Australian Idol

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Quotes (54)

  • The Judges: You're, you're, you're, you're staying in Perth!

  • James Mathison: Erection.

  • Mark: (re: Rebecca) Brigida, Bangada, Boom!

  • Dicko: (re:Rebecca) You look like Mariah Carey before she turned bonkers.

  • Anonymous SMS User: Can I Evict Dicko? Andrew: Sorry, wrong show.

  • Anonymous SMS User: Oink, Oink!

  • Andrew G: Pluck You Dicko!

  • James: Make sure the home phone is plugged in to the wall...though, I don't know why it wouldn't...

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Notes (272)

  • James and Andrew were great as the hosts - naturally!

  • This is the premiere of 'Australian Idol'.

  • This was the first Monday episode.

  • Marcia Hines was the commentary for this episode, commenting on all 40 finalists.

  • The contestants and the song they performed: Shannon - "Lately" Veronica - "I Want To Know What Love Is" Natalie - "Son Of A Preacher Man" Peter - "Right Here Waiting" Lorena - "To Zion" Daniel - "You'll Never Walk Alone" Chelsea J - "Beautiful" Eli - "Angel"

  • The eight contestants from Group 1 are: Shannon, Veronica, Natalie, Peter, Lorena, Daniel, Chelsea J and Eli.

  • This is the first Semi-Final.

  • Congratulations Peter and Daniel - Australian Idol's first two finalists!!!

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Trivia (3)

  • James pretty much saying 'erection' instead of 'election' was very funny!

  • Guy almost knocked the microphone stand over as he was singing the last part of his song. Luckily for him, he managed to catch it and make it look like as faultless as possible!!! Well done!

  • As Mark started to give his comments to Amali, it was discovered that his microphone had switched off!

Allusions (1)

  • James mistakenly says 'erection' instead of 'election' could be a reference to the Channel V show "Jabba's Morning Glory" where James sometimes co-hosts. On the show, Jabba has a poll called the JMG Erection, where songs go up against each other in a sms competition to decide which film clip is to be played.