Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (3)

  • Automan: For the first time, I realize what's been missing in my life. Walter: What's been missing? Automan: Lust, Walter. Passion. Ruthlessness. Deceit. I'm missing the struggle for life's most worthy goals - power and romance. Walter: What have I done? Automan: Choruses of angels. Midnight rendezvous. Burning desires! Walter: Yeah, yeah, Auto, Auto! I get the picture. Automan: Walter, I've been in your world for close to six months and I still haven't fallen in love! Walter: You don't understand. You're a hologram. You're not even real. Automan: Neither are the people in soap operas and they fall in love every twenty minutes!

  • Automan: (about a recording studio control room) What a remarkable place this is. You know, from a room like this, a hologram could rule the world. Walter: Easy, Auto. Holograms aren't exactly what you'd call an organized political party. Automan: Nor are the Democrats and the Republicans, from what I can tell.

  • Automan: (about golf) You know, it's amazing the lengths your species will go to to put a little white ball in a hole. Walter: For someone who can trace his family tree back to Pong, I'd think you'd have a little more appreciation for games.

Notes (4)

  • The villain's company in this episode is named Global Guard. Writer/producer Glen Larson would use this name again for another villainous company in the first episode of his 1987 series, The Highwayman.

  • This episode seemingly combines Los Angeles and New York. The building pictured as the Interpol office is actually the Jacob Javits Federal Building in lower Manhattan. Later, Tanya arranges to meet Nebicher at Mott and Elizabeth in Chinatown, which is a real intersection in the Manhattan Chinatown.

  • The Autocar was actually a customized Lamborghini Countach.

  • This episode features the talent of three people involved with Star Trek. Glenn Corbett guest-starred as Zefram Cochrane in the TOS episode, "Metamorphosis." Robert Lansing guest-starred as Gary Seven in the TOS episode, "Assignment: Earth." Winrich Kolbe would go on to direct numerous episodes in all four of the subsequent Star Trek shows.

Trivia (1)

  • In one scene a man moves toward the camera with a gun in his left hand. When the camera angle changes and the man is moving away from the camera the gun is in his right hand.

Allusions (1)

  • Automan watches tapes of a soap opera named Abilene. This is a take on Dallas, the pioneering and at the time hugely popular prime time soap opera. Abilene and Dallas are neighboring cities in Texas.