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    Hell will freeze over before I let the mortician pry this show from my cold, dead, wrinkly hands! He can have season 16-present, though.

    By thebestofall007, Jul 21, 2014

    This show dominates my hard drive now (nearly 40 gigs for this gem) as I have every episode apart from "Arthur's Missing Pal" and season 16-present's recycled-plot flash trash eyesores, of which I've written a separate thorough review of. I also have the special episodes, too. Season 16 is the only gripe I have against this show as of now and the ONLY one I GENUINELY HATE with a passion on all fronts, not just the animation, and the new seasons after it can go to hell as well (and don't give me that "be glad it's still on" dodge like a blind lemming fanboy, either, while you watch season after season decline with cognitive dissonance!). It has some good episodes here and there like Last Tough Customer, Read and Flumbergast, and Night of the Tibble, but that bad animation is a poison pill to swallow and ruins their potential by not giving life to the story (which is animation's whole purpose in any cartoon unless you like soundtracks or reading books, which are NOT the only two things I would want to watch a cartoon for). It's the PUBLIC'S money PBS receives and that's the reality, and that crappy animation and all the other issues we are having with the new episodes is a waste of that money, no matter how much or little they spent, folks. It's also a crying shame they ruined Artie's character and turned him into a total douche in the later episodes. I'll pass on season 16-present's episodes,

    With that aside...

    I LOVED The Busy World of Richard Scarry before this when I had cable TV, and still love that animation masterpiece (NOT that "Hooray for Huckle" or "Busytown Mysteries" garbage that came later, either! I'd rather read Richard Scarry's books instead of watching that).

    I was a migrant worker who picked the orchards growing up and I moved to areas I couldn't get cable and had weak reception thanks to the mountains blocking the signals. Luckily, the strongest station was a PBS station and Artie was the next best thing to Richard Scarry and Franklin (and I couldn't have made a better choice). As I got older, I've come to cherish these gems even more along with Arthur (now that more of them have been cancelled or butchered with inappropriately used flash trash and CGI animation).

    There's something for the whole family, not just for the kids (and since when was it ever just a "kid's" show, people?), and that's what sets it apart from other "kid's" shows! You know you have a GREAT "kids" show when kids can watch it and it doesn't drive older siblings and parents nuts. You know you have a GREAT "kid's" show when you catch older siblings and some adults sneak peaking it ;-) If I had kids of my own or had to babysit them, I wouldn't feel in any way shape or form like I'm watching this gem because "I'm stuck with the kids", and will be passing the season 15 down episodes to my kids from my hard drive and from my DVD collection.

    LOL, I'd be asking THEM to play it and would be more than honored to watch it with them.

    Adults MAKE "kid's" shows, adults ACT in them, adults PRODUCE them, ADULTS are the biggest SUPPORTERS of them BAR-NONE.

    WHY is it an unpardonable sin for adults to ENJOY them??? Why the stigma??

    To all those "old" biddies out there who tell us to "grow up", who think we are "abnormal" or "mentally ill" or some other pejorative like that and are dismissive: EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT and get cancer!! You have sucked on one too many of life's lemons and have become sour (and bitter if you also include the peel). You're too "mature" for your own good and just plain snobbish and stuck up.

    That's all...moreless

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    I loved this show

    By lootlimo, Feb 05, 2014

    This show had good values, was funny, and educational. This show isn't just for kids, adults can watch it too. It went downhill starting with Season 15 and Season 16 is unwatchable now. The animation is awful and the plots are lazy written. This would get a 10 if it wasn't for Seasons 15 and 16.

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    Perfect for elementry school kids

    By Raven77, Jan 17, 2014

    Ideal idea of a young peoples show. All I am saying.

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  • 8.5

    It went downhill

    By Oldnickolodeon34, Dec 23, 2013

    Arthur follows the life of a 3rd grader ardvark and his friends.

    Arthur used to be one of the most popular and best PBS kids show. It teaches kids moralistic values and offers advice and education and the show even has a fair amount of humor. The seasons 1-10 episodes were great, the seasons 11-15 episodes were pretty good. Season 16 is poor. The format changed to flash and the episode plots are getting weaker and weaker every episode. I know there are dome cartoons that pulled off flash greatly, but Arthur is the exception, it looks terrible in flash. It seems like everyone is relying on flash for cartoons nowadays. In my opinion, I only like the older episodes of Arthur better, but I'd watch the newest ones over Barney any day. Overall rating: 8.5/10. Season 1-10: 10/10 Season 11-15: 8.4. Season 16-present: 1.5/10moreless

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    What a Wonderful Kind of Show!

    By RyanGriffin1, Sep 29, 2013

    Arthur is probably one of the classic shows anyone can remember! Great cast, great characters, great life lessons! It's amazing!

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    Would be a 10 if it weren't for Season 16.

    By cookiesandmilk, Jul 28, 2013

    First of all, let me just say that I love Arthur. I grew up watching it, and even though I'm 13 now, and way past its target audience, I continue to watch it.

    This show was golden up until sometime during Season 15. That's when things started going downhill a bit. It seemed like they were running out of ideas for plots and they just weren't trying as hard. But Season 15 wasn't nearly as bad as the season that's running now. The new episodes are just terrible. The half-assed flash animation looks like total sh*t, the plots are as weak as ever, and it's plain obvious that Arthur and DW are being voiced by the same person due to not differentiating the two voices enough. Not to mention that annoying new character Ladonna who was obviously only brought in to have a plot for the season opener (since the writers clearly aren't giving a f*ck anymore).

    I also don't like the way they pair up the new episodes. Usually both episodes will be centered around the same character. It almost seems that Arthur's become a supporting character. I haven't seen any episodes about him lately. They should just rename the show "Arthur's friends who no longer have interesting lives"

    I think this show was at its best from 2001-2004. 1997-2000 was great, and 2005-2012 was pretty good. But late 2012-2013 sucks...


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    I Had To Change The Title Of This Review Because Of Season 16

    By StephanieCast2, Jul 18, 2013

    Arthur was one of the greatest educational shows on the planet, but because of the abysmal computer animation in season 16 I have to lower its score. I also noticed in the later episodes the plots started to get weaker and it wasn't as funny. Maybe one day it can be just as good as it was back in its earlier runs and they get rid of the horrible computer animation. (By the way PBS and other animation studios, just because you make your shows and characters colorful and modern doesn't mean that your shows are automatically good)


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    Childhood Cartoon

    By EllaGomez1, Dec 19, 2012

    I love this show. It helped me to get through my childhood. It's also funny and very memorable. Arthur was great from season 1 to season 10, then the show went downhill. I hate the new animation, new characters, and their personalities now. I hate the part that Kate and Pal talks and then make other animals talk too. Overall, it's still a funny show, but only the first 10 seasons.

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    Hi, Anybody have Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert Taped ?

    By tvg75, Nov 10, 2012

    Hi, I loooved Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert . I need as a favor a copy of it for my class ? write

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