The Curse of the Grebes / Arthur Changes Gears

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Quotes (14)

  • Buster as Grandpa: (to his grand-kids) The most amazing part was what happened to the ball after Playmon hit it. It went up and up, and then it sprouted feathers.
    Grandson Baxter: Wings. Did anyone ever find the ball?
    Buster as Grandpa: Oh, no. It flapped right out of the ballpark, past the moon, and right to the stars.

  • Prunella: I know you. You're that Ghost of Lunch Tomorrow! Binky: Uh, gotta go!

  • Francine: Nothing says "I love you" to a bike like a few battle scars.

  • Francine: Hey, what gives. Where's the hot new wheels? Arthur: At home. I'm saving it for a special occasion. Francine: What's the point of having a cool bike if you never use it? Arthur: What's the point in wrecking it after you saved all that money?

  • D.W.: (in Arthur's fantasy sequence) I wish I had a super-fast, super-cool bike too! Mrs. Read: Don't cry, D.W. Some day, you might be as cool as your big brother. But probably not.

  • Arthur: If I cut out all extra expenses, I'll be able to buy my bike by next month. Buster: What counts as extra? Arthur: Movies, video games, trips to the Sugar Bowl... Buster: That's horrible. That's like living in the Stone Age, or 1980, or something.

  • D.W.: Arthur Timothy Read and scruffy dog Pal. An ordinary boy in an ordinary town. But lately, a boy obsessed. A boy whose every thought and action centers on one thing and one thing only. Arthur: Why are you standing in the corner of my room? And who are you talking to? D.W.: Shh. Where was I? Oh, yes. A boy obsessed. A boy who has stepped over an invisible line --- a line between reality and (Arthur covers her mouth with a piece of paper.) hey, I'm talking here!

  • Buster: We're the World Champions! And it only took 87 years! Harry: And you can tell your grandchildren you were there!

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Notes (3)

  • The events of "The Curse of the Grebes" were continued directly in the Postcards from Buster story titled "Buster's Baseball Merengue (Dominican Republic)," in which Buster learns that Playmon and Bateria have been traded to the Kings.

  • How times change --- in the first season of the show, Arthur works hard to obtain $10 to buy Moon Boots. In "Arthur Changes Gears," Arthur saves to buy a fancy, an rather expensive bike, partly by doing chores, but also by cutting out things like games at the arcade and trips to the Sugar Bowl.

  • The Grebes were introduced in the eighth season story "Bitzi's Breakup," in which viewers learned that Buster enjoys going to their games with Bitzi. In "The Curse of the Grebes," three players who were part of the 2004 Red Sox team who broke the infamous "Curse of the Bambino" lend their voices to Grebes players.

Trivia (3)

  • Binky reads the title card for "The Curse of the Grebes." It's the one in which Buster cocks like a rooster and Arthur laughs. Frnacine reads the title card for "Arthur Changes Gears." It's the one in which Arthur falls behind in a race, but tries to catch up by hopping on the back of D.W.'s bike.

  • This episode once again alludes to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol by featuring Binky as the Ghost of Bicycles Never Ridden. He brings Arthur to Prunella's place where, in a clever reference, she recognizes him as the Ghost of Lunch Tomorrow from the fourth season story "Prunella Gets it Twice."

  • Real-Kids Segment: A group of students meet real life baseball players Edgar Renteria, Mike Timlin, and Johnny Damon at the Community Health Center, and work together with them to paint the center's walls. They paint a wall green, like the famous Green Monster at Boston's Fenway Park.

Allusions (1)

  • Some of what happens during the Grebes game is based on actual things that happened in Red Sox history. For example, in one of the games, a ball goes between the fielder's legs --- an allusion to Bill Buckner in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Red Sox vs. Mets. This forced a Game 7, which the Red Sox lost.