As The World Turns

Ep. #13146

Season 52, Ep 162, Aired 11/16/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Jack and Carly continue to worry about Sage. Gwen tells Will to put the crib that he's putting together away cause the baby isn' there's yet. Sofie asks Aaron if she can use his computer to look into the adoptive parents for her baby. Cole then shows up and wonders what Sofie and Aaron are doing. Rosanna awakens and vows that she will not let Meg take Paul away from her. Rosanna quickly gets back into bed before Paul sees her. Barbara plots to keep the truth from Will and Gwen when she asks to meet the baby's mother. Rosanna overhears Craig and Meg in the stairwell. Cole, Iris and Barbara figure a closed adoption is the best option. Rosanna goes into Eli's office and looks at the records and learns Paul is the father and changes the results. Paul sees Rosanna get back in bed and is thrilled that she's awake. Meg sees that Craig is named as the father.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Travis Wood

    Eli King

  • Colleen Zenk

    Barbara Ryan

  • Allie Gorenc

    Sage Snyder

  • Cady McClain

    Rosanna Cabot Ryan

  • Maura West

    Carly Tenney

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Sofie Duran: I know you're not thrilled with me right now, but I have something to ask you. Aaron Snyder: You sure you want to go there? Because you usually don't like my answers.

    • Carly Tenney: I know what you're thinking. Somehow I've created a little mini-me. That it's for the kids' own good that you're keeping me away from them. What are you waiting for, Jack? You can say it. Jack Snyder: I don't have to say it, Carly. You just did.

    • Meg Montgomery: Wouldn't you rather be having a nice cold martini at the Lakeview than looking at photos of people you don't even know? Craig Montgomery: Well, you might be one of the people in those photos. Besides, you're telling me you used to be a jock. I'm going to need proof of that.

    • Meg Montgomery: Where are you parked? Craig Montgomery: I'm in the lot across the street. Meg Montgomery: Well, I'm on the upper level. So why don't I just meet you at the Lakeview? Craig Montgomery: Sweetheart, you're the CEO of a major corporation. We can pay somebody in the morning to go pick up your car. You know, I have got to teach you how to enjoy being in charge.

    Notes (2)

    • Uncredited speaking parts include two nurses, a lab technician, and an orderly.

    • The scenes in the Oakdale Memorial stairwell were taped using hand-held cameras.

    Trivia (1)

    • The scenes that took place at Oakdale Memorial were on the second floor.

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