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    Raunchy, raunchy, raunchy

    By Aeronomer, Dec 13, 2011

    If you like G4 and Attack of the Show!, you're probably a horny teenager (or you still act like one). I loved TechTV when I first discovered it. There was all kinds of programming fare for a techo-gamer-geek like me. Then, they decided to revamp everything (I guess) and target the pimply, pubescent, potty-humor crowd and they totally lost me. It was insulting. Now the entire channel is so friggin raunchy, I can't even watch it with my kids around. This include not only the original programming, but the commercial spots and promos as well. The whole network seems geared toward titillating horny teenage boys. Everything is cleavage and juvenile sexual innuendo. 25 years ago I would have loved it (I guess), but I find the whole thing shallow and tiresome. This includes Attack of the Show!, arguably thier flagship program. Too bad they didn't keep TechTV separate. Now the only reason I *ever* watch this channel is to see Ninja Warrior. RAUNCHY, RAUNCHY, RAUNCHY.moreless

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    Not good

    By AshleyBrownri, Dec 13, 2011

    This show offers a lot in the ways of technology, but is behind on around the net consistantly. Thanks to being a web geek, i already have seen the videos they throw up a week later. I also really hate the phony, non gamer host women. Watching half naked women bounce around is a waste of time especially if they arent even all that decent and have no real knowledge. The "antics" and banter are rarely funny and bad writing. Just not for a true nerd. Ill watch X-play for my gaming reviews and peruse forums for my information rather than watch that half assed attempt at humor and interest.moreless

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    I used to like this show.....

    I recently just got that channel back G4. I noticed the amount of suck has changed...

    By joeman169, Nov 18, 2011

    Lost the show for about a year. Now I have a different cable service and I have it back.

    Ok, the first thing I noticed was the amount of liberal feces coming from their mouths. The constant badgering about bush and how great obama is was disgusting. I already have jon stewart and colbert jamming that crap into my ears. Next I noticed how the show changed into more of an artsy fartsy show promoting stupid bands that I have never heard of and dont give two turds about. Then they get into forcing stupid memes on their audience which is mostly tweens who think they are genius nerds, and potheads. They have a special 420 episode where they talk about weed all day and regularly talk about it on the show. I tuned in to watch a show about technology and video games, not to hear a liberal MTV message. Just hearing them talk about stuff that they do not know anything about is incredibly irritating. I CANNOT STAND to hear FAIL or EPIC one more time. Those two phrases make me want to vomit.


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    I miss these guys.

    By JackKingsley, Jan 07, 2011

    I miss watching this show. Seeing as DirectTV no longer affiliates themselves with G4, I've had to resort to watching old re-runs on hulu and whatnot in order to get my fix. Sadly, the cast of characters has changed, and so has the general feel of the entire show; I remember when it was more about the fun than it was about bringing in new people ALL THE TIME. Still, it remains a good, and entertaining show. Why, I get my electronic news from it; I just recently learned of these new apps for students off of it, and am now making great use of them. So, Attack of the Show will always have a special place in my heart.moreless

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    Best entertainment show ever made.

    By woahwoah678, Aug 21, 2009

    This is so better than all of those stupid and boring news shows like Nick News and those very boring stupid shows on CNN.It has all of things I love on those floting words on the bottom.It has all the entertainmet you will love like Movies and Video Games.So much better.G4 is such a genius.They created a show which is twice as better than any other terrible news show and no,I am not a nerd.It tells you any news and any other thing that you would like to hear.This is like one of my favorite shows ever like Whacked Out videos on G4.I hate the movies they put on there and the shows that are not reailty.But this show is such the biggest news genius ever.moreless

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    I love this show..

    By rodh32340, Feb 13, 2009

    This show is basically a daily mix of all things internet, trendy and electronic...I saw the host once, Olivia Munn, and found her to be very likable and personal, as well as having a great sense of timing and humor. She is also very easy on the eyes! Kevin Perriera bounced off of her personality perfectly. The only problem I had with the entire 60 minutes is when they cut to a girl with an accent who cannot be understood when she speaks... she needs to enunciate a little better so that she doesn't bring the show's pacing to a grinding halt.moreless

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    A hilarious show with great writing and even better chemistry between the host. It really is the only* news you need to know...

    By Kaylila, Jun 27, 2008

    Attack of The Show or AOTS as it is lovingly called by its fans is a "news" show that specifically talks about gaming, electronics, technology and all the other things that the tecno-generation really care about.

    The two main host: Kevin Perreira and Olivia Munn work excellent together offering barrels of laughs while still keeping the show informative. While sometimes the show can seem low-budget the humor works just as well. The two put together various skits and strings of humorous moments as they dish out the dirt from all your favorite gadgets, games, and programs. All in all AOTS really is the closest program to an actual news broadcast that I may ever watch in my life. They always offer exactly what I am interested in and keep me entertained through the entire hour.moreless

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    The source for everything you care about

    By aj_the_kidd, Jun 17, 2008

    In Australia we don't get most of the TV shows that the US gets, but i am glad we got this one. Besides the the fact that Olivia is hot, this show is actually good. The dynamic between Kevin and Olivia, has clearly evolved over the years, and because of that you get to see them to crazy things, allot of which is unscripted and unpredictable. I'm sure they don't even know what there gonna do till they do it.

    If your a Tech savy person, who likes all things geeky, then you should love this show. From gadgets to widgets this show explores just about every thing, that you care about of course.


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    Attack of the Show is a great show! And can be very funny!

    By katara925, Jun 16, 2008

    Attack of the Show is an awesome show!! It keeps you up to date with all the latest electronics, web sites, videos, video games and what ever else you can think of!!! Olivia and Kevin are hilarious!! And they do some pretty outrageous stuff on the show!! And I will admit they do have some dirty stuff on the show too. One time they even had Kitten Warrior which was Ninja Warrior except with kittens. It was so cute!!! Olivia Munn even dislocated her shoulder while on the show. Of course she was doing something insane... and slipped in the baby oil. It is a good show and definitely worth a watch.moreless

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