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    Just my thoughts

    By Majormanafemale, Dec 30, 2015

    It jas always been an ok show with few superb episodes. Episodes with baby Kate being the star are always well done. My favorite episode is binky's allergy. As that's how a 9 yr old feels about such and I think it was cite toich adding in 8 yr old Jenna into story way they did. Some good episdes to watch are Prunella and Marina episodes. The one where Arthur scrapes his knee and one where Brain sprains his knee. But biggest problem Arthur has is not allowing the kids to age. And having have both a 4th and 5th birthday means Arthur and his friends need to age.moreless

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    The sick man of PBS Kids is on life support and needs a DNR.

    By jake_heinz, Aug 07, 2015

    As good of a run this show has/had, and as good of a show this is to pass on to kids (as others have stated, and as I would also love to do from my collection as well!), I also (AND EVEN I!) agree that they need to kibosh production of this show (keep it on, but no more new seasons, please), as subsequent episodes really are not getting any better as they just continue to repackage the same old plotlines - the new plotlines are lamer then ever as well, and the animation still stinks (and they still use the same crappy character models). Tell me something: if they want to continue to do this, WHY SHOULD PEOPLE CONTINUE WATCHING THE NEW SEASONS when they can watch those plotlines in the older episodes but in a better package, where EVERYTHING is better, not just the stoyline, the animation, voices, etc - EVERYTHING? The show is not improving overall, and they just care about getting something out, folks, whether it's good or not, and they see the show as a paycheck and a cash cow they can milk for every dime, and it's plainly obvious they aren't listening to anyone except sponsors, production snobs, and money-hungry bigwigs, despite the public's feedback and donations!

    You guys probably thought I was just going to just give this show a one based on the title, didn't ya? I didn't want to go all out and just give this show a one because it's still good in itself and is still a hallmark of my cartoon collection for that reason, but minus the new junk. This would indeed be a ten if it wasn't for season 16-present, hence lucky number seven.moreless

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    They really need to wrap this show up and end it.

    By jack-hensley, Jul 28, 2015

    They have taken this show as far as it can possibly go and the show is not improving no matter how much resources they sink into it. Odds and ends like giving Maria a voice or bringing back Lydia Fox are great short term plots, but the core storyline in the long term is not improving, nor can it. I'm noticing a pattern where they either do an odd and end if it's something new, or they just continue to repackage the same plots over and over but in the different wrapper and circle their wagons, which gets old quick.

    All of the issues we are having with this show such as with plots, animation, and character development indicate a show that has run its course. Arthur is a show that wants to die in peace and It needs a conclusion to end it!! They can keep it on the air as others have stated (AND THEY WILL BE ALWAYS WELCOME TO DO SO!), as the show is still good, but once again, they need to give it a proper conclusion and end it on a good note. It doesn't need any more episodes.moreless

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    My Theory

    By snoop_hog, Jul 28, 2015

    I Have a theory about Arthur the Aardvark... He isn't actually alive.. or really Conscious. He's trapped in a coma ever since Season 2 Episode 14 called Arthurs knee where he fell and hurt his knee he ended up falling into a coma and everything since is a dream. All the characters are in his mind representing the different parts of him. DW being the stupid cock hammer she acts like represents his dark and evil side and is a nemesis for Arthur to destroy, his parents represent any sense of protection he has over anything. Francine represents his determination and ambition in life, Binky represents his desire for control and desire to rule and Buster represents his more relaxed side. Arthurs last name is Read. READ between the lines is what they want us to do. Arthur is truly a very dark show with many complex sides and meanings and vivid imagery. And I have come to realize this through my very own eyes. Thank you arthur. You have saved my lifemoreless

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    My favorite show and I know it!

    By schaitelh, Jan 08, 2015

    This is awesome for kids. I think you can come watch this show on PBS immediately. People think it is their fan. 10 star shows carry big humor.

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    What used to be a fun educational show is now a big mess

    By finnysohr, Dec 07, 2014

    I started disliking this show since it's fourth season and it's already starting it's eighteenth season. Okay, seasons 4-8 were alright but they'll never beat the classics. I TRULY started disliking the series with season 9 when it switched studios to the Cookie Jar Group. I continued disliking it throughout seasons 9 through 15, with my dislike getting stronger every season.

    But what REALLY made me downright HATE the show was season 16 and it's awful flash animation. That's what made me mad enough to write this review. Seasons 16 to present are absolutely terrible. The animation looks horrid. Arthur sounds like a girl. His voice sounded best in seasons 1-3 because the person who voice acted him in those seasons sounds his age.

    Let's very briefly run down the seasons.

    Seasons 1-3: 9/10 (The best seasons. Very recommended classics)

    Seasons 4-8: 5/10 (Eh, they're alright. Feel free to watch them but you'll be bored mostly)

    Seasons 9-11: 4/10 (Nah, don't watch. You'll fall asleep halfway through one episode)

    Seasons 12-15: 3.5/10 (No. Just don't. They're extremely boring. Change the channel if you see it on)

    Seasons 16-present: 0/10 (NEVER WATCH THESE ABOMINATIONS. PERIOD)

    So as you can see, the show slowly degraded in quality for me. First it was good, then mediocre, then poor, then bad, and now it sucks. The characters are so annoying now. They're just trying to reference memes from the internet kids won't get. If you want good, check out Seasons 1-3. As well as a few rare shining episodes in seasons 4-8, but ignore everything else. I hope this review helped. Now for me to find something else to rip into.moreless

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    Alright from what I recall

    By anastasia1243, Aug 30, 2014

    Various ep (96-02)

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    I loved this show

    By lootlimo, Feb 05, 2014

    This show had good values, was funny, and educational. This show isn't just for kids, adults can watch it too. It went downhill starting with Season 15 and Season 16 is unwatchable now. The animation is awful and the plots are lazy written. This would get a 10 if it wasn't for Seasons 15 and 16.

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  • 8.5

    Perfect for elementry school kids

    By Raven77, Jan 17, 2014

    Ideal idea of a young peoples show. All I am saying.

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