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  • 2.5

    Australian Idol 2009 what a crap year. The Judges where even worse. That Jay Dee Springbett must be tone deaf because he choose all the really bad performers out of the wild cards and reject those like James Johnston who sounded really good. Jay Dees

    By Clarkent66, May 13, 2010

    Australian Idol 2009 was a crappy year why. Well for starters the voting lines where only open over night and closed the morning after early Sydney time. Now that doesn't give you and I enough time to make our votes count doesn't it. Another problem is with the judging. Jay Dee Springbett who was a bad choice as a replacement for Kyle chose all of the bad performers out of the wild cards. He also made bad remarks about some of the final 12 like James Johnston and there performances. Jay Dee you don't know real talent.The Grand final suckedmoreless

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  • 5.0

    The first time Australian Idol was aired on tv was the best. The year after that I was even more excited. Then the year after that was a little bit more interesting, but then the year after that was so boring. This years, its the bestest season so far.

    By Deziiah, Oct 05, 2008

    Australian Idol. It is for many, many talented people. It is an industry that helps people have a chance of a very hard corporation to get into the music bussiness. Australian Idol is for many people in Australia to watch, but it can also be boring to many teens, as it is showed too many times. With new guest stars, judges and hosts, it tries too hard to keep the audience addicted to it. I think that they need bigger voices and it was lame how they went to the U.K to find a singer. Australian is a good show.moreless

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  • 3.4

    I watched a couple of episodes of this show and that was it!

    The point is, this show would be my most hated out of all the Idol shows!

    By j19000, Apr 06, 2007

    I watched a couple of episodes of Season 2 and 4, but automatically I found it stupid and boring!

    Seriously, some of the reality shows these days need fine tuning, because a lot of them deserve to be GARBAGE! I’ll say it again: GARBAGE!

    I actually come from Auckland, New Zealand and that too had an Idol show, but not as bad as this! It just bores me and nothing is really ever funny, this show needs serious work done or I’ll do everything I can to avoid it! I don’t normally like to give shows bad ratings, but many of them out there are just a load of rubbish! In conclusion to my review, I’m really upset about the way this show is doing.moreless

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  • 4.5

    This show is getting old.

    By twin_brat, Jan 15, 2007

    I would have to say that at first this show was of great entertainment value. But as each season passes and yet the same type of singer is chosen every year it is getting old people. From the small tidbits i seen of last years finales, there were some pretty talented singers selected for a change might i add, but when it came down to the winner an Irish man was chosen. Now that is saying alot. The versitility among the singers was fantastic, but they got kicked off because they did bring a different singing style. So to all fans of this show please do not take this badly, i just believe if the different styles could get more of a chance then maybe i will tune in again. But hell ya can only work with what the judges place in the finale. So who is really to blame for the lack of interest.moreless

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  • 9.2

    The viewer's choice was pretty spot on....

    By melindakw, Nov 06, 2006

    I totally enjoyed watching viewer's choice night on Australian Idol last night..and I was especially thrilled to see the song I voted for made it on the show.

    I wanted to see Damien sing "Hallelujah" and I was totally moved by his emotional performance..his voice is breath taking when he hits notes like that accompanyied by only his guitar.

    The big surprise for me was when he did Roy Orbison's "Crying" that was truly magical and all the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

    I know Damien has been given heaps by Mark Holden over some of his performances..but a double touchdown put pay to that last night.!!!!!

    I think the other idols had been given two good songs ...but it felt like they each only really nailed one of them and Jess should have nailed both of hers ..I think maybe the nerves got to her a bit.

    Chris and Dean didn't seem to hit their stride last night and both seemed lacklustre..but that doesn't mean they couldn't bounce back next week if they stay in the competition...I guess we will have to see what happens tonight.moreless

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  • 4.0

    The series started strongly but into its 4th series, it has slowly got worse.

    By Nintendo_Man, Sep 08, 2006

    The series first started in 2003 with huge success becoming the highest rating series that year in Australia. That continued in the 2nd series but the number of viwers almost halved in 2005. This has be attributed to the winners in my opinion not the best and the runner up in each season has turned out to be more successful. A desperate attempt to change the format this year has had some effect but they now focus even more on showing people who have no interest in being an Idol in the auditions. The series isn't helped by the judges who are terrible and need to be replaced. The series needs to give viewers more power in the semi finals but have totally done the opposite this year telling people to vote and then the judges choosing 3 of the 4 wildcards and the votes only counting for the 2 last people.

    Unless things change dramatically then the show will continue to get worse and the so called faviourite to win is terrible and looks like we will have another Idol winner become a failure.moreless

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  • 7.6

    You only need to watch the auditions.

    By SmokyJoeRobert, Sep 02, 2006

    Australian Idol only attracts ratings from the huge audience wanting to see horribly pathetic singers who believe they are fantastic artists whose only reviewers are confused and deranged family members. What is so great about this show is the terrible performers as they are so funny in the way they sing. One auditionist was singing from an iPod and the earpiece fell out of her ear. But from the tens of thousand losers that try out only 124 averagely good singers got through and some of those were shocking. what they need to do is get rid of all the good singers, throw in the truly bad ones and we vote for them. If they did that, the ratings would go through the roof.moreless

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  • 1.0

    The hell that is reality shows

    By jimbo_001, May 07, 2006

    This is one of the least entertaining pieces of garbage to ever hit the little screen. All the competitions are is just picking a bunch of wannabe singers (who can't sing if their lives depended on it) and choosing the one with the least horrible voice to become a real singer when there is no way in hell that they would be able to get a contract without the show.

    Two of my least favourite singers came out of this reality show and both are talentless, one not even being able to come up with new songs but rather continuously redo old songs and causing them to sound terrible.

    I can\'t understand why people watch this show when it is clearly a waste of time, as are all reality shows in my opinion.moreless

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  • 1.0

    Worlds Biggest Waste Of Dump!

    By Freddery, Feb 14, 2006

    3 words can sum up this filthy pile of egotistical crap \"Hipnotic Repeatative Crap\" hopefully a large percentage of you agree with me that this is one of the most pointless thing since Poke\'Mon , the main problem with this show is that the fact that they choose the most hideous vile annoyingly loud people from the deepest receses of any sewer they can find and say they have talent (A fine example Shannon Nole, gave me the Jibbly\'s) The only remotly good thing about this crap is the auditions, they\'re funny because they are sad, anyhow I should Wrap up this crap on a crust. I hate Australian Idol!!moreless

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