Desert Island Dish / The Secret About Secrets

Season 10, Ep 3, Aired 5/17/06
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  • Episode Description
  • #100301 "Desert Island Dish"Arthur and his friends are challenged by Mr. Ratburn to come up with the perfect food for surviving on a desert island. Brain becomes suspicious about why Mr. Ratburn would give out such an easy assignment. When everyone brings in junk foods on presentation day, they discover it's not so easy, and must dive deeper for the perfect food - one that contains all the essential elements. Arthur, Francine and Buster think they have it figured out, but Brain is seemingly obsessed with the perfect food. #100302 "The Secret About Secrets"D.W. wonders what the big deal about secrets is, until she's finally told one by her preschool friend, James, who is ashamed after splitting his pants. He reminds her that she cannot tell anyone, so D.W. desperately tries to find a way to stop herself from letting the cat out of the bag. She imagines that she's part of a secret club, but finds its not as fun as she thought it would be. She's worried by nightmares, and also by her friend Emily, who wants to know the secret.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dietrich Smith

  • Jeremy O'Neill

  • Stefanie Gignac

  • Daisy Scott

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  • I would have loved to be in Mr. Ratburn's class in this episode.

    By thebestofall007, Feb 08, 2015

  • hmmmm

    By CURLYHURLEY, Apr 29, 2007

  • A very good episode

    By camolvr891, Mar 24, 2007

  • Good Episode

    By cdogg6705isback, May 18, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • D.W.: But how do I stop myself from telling it? Mrs. Read: Well, try not to think about it. Try thinking about something else. Like Christmas.

    • Brain: I'm looking for a single, perfect food that has everything. Arthur: Maybe there isn't one. Brain: But there has to be. Francine: You just can't admit that we found a solution before you did. Brain: Your solutions are incomplete. Francine: You're making this harder than it is. Let's go to the park!

    • Buster: We picked food that we like to eat, but the trick is to pick a food that we're supposed to eat.

    • Brain: Somewhere out there is the perfect food, and I'm gonna find it.

    • Buster: This wasn't easy, but after thinking about it a lot, I finally decided on ice cream. (pleased reaction from class) Mr. Ratburn: You did choose a dairy product, so you'd be getting calcium, but not enough vitamins, fiber, or protein. Buster: (walks back to his desk, muttering) I should have gone with marshmallows.

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    Notes (1)

    • The title "Desert Island Dish" is a pun on the BBC radio program "Desert Island Disc".

    Trivia (3)

    • In "Desert Island Dish," after Buster decides he wants ice cream to be his only food on the stranded island, the blond haired rabbit who is sitting next to Muffy has red hair and white fur. When the next scene comes, the rabbit is back to her normal blond hair and beige fur.

    • The closing credits of this episode include a Special Thanks to the Joslin Diabetes Center.

    • Real-Kids Segment: A group of kids, including one with diabetes, prepare healthy snacks. They make a fruit smoothie using frozen yogurt, strawberries and bananas. They also create apple slices wrapped in turkey.

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