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G4 (ended 2013)
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  • Attack of the Show (or "AOTS")--the self-proclaimed "show that gets it before it gets out"--is a signature show of G4, the video game network. There's the inside track, and then there are those who pave the inside track. Attack of the Show gets you inside, underneath, around, and behind the newest tech, the hottest games, the fastest-breaking news, and the oddest oddities from the fringe. In addition to reporting the hot Internet memes of the day, AOTS features interviews with both famous and internet-famous celebrities, the most-blogged news of the day, coverage of alt-events like the Geek Prom and the Modern Drunkard Festival, and the latest games and gear for PCs and consoles. AOTS is also well-known for its regular weekly segments such as "Gems of the Internet," "DVDuesday," "It Came From eBay," "The Feed," "User Created," "AOTS LAN Party," "Free Play Friday," and "Damn Good Download."moreless

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  • S 8 : Ep 80


    Aired 5/5/12

  • S 8 : Ep 231


    Aired 12/20/12

  • S 8 : Ep 230


    Aired 12/19/12

  • S 8 : Ep 229


    Aired 12/18/12

  • S 8 : Ep 228


    Aired 12/17/12

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    • After Kevin explains about a new mouse SeanBaby: You're not impressing me. Kevin: Yeah bu-- *SeanBaby cuts mouse cord* Kevin: Hey! That cost me 50$. *SeanBaby attempts to break mouse* SeanBaby: Well now it's 50$ of trash! At least it's tough, I'll give you that.

    • Message Board User: ATOS has a TelePrompter. To be short ATOS is live but isn't. SeanBaby: You know what you must do. Kevin: Yeah, we have to ban him. *Bans user* Kevin: That feels so good

    • Kevin: Sarah Goombas! I'm steppin' on that woman! Get back in the kitchen is what I say.

    • Kevin: Invest in some micromachines. That way, when sense of scale kicks in, you'll be prepared.

    • Caller: Oh, I have to wear a shirt? I'm a hick from the woods. Kevin: Well you're our demographic!

    • Kevin:[to Caller] Well you wear your Jinx shirt, If she doesn't appreciate that smack her with a shovel!

    • Kevin: [to caller] Does your date know you're a giant nerd?

    • [Regarding XBox Live] Kevin: Finding racist nine year olds has never been easier.

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    • The Feed Bad Vibrations: A judge orders Sony to stop selling PS2s and pay $90 million for infringing on the force-feedback patent of Immersion Corp. Don't worry, gamers; the appeal is already filed. P2P Defender: The Grokster vs. MGM suit is being funded by flamboyant gazillionaire Mark Cuban. Infect a Mac, Win a Prize: Well, you could have, but the Mac virus-writing contest has been revoked. Quick, Let’s Start a Theme Park! Scientists locate T-Rex soft tissue from fossilized remains.

    • The Feed Today we looked at the MGM vs. Grokster Supreme Court case, a decision which may change the world of P2P file sharing and technological innovation in general. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is defending Streamcast Networks in the case, and the organization's Ren Bucholz called to give his reactions to the first day’s events: “The overriding sentiment of the staff is that the court is asking the right questions.” For complete coverage, head over to the EFF’s MGM vs. Grokster page.

    • The Feed Mystically Punk’d! Sony spends $100,000 to remove a kabbala bracelet from Ashton Kutcher’s wrist in Guess Who. Blockbuster Gets a Big Fee: Apparently, that “No Late Fees!” marketing campaign forgot to mention the fact that consumers would now have to actually buy late DVDs. Emulation Wars: PearPC is suing CherryOS for allegedly using its code for the PC Mac OSX emulator. Beware of Fake ATM Machines: That’s right—scammers have created fake ATMs that steal your account and PIN numbers.

    • The Feed Malaysian Car Thieves Have No Pity: Something to think about before buying a car with thumbprint security protection—carjackers might take your thumb. Dr. Who Quits! Christopher Eccleston decides not to become typecast as Dr. Who. American geeks ask: Who? Super Web Force: Google adds pre-loading links for the Firefox web browser. The Man Wants Your Name: All .us domains can no longer be registered anonymously.

    • The Feed And They Did So Well With Connect: Sony aims to make an “iTunes for movies” service. Dare to Dream: The author of The Making of Revenge of the Sith reveals that Steven Spielberg made some early contributions to Episode III. Happy Anniversary: Gmail celebrates its first birthday with more storage and rich text formatting. PSP Party Poopers: Analysts agree that the PSP launch wasn’t all that.

    • The Feed Viral Money Making: Aladdin Knowledge Systems says that 70 percent of virus writers add spyware to their viruses under contract. Bruuuuuce! Noooo! Justin Timberlake will allegedly play Bruce Willis’ son in Die Hard 4. Fight Obesity With Video Games: Yes, it’s true—Dance Dance Revolution is being used in a study to see if it will help reduce child obesity. Censorship is Hot! A Wisconsin Senator proposes outlawing TV indecency. Now, if only Congress would do the same for American Idol imitations….

    • The Feed Say It Ain’t So: San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to regulate political Blogging. Can’t Take It Back Now: MGM says in its Supreme Court case against Grokster that it’s okay to rip your CDs. Yea! But Does It Void Your Warranty? Toyota Prius owners have been modding their gas-electric hybrid cars to get up to 180 mpg. Spreading the Word: The Vatican used email and text messaging to alert the media of the Pope’s death.

    • The Feed Go Get ‘Em, Tex: A store owner in Texarkana is suing ISPs for allegedly having non-customers click on web ads to drive up rates. Outer Limits: Photos of the first planet outside of our solar system are revealed. Calling In Sick: New cell phone viruses are running rampant. Beware of Moon Dust: Scientists say moon dust is scary stuff.

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    Trivia (51)

    • The character, "Office Jesus", is actually played by an executive Producer of the show.

    • Myspace Girl of the Week, Iliza, appears for the third and final time and is the first girl inducted into the "Myspace Girl of the Week, Hall of Fame"

    • Furrie(s) that appeared in this episode: Donkey

    • For the first time, ever, Attack of the Show announced that they are pitting mother against daughter in the "Social Networking Internet Site Girl of the Week(tm)" contest.

    • This episode of Attack of the Show ended two minutes earlier than scheduled.

    • This episode of Attack of the Show ended two minutes early. This is the second time in two days.

    • This episode is also credited as "Pereira-Palooza"

    • In the two "SAQ" segments featured in this episode, the bottle of "SAQ" was pixelated. This may due to pressure from the FCC. The original airings of the "SAQ" segements were uncensored.

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    Allusions (6)

    • There is an allusion made during the User Created segment to a previous Web Classics segment in episode 115., Ultimate Spider-Man, Serenity, in which the words "Jerk Ass" were said.

    • Attack of the Show, referred to the "South Park" controversy as "Chefgate" which is a reference to "Watergate"

    • was refered to as the "Social Networking Site" throughout the episode

    • Jimmy The Geek's Picks of the Week: 1. "George Mason (-2)" over "Wichita State" 2. West Virginia (+5)" over "Texas" 3. "UCLA (-3)" over "Gonzaga" Final Four Picks: 1. Duke 2. Uconn 3. Memphis 4. Boston College

    • The "Playboy Golf" segment didn't air during this episode.

    • Sarah Lane was seen wearing an engagement ring on today's AOTS, suggesting that the marriage rumors are, in fact, true.

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  • Fan Reviews (62)
  • I want hosts that have personalities & knowledge about the video game industry. AOTS! use to be my favorite show, now I can barely stand it. G4 needs to fire Olivia Munn and Zach Selwyn immediately and bring back Sarah Lane and Brendan

    By emersonn, Sep 28, 2006

  • Raunchy, raunchy, raunchy

    By Aeronomer, Aug 01, 2007

  • Not good

    By AshleyBrownri, Dec 13, 2011

  • I used to like this show..... I recently just got that channel back G4. I noticed the amount of suck has changed...

    By joeman169, Feb 11, 2009

  • I miss these guys.

    By JackKingsley, Jan 07, 2011