Arthur's Family Feud / Muffy Gets Mature

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Quotes (1)

  • Mr. Read: No TV for both of you for two months. Arthur and D.W.: Two months? Mr. Read: That's it, three months! Arthur and D.W.: 3 months?! Mrs. Read: David, aren't you being a little harsh? Mr. Read: Four months! (He gets really aggrevated.) Oh, forget it!!

Notes (1)

  • "Arthur's Family Feud" opens with a surprisingly realistic Jerry Springer parody.

Trivia (2)

  • In "Arthurs Family Feud", D.W. switches between having stockings on and not having stockings on.

  • In "Muffy Gets Mature", when Muffy expresses her enthusiasm about teenage life, Katherine says that she only has 24 hours to get ready for a party. When Muffy realizes that she's not ready to hang out with teens, Katherine says that Francine has been missing her for a week, when the two girls only broke up their friendship the night before.

Allusions (1)

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    in the scene of "Arthur's Family Feud" where D.W. is daydreaming about her and Arthur fighting in a retirement home, the name of the home is called Shady Pines. If anyone has ever seen Golden Girls, that is where Sophia lived for a short while.