Unfinished / D.W., Bossy Boots

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  • 8.5

    Intriguing episode, especially the first half.

    By awesomeperson82, Nov 18, 2008

    The first half of this episode was about a book Arthur was reading, titled "93,000,000 Miles in a Balloon." As Arthur read the book, viewers followed along in short animated sequences illustrating the story. Even though we only got to see tiny pieces of the book, I was very intrigued by the plotline. It's a shame Arthur couldn't have found the ending... It seems like he could've erased the crayon markings or scratched them off! The second half of the episode follows DW in her troubles with her friends. I did not enjoy this story as much because I felt sorry for her.moreless

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    Worth a 10

    By CURLYHURLEY, Apr 29, 2007


    Arthur finds himself the only kid at a "party for old folks." Heading away from the action, he instead becomes engrossed in a book titled 93 Million Miles in a Balloon (a bit like Around the World in 80 Days.) The books last pages are missing, however, leading Arthur on a frantic quest to try to find out the ending.


    "D.W., Bossy Boots"

    D.W. rates a "ten" on the boss-o-meter and lately her bossiness is causing her to lose friends. Stating that the problem is with everyone else, D.W. decides that she doesn't need friends anyway.moreless

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