As If

Channel 4 (ended 2004)
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  • As If was a ground-breaking British drama, following the exciting lives of six young adults living in London. The drama's success is partly because of the fantastic soundtrack and modern style of filming; flashbacks, dodgy camerawork and sureal sequences are extremely frequent in all of the individual 30-minute long episodes. Jamie, Sooz, Nicki, Alex, Sasha, and Rob are the six teenagers featured in this hit teen drama. Each episode of As If shows the story from the character's point of view, allowing the viewers to learn their thoughts and personal feelings on the drama unfolding around them. Season One: Jamie had a crush on Nicki, Sooz had a crush on Rob. Jamie moved on by getting involved with an older women off the Internet. Sasha and Rob faced problems in their complex relationship, while Alex dated policeman Dan, but lied about his age. Nicki learnt lessons in love and life, and at the end of the series, Jamie and Sooz kissed. In Season Two, Nicki and Sasha came to blows over the same guy, Riggs, and Sasha ended up cheating on Rob with him. Alex found new love with bi-sexual Mark, and Jamie and Sooz struggled with revealing their relationship to the group, and accepting their feelings. Season Three saw Sooz and Jamie on the rocks after he slept with Nicki, and she struggled with life, resulting in a suicide attempt. Alex messed things up with Mark, when he ended up back with Dan. Mark found new love, in the shape of Nicki, then cheated on her. In Season Four the six friends considered to tackle their way through life. Sooz and Jamie's on/off relationship hit a rock when Sooz cheated, Nicki continued to be her usual self, Alex meanwhile had more boy problems - mainly with young Allen. Sasha struggled with her carrer, while Rob got engaged, before finding true love, a little closer to home...moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 4 : Ep 20

    420 (Nicki's POV)

    Aired 7/31/04

  • S 4 : Ep 19

    419 (Jamie's POV)

    Aired 7/24/04

  • S 4 : Ep 18

    418 (Alex's POV)

    Aired 7/17/04

  • S 4 : Ep 17

    417 (Sasha's POV)

    Aired 7/10/04

  • S 4 : Ep 16

    416 (Sooz's POV)

    Aired 7/3/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Callum Blue

    Mark Wilde

  • Jemima Rooper

    Nicki Sutton

  • Emily Corrie

    Susan "Sooz" Lee

  • Caroline Chikezie

    Sasha Williams

  • Paul Chequer

    Jamie Collier

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (236)

    • Jamie: Cheers for the advice, Sooz. It means a lot coming from someone who's gone out with, let me see, how many people? Oh, that'd be none! Unless you count Tig Fieldmen feeling you up when he was off his box that night!

    • Sooz: Earth to Jamie... It's life - not porn! Remember?

    • Sooz: (about Nicki) Great hair, and I suppose the boobs go without saying. But let's face it Jamie, I've given jumpers to Oxfam with better personalities.

    • (After Jamie trys to kiss Nicki) Nicki: Urr... We were just talking. Jamie: But I thought we were getting on? Nicki: Oh, so you thought you'd like, try to molest me?! Jamie: No! Nicki: Urr.. That's so creepy. Jamie: I mis-read the signals, sorry. Nicki: There weren't any signals. I was not giving you any signals, Jamie. God! I don't fancy you, alright?

    • Jamie: to Sooz) None of the blokes I know would go near you for a bet.

    • Jamie: Alex, a girl with tattoos advertises for a bloke with tattoos-- Sooz: For an art project! Jamie: --what are you gonna think? Alex: I'd think that she wants to see their tattoos for an art project, Jamie... and then boff 'em, big time!

    • Sooz: (to Jamie) Your problem is your brain's permanently wired to your package.

    • Sooz: So... Al... do I frighten you? Alex: Course you do. But then I've led a sheltered life, haven't I?

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    Notes (95)

    • Music: "Absurd" by Fluke "Dreaming" by Ruff Driverz "Swastika Eyes" by Primal Scream "Song 5" by Blur "Les Nuits" by Nightmares on Wax "Spinning Wheel" by Shanks & Bigfoot "Pumping On Your Stereo" by Supergrass "Total Devastation" by Jimi Tenor "Would you..?" by Touch & Go "No Regrets" by Robbie Williams

    • Music: "Beautiful People" by Supergrass "Honey To The Bee" by Billie "Girls like Us" by B15 "Change" by The Getaway People "Heart Attack" by Mika Bomb "I Turn To You" by Melanie C "Satan's Seventh Bride" by Helicopter Girl "I Would Die For You" by Garbage

    • In this episode, Sooz states that Alex is 17 years old. At the time this episode first aired, gay men had to be 18 years old before sex was legal for them in the UK. The age has since been reduced to 16.

    • Music: "Sing it Back" by Moloko "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim "Future's Bright" by Sound 5 "Right Now" by Atomic Kitten "Motown Funk" by The Away Team "Rock Cottage" by Ten Benson "Doberboy" by Puddu Varano "Tender" by Blur

    • Music: "Jorge" by Nightmares on Wax "I see you Baby" by Groove Armada "Keep Doen" by Danny Langsman "Koochacoo" by Kylie Minogue "Anybody's Guess" by Tin Tin Out "Irradiate" by Puddu Varano "Central Reservation" by Beth Orton

    • This episode runs for 24 minutes in full, not including commercials/adverts, but including the intro and credits.

    • This episode is from Jamie's point of view. Jamie is the first character to have two point of view episodes.

    • Music: "Beautiful Inside" by Louise "Shake Me" by Mint Royal "Love Bug" by Ramsey & Fenn "Feels so Good" by Melanie B "AWOL" by Beverley Knight "Sweet like Chocolate" by Shanks & Bigfoot "Leave Me Alone" by Graham Coxon "Big Swing" by The Away Team "Ease Jimi" by Nightmare on Wax

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    Trivia (60)

    • In this episode, it's clear Jamie, Alex and Sooz are friends. As are Nicki and Sasha. They all know each other, but the six, including Rob are not a 'group of friends'. In following episodes, they become proper friends.

    • The friends are seen drinking in a nightclub, but Sooz, Alex, Nicki and Jamie are all 17. It's illegal to drink or be in a nightclub, until you are 18.

    • Alex mentions that Jamie has a sister, Emily, who's 14. But she is never seen or mentioned at all for the rest of the entire show.

    • Alex drops his mobile in the sink and it gets very wet. Yet, it's not ruined and still works fine. Surely the mobile wouldn't work properlly?

    • Alex's mobile number is apparently 09739 7952341. But mobile's start with '07' and only have 11 digits, not 12.

    • Alex tells Dan his number, ending with 2341, but when Dan repeats it back to him, he shows he's learnt it wrong, ending in 2431. However, Dan still manages to call Alex.

    • In episode 103 (Alex's POV), Jamie reveals that he's lost his virginity. But, actually, he doesn't loose his virginity until this episode. So either he's lying, he's had 'cyber sex' or there is a continuity error.

    • The cream on Nikki's mouth and nose keeps changing position.

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    Allusions (14)

    • At one point Sooz criticizes a girl saying "I've given jumpers to Oxfam with more personality" Oxfam is an international charitable relief agency Giving clothing to Oxfam in the UK is the equivalent of giving clothing to the Goodwill in the US.

      BTW In the US jumpers are called sweaters.

    • Jamie introduces himself stealing directly from James Bond... The names Collier... Jamie Collier

    • Sooz: Hold on, I'll take... Hold on! Lying on Sooz's bed while she paints body paint on his back, Rob isn't comfortable. Reaching under the pillow he pulls out copies of Vanity Fair and New Woman, to Sooz's embarrassment.

    • Rob: I've read the odd book too, y'know. There is an Eraserhead film poster on Sooz's wall. Rob and her comment it's a good film, and Rob tells Sooz that his dad likes it.

    • Sooz: Give 'Becks' a call. Alex says that he and the girl he was set up with, do have something in common. They both fancy David Beckham, an popular English football player.

    • Sooz: Y'know, just lots of dots, really. Like Seurat, y'know? Georges Seurat? Sooz is clumsily and rather bashfully explaining to Serge, a French guy she's just met at a party, that the tattoo on her arm, which he's admiring, is made up from thousands of small dots of ink pushed under the surface of her skin by a needle. In this way a tattoo, she suggests, is similar to the work of French Neo-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat (1859-1891) whose technique involved using many tiny brush strokes of contrasting colour too small to be seen individually but when viewed from a distance made his paintings seem to shimmer with brilliance. The technique is known as divisionism or pointillism.

    • Alex: Looney Tunes. Jamie: Bugs Bunny will be fine? Sooz: Yes, Tom and Jerry will gonna love that. Looney Tunes is the name of the animated cartoon series that Warner Bros create from 1930 to 1969 that have some of their most known characters, like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Daffy Duck.

    • Jamie: Eh, Rob, did you know in 1899 the average speed of motorised transport was twelve miles per hour? And now, a hundred years later, the 21st century, it's the same - twelve miles an hour. Jamie is referring to the state of horse drawn transport in Victorian London (there were no motorised vehicles to speak of at the time) when an average speed of 12 miles per hour was considered so bad that an Act or Parliament was passed to build the Metropolitan Railway - the world's first underground city public transport system - to ease the congestion. So successful was the railway that a few years later the Metropolitan District Railway was built. As the Metropolitan and District Lines of today's London Underground these two enterprises continue to ease the traffic problems on the surface.

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