Astro Boy (2004)

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Quotes (2)

  • Detective Tawashi: I demand an explanation for your city-wide blackout! Dr. O'Shay: I...can't sleep with the lights on...

  • (Letting Two Little Kids Play Jumprope With Her Arm) Nora: Humans are so easily amused.

Notes (72)

  • This episode was shown in Japan on April 6, 2003. The Japanese title translates as Power Up!. This is the first episode.

  • Character Debut: Astro / Dr. O'Shay / Dr. Tenma

  • This was the debut of Astro Boy (2004) in the U.S.A.

  • First aired on Cartoon Network: March 8, 2004.

  • This is the 2nd episode of the series, broadcast on Japan on April 13, 2003. Title translates as Rocketball.

  • Character Debut: Katari / Nicholas

  • Doctor Walrus made a brief appearance among the audiences after Harley had challenged Astro to a rocket ball game.

  • First aired on Cartoon Network: March 9, 2004.

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Trivia (3)

  • Dr. Tenma refers to Astro as Tobio.

  • Robots are not supposedly to be found on Mars. The theory says that Aliens should be.

  • The character, Franken was voiced by, Frank Frankson. The character and actor both have the name, Frank. Is this a coincidence?

Allusions (3)

  • Character Name: Katari
    "Katari" is also swindle or fraud in Japanese, which is what the character does throughout the series.

  • Intergalactic Security: Intergalactic Security
    Intergalactic Security is also in Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear often uses that term in his "scientific" statements.

  • Episode Name: Franken
    "Franken" is the name of a cold-hearted monster created by a doctor.