Feeling Flush / Family Fortune

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    Arthur and francine conserve water.

    Arthur goes on an antique show.

    By peterskywalker2, Oct 18, 2007

    The first episode was about Arthur and Francine trying to see who could save the most water. Francie does everything she can to save water, but nothing seems to work until they wind out Nemo has been flushing the toilet regularly.

    The second episode is about a tv antique show that Grandman and Arthur watch. On the show a chair bought for 10$ sells for 35000$ Arthur and his friends plan to sell stuff they think is valueable. While arthur cleans out the atic with D.W and Grandma Thora, they discover a chiar that looks exactly like the one that sold for 35000$. When they arrive at the show, muffy lears that her jewlary is plastic, and arhtur learns that the chiars is form 1970 not 1790. However kate is holding and indian gift witch they learn would sell for 5000$ Arthur out of greed tries to take it form kate, but when she starts crying he decide to let her keep it. This eppisode also is funny such as wehn Muffy says "It's so sad when money gets in the way of family" This is funny becsue it is so anti muffy.

    Overall this is a great set of episodesmoreless

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    By CURLYHURLEY, Apr 29, 2007

    "Feeling Flush"

    A drought comes to Elwood City, so residents are asked to conserve water. Due to their families' bad habits of wasting it, Francine and Arthur make a bet on whose family can use less water in one week. However, Francine soon finds that someone in her home doesn't seem to be living up the challenge, but she's not sure who. It becomes a sort of rivalry between Arthur and Francine, but despite Francine's best efforts, she finds herself losing.


    "Family Fortune"

    Arthur and Grandma Thora are fans of the show Treasure Caravan, so when it's announced that the show is coming to Elwood City, everyone begins rummaging for their most valuable possessions. Arthur has high hopes that an old chair found in Thora's attic, very similar to one that fetched a high price on the show, will be just as valuable, or more. Meanwhile, Muffy is eager to show off a necklace that's been passed down in her family, but it is in for a surprise.moreless

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