The Lousy Week / You Are Arthur...

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Quotes (8)

  • Muffy: I couldn't have head lice. That's something that dirty people get. Francine: That's not true. Look at Buster. He's never had head lice.

  • Antiques Jackpot host: Did you know that this old cigar box that you were going to throw out is actually worth $37? Woman: Thirty-seven dollars? Oh, well, bless my toes!

  • (Arthur imagines what it's like to be Mr. Ratburn, as we see from Ratburn's point of view...)
    Mr. Ratburn
    : Ahem. Good morning, class. Let's start the day off with a little math quiz.
    (The class groans softly.)
    Mr. Ratburn
    : (in his head) Hmm. That wasn't a big enough groan. Maybe I'm getting too soft on them... (sees a pile of math exams on his desk)
    Mr. Ratburn
    : On second thought, let's start the day with a big math test! (louder groan from the class, thinking again...) Ahh. That's more like it.

  • Muffy: (She and Francine have very short haircuts.) They said we'd look like models. Francine: Yeah... boy models.

  • D.W.: Arthur wants more pancakes! Arthur: I do? D.W.: You need lots of crabs! Mr. Read: Carbs, D.W.

  • D.W.: Arthur, stop talking to yourself! Do you have any idea what time it is? (D.W. shows Arthur her watch.) Arthur: It's only 7:30! (D.W. looks back at her watch.) D.W.: Oh. So that's what it says.

  • D.W.: Eighteen...Nineteen...Twenty...Twenty...Twenty. Arthur: You already said twenty. D.W.: I don't know what comes after twenty.

  • Buster: Is someone inside your head watching everything you do on a TV set?

Trivia (6)

  • In "You Are Arthur", this is the only time Arthur becomes the viewer's perspective.

  • In You Are Arthur, instead of using a starting gun, Mr. Haney starts the 3-K race with a real revolver pistol!

  • Carol Greenwald, the Director of Development for Children's Programming, pushed "The Lousy Week" to air sooner after dealing with head lice herself.

  • The school nurse at Lakewood. Elementary is named Ms. Flynn.

  • Muffy's French nanny, Suzette, has worked for her family for many years. But, is only seen in this episode.

  • In the episode "Arthur's Baby", when Arthur imagines the adults as babies, Mr. Ratburn's mother yells at a young Mr. Ratburn and calls him Emil, but in this episode, the school nurse calls him Nigel.

Allusions (1)

  • Appraiser: Did you know this old cigar box you were going to throw out is actually worth $37? The T.V. show that Binky is watching is a spoof of Antiques Roadshow.