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  • (Arthur, without his glasses, enters the girls' room unintentionally.) Francine: I said if I'm not batting cleanup, I'm not playing. Arthur: Francine?! (Francine and Muffy yell upon seeing Arthur.) Arthur and Francine: What are you doing in here?!?! Francine: This is the girls' room. Get outta here!

  • Buster: (as he has his school picture taken) Remember me? I'm the one who burped. (Camera takes his picture with Buster's eyes closed.)

  • Francine: (after Arthur fails his eye exam) Arthur's in trouble! Muffy: How do you get in trouble with the nurse?

  • (Muffy and Francine ask Arthur and Buster what they think of their new looks.)
    : It's...
    : (ala Dr. Frankenstein) ...ALIVE! (they laugh)

  • Francine: Hey, Buster, look! There's Arthur the 'Four-Eyes'.

  • (Arthur continues studying for the spelling bee) Kate: Glooba! Arthur: Glooba. G-L-O-O-B-A. Glooba. (Kate gives confused look)

  • Francine: A vampire doesn't need heads. Arthur: This is no ordinary vampire. Buster: He's beyond a vampire. Arthur: What's beyond a vampire? Buster: A Ratburn.

  • Talking Stereo: Jack, you're not organized. You'd forget your head if it wasn't attached. Jack: Uh-uh. Would not. Talking Stereo: Grab your head and hide! Here comes the giant!

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  • Some PBS affiliates did not premiere the show on September 2nd, 1996. Some affiliates, such as WGBH-2 in Boston, had its premiere on October 7th, 1996, and rather than air a new episode every Monday, a new episode would air every weekday, meaning the season finale (Arthur's First Sleepover/Arthur's New Years Eve) was first shown on November 15th, 1996!

  • The story "Arthur's Eyes" is based off the 1979 book of the same name by Marc Brown. Even though it wasn't the first book in the Arthur Adventure series, it was the first to feature Arthur's trademark glasses. Many of the elements in the book are the same as this episode, except Arthur tries to destroy his glasses by putting them in the laundry (instead of having D.W. try to smash them), and Arthur notices that his teacher's reading glasses look exactly like Arthur's own glasses (like Wilbur Rabbit's glasses in the TV show.) The book version also ends with the class having their school picture taken (and Francine wears her movie star glasses for them.) The book was also adapted into an episode of Reading Rainbow in 1983, read by Bill Cosby.

  • If you look closely, you can see Sue Ellen in Arthur's second grade class in Arthur's Eyes and other flashback episodes to the second grade.

  • On VHS releases of this episode, "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn" was retitled as "Arthur's Teacher Trouble" during the episode's title card, obviously to reference the original book the episode is based on.

  • Arthur's first spelling work happens to be aardvark...and he is one!

  • These two stories are taken from the book "Arthur's Teacher Trouble". Prunella is introduced here, but her relationship to Arthur's gang is never explained, other than the fact that she had Ratburn as a teacher the previous year (making her, presumably, a fourth-grader). She seems to have no friends outside of Arthur and his third-grade class. A couple of parts in "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn" also come from the book "The True Francine," whereas in the beginning of the book version, the gang starts third grade, and they are shocked to learn that they got Mr. Ratburn

  • In "Spelling Trubble", just before Arthur walks in and plays the Aardvark Rap song, his dad is humming the theme from Ravel's "Bolero".

  • Molly Macdonald made her first appearance in the episode " D.W. All Wet"

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  • When Arthur asks Francine why she can't play, the green bow is missing but in the next shot, the bow is back.

  • "Francine's Bad Hair Day"- When Prunella screams about Francine getting the ball, you can see Francine looking at Prunella.

  • "Francine's Bad Hair Day"- In Francine's dream when Arthur is holding the ball, he has no pupils.

  • When the teacher hands him his test paper, the paper just says Arthur's name and the rest of the paper is blank!

  • When Arthur comes out of the girl's bathroom when everyone is staring at him, you can see D.W. and Mrs. Woods(not introduced yet). Why are they there? They don't go to that school.

  • "Arthur's Eyes"- Muffy is in this episode and he gets his glasses, but in "Arthur and the True Francine" he already has his glasses and she moves in.

  • In "Arthur's Eyes", Arthur is seen without his glasses for most of the show. They appear to be fairly standard, white circles with black pupils. This also applies to the majority of the first season and earlier in the second season. But in later episodes when his glasses come off, they appear as tiny black dots (ala Prunella's eyes.)

  • In theme song, Arthur is seen walking around a globe of the Earth. Unfortunately, he walks over the Pacific Ocean. A special land mass had to be invented between the Americas and Asia to even out the look of the landmasses. Editor's reply: It's a theme song animation! Anything can happen in it! Like how could Arthur jump through a brick wall? Theme song, people, theme song!

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  • Arthur's nervous thinking when he is in the class spelling bee seems to be a partial reference to when Charlie Brown was in the class spelling bee in the 1969 movie A Boy Named Charlie Brown, as well as some of the comic strips with Charlie Brown spelling; however, while Charlie Brown is trying to remember the "I before E" spelling rule and thinking about his spelling strategies, Arthur is thinking of how to try and get out of the spelling bee.

  • The story title "D.W. All Wet" is a play on words with the old saying "all wet," which was used to signify someone was way off the mark on something. D.W. was wet from the beach and wrong about the octopus in this story.

  • Arthur: There are no babies in baseball.
    Arthur references a line of Tom Hank's Jimmy character in A League of Their Own - "There's no crying in baseball."

  • Mr. Read: I've got your favorite, D.W.: banana and peanut butter.
    Banana and peanut butter sandwiches were the favorite of the King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley.

  • Mr. Read: (regarding Perky) Isn't that the dog the mailman calls "Jaws?"
    Perky's mean nickname comes from the movie by the same name about a dangerous shark.

  • The Moon Boots a parody of an actual children's toy called Moon Shoes, which allows kids to bounce in the air.

  • Male Cousin: (giving charades answer) Honestly, On the Bridges of Medieval Paris: A Record of Early Fourteenth Century Life by Viriginia Egbert.
    Female Cousin: We said pick a popular book.

    One of Arthur's cousins references an obscure book about French history when playing a game of charades.

  • Arthur: You're Buster's big brother?
    Mike: Yeah. It's part of the Big Brother / Big Sister program at the community center.
    Buster: My Mom signed me up. She thinks I need older male influences.

    Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program whose goal is "to provide a mentor to any child who wants or needs one." They are over 100 years old and serve the needs of over 200,000 children.

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