Out of a Giant Egg and the Mother Bird Walks By and Squawks Card Reader: Muffy