As The World Turns

Ep. #13478

Season 53, Ep 241, Aired 3/17/09
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  • Episode Description
  • Liberty tells Janet and Jack that Brad is going with and on a college road trip, and wants to go but Liberty says she wants it to be a father/daughter thing. Meg and Dusty start to get intimate when they get to his hotel suite but they then stop. Parker tells Carly that he's heading to the hockey finals with his team, when Parker leaves, Craig explains that he doesn't believe what Parker said so he goes into his laptop to see what he's been up to, and they see a site on how to obtain a marriage license. Parker and Liberty arrive at the judge's chambers and says that they have to be married right away and if not then he could lose everything. Paul brings Eliza by the farm to drop her off, when he leaves he learns that Meg is with Dusty in his room Carly comes into the Judge's office and says that this wedding will never happen, Parker tells the judge about the time his mother abandoned him, J.J. and Sage to run off with a jewel thief, Carly attempts to take Parker out, the judge then says that if she touches him he's calling the police because he won't deal with abusive parenting in his chambers. Craig calls Jack and says that Parker and Liberty are in trouble and to come where he is right away. Paul kicks the door in and catches Dusty and Meg together. Judge Whitaker says that he's willing to do whatever he can to protect them even marrying them. Craig tells Carly that Jack and Janet are on there way and could be the force to stop this from happening. Dusty tells Paul to leave when he starts insulting Meg and for doing this to him. Jack and Janet arrive as Parker and Liberty are pronounced man and wife. Paul calls Emily and gives her the go ahead to destroy Meg. Jack does what Parker wants to be treated like an adult and goes and packs his stuff and throws him out of the house.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Christopher Goutman

  • Maura West

    Carly Tenney

  • Michael Park

    Jack Snyder

  • Jon Lindstrom

    Craig Montgomey

  • Roger Howarth

    Paul Ryan

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    • Parker: What is your problem? Jack: You're better off without us, give it a shot. Craig: Jack, please think about what you're doing. Jack: You heard what I said out! Carly: This is not your house! Parker you do not have to go anywhere honey. Parker: No, he wants me out, I'm out. As a matter of fact we both are, come on. Janet: Liberty, no, no. Jack: And don't even think about going to the farm. From this moment on you two are on your own!

    • Parker: You can't just throw me out on the street. Jack: Yeah, you wanna live your life with no restrictions. Be my guest but, I'll be damned if you're gonna do it here.

    • Paul: Hey it's me. Emily stop it's not funny. No I'm not in a bad mood in fact, you know what I'm better than I've been in a long time. No Meg didn't offer to take me back and if she did I wouldn't say yes. No I don't want her back, I want her destroyed her and dusty both. Emily, help make that happen.

    • Craig: Finally! Janet: There was an accident on Route 60. Jack: Where are they? Craig: Just hurry up, hopefully they're not married yet. Janet: Married! Jack: Why the hell didn't you day that when you called. Judge Whitaker: You may kiss the bride. Jack: What the hell is going on? Parker: I thought you said you didn't call him? Craig: She didn't. Carly: What took you so long? Janet: I thought you were looking at colleges. Liberty: I'm sorry mom. Janet: You will be.

    • Paul: You got what you asked for, you finally broke my heart.

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    Notes (2)

    • Uncredited speaking parts include two boys named Trevor and Colton.

    • An uncredited infant appears as Eliza Ryan.

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