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    its alright

    By CURLYHURLEY, May 06, 2007

    Buster's Green Thumb"

    Buster learns to care for plants.


    "My Fair Tommy"

    DW helps Tommy learn to be good. The story "My Fair Tommy" is a reference to the film/musical My Fair Lady, in which a man tries to turn a regular woman into high society. In this story, D.W. tries to turn Tommy Tibble, who normally behaves badly, into a model student. (edit) Jodie Resther (Francine Alice Frensky), Arthur Holden (Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn), Michael Yarmush (Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)), Sonja Ball (Janet Read), Bruce Dinsmore (David Read / Binky Barnes), Danny Brochu (Buster Baxter), Patricia Rodriguez (Sue Ellen Armstrong), Michael Caloz (Dora Winifred Read (1996-1998)), Joanna Noyes (Grandma Thora Read), Melissa Altro (Mary "Muffy" Alice Crosswire), Stephen Crowder (Alan "Brain" Powers (2000-)), Justin Bradley (voice of Arthur Timothy Read (2001-)), Mark Rendall (Arthur Timothy Read (2002-2004 )), Lou Reid (Alan "Brain" Powers (1996-2000)), Tracy Braunstein (Kate Read (2001- )), Oliver Grainger (Dora Winifred Read (1999-)), Mitchell David Rothpan (George (2002-)), Jessica Kardos (Sue Ellen Armstrong), Alex Hood (Alan "The Brain" Powers (2002-)), Jason Szwimer (Dora Winifred Read (2002-)), Alexina Cowan (Catherine (2003-)), Sally Isherwood (Emily (2003- )), Evan Smirnow (George Nordgren (2003- )), Tamar Koslov (voice of Prunella (credited as Tammy Kozlov)), Cameron Ansell (Arthur)moreless

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