As The World Turns

Ep. #13289

Season 53, Ep 52, Aired 6/13/08
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  • Episode Description
  • Meg tells Paul that they are going to visit Sofie's Alma Mater, Winnetka as a married couple to do some digging; the Nun tells them that Sofie did not attend there at all. Liberty tells Janet that she can't hang out cause she's reporting for summer school today. Parker tells Jack that he got a job as a tennis instructor. Cole gives Sofie some important advice when dealing with Paul. Paul makes an unfortunate error in judgment. Carly and Holden take part in some games at Camp Chapawee along with Sage, Faith and Natalie. Liberty is amazed at Parker's tennis ability, Parker's then jealous when Liberty walks off with Dylan. Someone steals Holden's car leaving him and Carly stranded in the middle of nowhere, Carly then says to Holden that she'll get him home. Sofie is confronted by Meg and say that she is not who she says she is. Sofie goes to Paul and says he has to hear her out, Paul then writes her a check. Meg realizes that Sofie went to see Paul. Sofie goes to the police station and asks to speak to Margo. Carly and Holden get a ride and they spot Holden's car on the side of the road. Jack takes another look at Janet and sees a different side to her.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Maura West

    Carly Tenney

  • Jon Hensley

    Holden Snyder

  • Marie Wilson (II)

    Meg Snyder

  • Justine Cotsonas

    Sofie Duran

  • Julie Pinson

    Janet Ciccone

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Parker Snyder: See, here's the difference between us -- I don't brag about my talents. And you say that you have some, which you don't, like kissing. Liberty Ciccone: Well, I want a rematch. Parker Snyder: At what, kissing or tennis? 'Cause I'm a pro at both. Liberty Ciccone: Ooh! You don't want to know what you really are. Parker Snyder: Uh, the winner? Guy that beat you? Liberty Ciccone: No, the guy who ends up alone.

    • Liberty Ciccone: Um, well, thanks for the game, tough guy. Guess I'll see you around campus. Parker Snyder: It's not a game. It's called a match. Oh, my God. Can I sound like a bigger dweeb?

    Notes (3)

    • The song that plays while Parker and Liberty are playing tennis is Figure it Out by Maroon 5.

    • Uncredited speaking parts include an Al's shift manager named Marty and a woman who gives Holden and Carly a lift.

    • The on-location scenes at Camp Chapawee, Oakdale High School, and the tennis courts were taped using hand-held cameras.

    Trivia (3)

    • Meg and Paul travel to Sofie's alma mater Sacred Heart Catholic School in Winnetka, Illinois, which is a real school about 20 miles north of downtown Chicago.

    • Sofie's room at the Lakeview is back to room number 203.

    • The woman who picks up Holden and Carly while hitchhiking has an Illinois license plate reading KGF1698.

    Allusions (1)

    • Liberty Ciccone: Oh, wow! You're -- you're just a real, regular Andy Roddick, aren't ya? Andy Roddick is a professional tennis player who was formerly ranked number one in the world.

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