Binky Goes Nuts / Breezy Listening Blues

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Notes (6)

  • Viewers learn in this episode that Jenna is allergic to milk.

  • In "Breezy Listening Blues," Brain is shocked when he gets a grade lower than an A for the first time.

  • We learn that Binky is allergic to peanuts.

  • After several seasons of increasingly limited appearances, Sue Ellen is completely absent from season 9. It would appear she has been "phased out" of the show. She can still be seen occasionally, but she doesn't speak anymore and isn't featured in any plots. She can still sometimes be seen and heard on the spin-off Postcards from Buster, however.

  • The episode "Binky Goes Nuts" deals with food allergies.

  • And Now a Word From Us Kids: Kellie and Kristen, who are both allergic to nuts, give a tour of their home candy factory and prove that nut-free chocolates can be delicious.