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    so sad mary moo cow gets hit by a bus

    By CURLYHURLEY, Apr 29, 2007

    (in a dream, D.W. tries to play basketball on a dark, sad day, but the basketball deflates and comes alive)

    D.W: Come on, we're supposed to have fun.

    Basketball: Oh, what's fun about it?

    Bike: Without Mary Moo-Cow...

    Daisies: There's only Dark Bunny!

    Everyone except D.W.: Bleahhhh!!! (edit) D.W.: You're not Mary, you're the boring woman. (edit) TV Game Show Host: Is that your final answer? D.W: Mary don't die on me i love u, Mary AHHHHHHHH

    Arthur: checks pulse shes gone

    D:W O my god Mary o woo is me

    Mary lies dead, with eyes open, on the street, in a pool of blood clutching the amulet D.W gave hermoreless

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