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    Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 16, 2011

    Sozin's Comet (3): Into the Inferno was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action as the Gang embark upon their missions. Ozai is at the head of his air ship fleet ready to burn the world, as Sokka, Toph, and Suki try to destroy the ships, and Katara and Zuko try to preven Azula from becoming crowned the new Fire Lord. I thought it was cool how Aang was on a Lion Turtle and it gave him wisdom and then he set out and encountered the Phoenix King Ozai. I enjoyed their battle scenes and I look forward to the final episode of Avatar The Last Airbender!!!!!!!moreless

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    everyone goes to do what they must to save the earth kingdom from being destroyed by the fire nation.

    By Breaker94, Dec 29, 2010

    as said the the summary, katara and zuko go to the fire nation capital to stop azula from becoming firelord. toph, sokka, and suki have to stop the airships from proceeding their mission. aang needs to go and kill the firelord. the order of the white lotus have to take back ba sing se in the name of the earth kingdom. toph, sokka, and suki take over one airship and need a plan to stop the rest of the airships from attacking the earth kingdom. zuko and azula have the ultimate agni kai. and the firelord goes against the avatar. . .moreless

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    *Picks up jaw* Wow, is all I can say

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Dec 20, 2010

    This We are only halfway through the ending and it has been a candy fest full of great aesthetic and production values, awesome choreographed fights, some emotional moments, and of course although there was little said in the entire episode, it still managed to offer some humour and character development. What really stood out was Azula's transformation from a composed soldier to a confused ruler. This idea seemed a little bit rushed but the execution for it was still very good. The fights though, wow, some of the best so far bar none. The power levels is reaching Dragonball Z levels, but the creativity takes itself up a notch as well, and what we get is a true battle of the titans. Not only the one between Ozai and Aang, but also Azula and Zuko, as well as the Fire Nation versus the White Lotus group.moreless

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    the best episode ever

    By lastrider94, Mar 28, 2009

    sozins comet part 3 is the best episode for avatar the last airbender . the writer have this entire episode all action and fighting sequences which i totally like and best of all it seems that aang might actually get defeated by the firelord but my fav part is when zuko takes on azula.aang looks quite weak but surprisingly he manage to survive all the fireblast thrown at him by the firelord. and what else better is the lines chosen when aang is fighting with the firelord.katara waterbending skills were weak mainly because of the comet approaching.sokka and toph totally dont care ofmoreless

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    this is my favourite episode out of the four episode finally and probably one of my favourites out of the whole series. it thought it was well written and put together perfectly. perfect climax to end the battle of battles!

    By 282bluespirit, Jan 04, 2009

    one of the things that made it so good was how we got to see how each character was putting his/hers own input into the final battle which helped it gain a powerful climax. normaly when a battle occurs we only mainly see the action only between one or two members of the group and the enemy fully. however in this episode everyone had an important part to play no one was sort of just dallying around sort of helping out aang in the background or something, the creators had thought well about what each character was specifically going to do to fight and show us how important that roll was. it was so of good that sokka tophs and sukis role in this episode was one of my favourite parts and normally its sokka and sukki that are normally left out of major battle scenes as they are none benders so it was amazing to see them fight. also the music played a key role to make this episode all round perfectness! yaymoreless

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    My classification speaks for itself...

    By sleepy6, Sep 18, 2008

    ...and I continue by explaining waht it means and what did I mean by letting it speak for itself. :D

    In almost every serie there is something that keeps you wanting to see what will be further, but THIS one is one big ice jam, because every second is crucial (bad for those who want to go to the toilet during the serie) and the excitement is up to its highest point in this serie.

    Another thing what enchances this serie is the amaunt of action, fights, bending and its effects (now try to think that Zuko and Azulas fight was just a match flame!!). Allright, no more words...stay flamin'!!moreless

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    This was a fantastic episode!

    By Lynell101, Jul 30, 2008

    The thing that blew me away the most was the scene were the Ozai started burning everything and seeing Aang standing on the rock pillar waiting for him, so calm and cool. The only thing between him and destroying the world was this little boy. Great stuff!

    It was great seeing the old masters kick some butt. It didn't really bother me that Iroh had a new voice, I was just glad to see him. Azula falling apart was so unexpected and brilliantly written. It made her seem less like a two dimensional bad guy. Everyone was right where they should be. It all just came together so well. And the drawing was beautiful as well. The music was also great. I don't know which episode I liked the best, this one or the last one.moreless

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  • 9.9


    By sharethelove01, Jul 30, 2008

    This – episode – was – awesome. – I - can't – wait – for – the - next- one. The – episode – was – very – very – very – well – thought – out. I – love – how – they – do - things. The – humor – is – also – one – of – the – best – parts – of – this – episode – and – the – whole - series. I – definitely – am – gonna – watch – the – next - one. This – was – a - thriller. So - overall, - amazing.moreless

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    The ultimate confrontations. This is what this show is about.

    By carlsonem, Jul 23, 2008

    The battle has begun. Ozai has begun his assualt on the earth kingdom. However before he can advance Aang is standing in his path. So he confronts Aang and begins the showdown that has been anticipated since season 1. We quickly find out that Ozai is no joke. Meanwhile Zuko and Katara confront Azula and Zuko declares he is to become firelord. This leads to an Agni Kai between brother and sister. The music used for the Zuko/Azula fight was very well done. It gave a sense of desperation and gives you a sense of the fight being senseless violence. meanwhile Sokka is using his airship to destroy the others and stop the "rain of fire". Aang is meanwhile being thrashed and hope is beginning to dissipate. The fighting scenes where well done and were truly epic. With the final battles now underway we as viewers can only wait and watch for the outcomes.moreless

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    Part 3 of 4. The best of the 4 episodes in the finale.

    By crzza, Jul 22, 2008

    "Sozin's Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno" was an episode of one of the greatest shows ever on television, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" that just happened to be one of the last, and part of the 2 hour 4 episodes that aired on the last day of the week of premiere episodes leading up to the movie and finale, "Sozin's Comet" and I'll say it was the best episode of the four. I was going to say part 4 was the best, but it was just everything rapping up, nothing really special. This episode had all kinds of awesome action. BEST EVER! 10/10moreless

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