Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang

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    A perfect ending to a near perfect show!

    By yehielc, Oct 27, 2013

    the three part finale is such a wonderful way to finish one of the greatest shows (of any kind) ever made!

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    A good ending!

    By dennisjorgens, Aug 18, 2013

    It was a good ending to the series

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    By cheifvbushy, Mar 14, 2013

    I don't really like anime but I lilove this one

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    Master of the Universe

    By sh811a, Jan 25, 2011

    "Never Surrender, Never Say Die"

    Stan Bush

    This is not just my favorate episode/arc in the series but it's one of my favorate finales. Most TV finales tend to disapoint me but this is one of those rare ones that didn't because it delivers all of the goods.

    I really like the fight betweeen Katara and Azula. I'll admit I didn't feel sympathy for what happened with Azula in the end, you play the game of evil you pay the concequences. Azula needed to go down because things with her were getting out of hand.

    Same goes with the main bad guy, I never liked him he was just a bad guy you plain hated. That fight with both Aang and him to me is one of my favorate fights, it almost reminds me of the fights you would see on "Dragon Ball Z" but personally I think the one here is better because there seems to be more technicque, tactics, and stratagy involved where the ones on "Dragon Ball Z" I always felt relied on just power.

    And of course I did like the decision Aang made, even though Aang could of killed him right then and there. In a way I feel he's cursed the main bad guy for all eternity.

    What happens to all the characters at the end just gave me a good feeling inside and I don't get that often. Not just is Prince Zuko king but his girlfriend Aya is out, hey what's a king without a queen. Saki of course has Suki. But the best thing of all was seeing both Aang and Katara become more than friends in the end when both pashionately kiss. Were there is a begining there must be an end.

    Farwell Avatar.moreless

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    Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 16, 2011

    Sozin's Comet (4): Avatar Aang was a perfect series finale episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode as we see the outcome of everyone's battles. Katara reigns in Azula and finally binds her hands and captures her while Aang goes into the Avatar State and gives Phoenix King Ozai a run for his bending! There were lots of awesome action scenes and I thought what Aang did to Ozai was perfect justice. I thought it was cool how everyone came together in the end as Zuko was crowned the new Fire Lord, Tai Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors, and Katara shows Aang her true feelings. This episode wrapped up all the minor stories as well as major ones in a great and viewer appreciated manner. I only wish there were more episodes to watch!!!!!!!moreless

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    all the battles conclude, and the war is finally over.

    By Breaker94, Dec 29, 2010

    azula uses her lightning to attack katara but zuko took the attack and nearly killed him. now katara goes in to battle azula. azula goes freakin insane too. toph, sokka, and suki think up of a plan and successfully take down all the airships. but suki gets separated from the two and toph was about to fall until sokka saved her. its a long story sokka lost his sword and boomerang. aang defeats firelord ozai but doesnt kill him. instead, he takes away his bending. katara defeats azula and when she is chained up she completely loses it. now the war is over and everyone is at peace. also, zuko is the firelord!moreless

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    The best finale for a show ever!

    By SpongeSebastian, Dec 23, 2010

    This legendary show at long last wraps itself up with the greatest conclusion that will leave you in tears (hyperbole) not because the show is over but because the ending was so perfect. And I think the show deserved a happy ending with no catches because "Avatar" isn't one of those dumb overrated action shows that you'd find on channels such as Cartoon Network. Avatar is a show meant to appeal to all audiences. I also like the message this episode was trying to give: violence (killing people) is never the best solution. You'd expect Avatar to do the usual and finish off the Fire Lord, but this isn't that kind of show that takes violence to the extreme. I haven't seen every episode of Avatar but I've been a casual viewer so I understood the gyst of what's going on. But this is what made me fall in love with the show. Everyone is at peace. Aang and Zuko, who used to be complete enemies, are now best friends. All in all, I think this show sends a good message to its younger audience and has a plotline so brilliant, you'd wonder how the human's brain is capable of writing so much. I have no choice but to rate it 10.0moreless

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    The Perfect Avatar Movie.

    By TochiOpara, Dec 01, 2010

    The choreography, and the direction of each and every action sequence was perfect to say the least. With the opening beach party battle between Aang and Zuko you could feel the tension in the air and got a little taste for things to come. Toph's Iron Man battle suit was perfect, and that whole sequence was brilliantly written. Between Toph, Sokka, and Suki I didn't know who was more exciting to watch; I was literally cheering during the whole fight. When the inter-cuts with the Ba Sing Se took over, Zuko/Azula, and Aang's battle with the newly named Phoenix Lord Ozai I hardly could take it! Every beat timed perfectly, each time we cut between a battle we were thrust right into the middle of something incredible. Hands down two of the greatest battles I've ever seen -- animated or not -- were Zuko's battle with his sister, and Aang's with Ozai. They were both equally mind shattering. There is a certain beauty in violence in Zuko's battle, accompanied with a brilliant score. Watching the siblings duke it out was one of the most moving and visually stunning sights I have ever seen. If you taped or TiVo'd it, go back and really pay attention to the score during this battle, you can literally close your eyes and see what is happening just by listening. That is magic in-and-of-itself. The slow motion flows with the music as the action sounds are muted down as the two put on a display of Firebending unlike any I have ever seen. Azula's insanity mixed with her crazy blue fire, against Zuko's newfound confidence, it was a symphony of fire to rock the ages.

    Watching Aang and Ozai fight was the very definition of Yin and Yang, Davey and Goliath, the young Airbender versus the all-powerful Phoenix Lord. Besides the obvious, a testament to Aang's character was that he really did give him a chance to do it without fighting, and in the end even redirected Ozai's lightning strike. Aang is pure of heart, and I am most definitely contradicting myself, but in a world filled with scumbags and untrustworthy people, at the end of the day it is great to see someone on screen as pure and genuinely kind as Aang. I don't know if it comes from a naive youth mentality, or if he is inherently a nice person, but the final character decision for Aang was the right one by the writers. Now on to the obvious -- OMFG, Elemental Avatar Aang was un-goddamn-real! From him going into the A-State to the ensuing battle and onto the taking of Ozai's bending ability I was on the edge of my couch throughout the wild ride. That's writing, that's action, and that's Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang's journey was an incredible one from a young unfocused boy to a powerful young man; Aang has been through it all. With the help of some friends, and some great storytelling, Avatar is sure to go down in history as one of the greats. Let's just hope M. Night doesn't screw up the franchise with his upcoming live action feature, Airbender (yes, it has a name change thanks to James Cameron's CG film Avatar).moreless

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    The end was poorly realized and naive. And: This is a poor summary of my full review. It's fairly scathing.

    By OneNeutrino, Dec 01, 2010

    I enjoyed this show through most of the episodes. It had its quirky moments and its more serious moments and they balanced out nicely. But while the ending was a great idea, it was poorly setup as a few other reviewers have mentioned. Spoilers ahead.

    Throughout the 3 seasons, all of the characters learn and develop strong bonds with each other. Then we get to the final few episodes and everything is building toward a climax. The result? The Fire Lord is defeated by a coincidence of fate and a technique Aang learned mere hours (hard to judge) prior to the battle. Honestly, it's poor quality but I didn't hate it. None of this is why I gave this episode a so-so score. The biggest issue with this episode (and the end of the whole series) is how incredibly naive everyone is. Aang is forced to make a difficult choice: to kill or not to kill. Why should he care about one more person? Team Avatar have killed plenty of people in the past episodes. No, the show doesn't show it, but if you take many of the scenes even a few minutes past what the viewer sees, you know. Sometimes it's blatantly obvious, but still not directly shown to the viewer. So here in the last few episodes, Aang decides to stop killing all the sudden and spare one of the most evil characters in their world? Sure you can blow it off as just a kids show. But that is exactly the problem. Kids watch this. I think that's enough on this topic. And here are the worst 2 points, both specific to this episode. First: Katara could have defeated both the Fire Lord and Azula by herself with 2 different techniques. She very easily defeats Azula using the first technique, freezing Azula in place and simply tying her up. If it worked on Azula, there is no reason it wouldn't have worked on the Fire Lord. If that for some inconceivable reason failed her she could have simply blood-bended the Fire Lord, Aang could have stripped him of his powers without fighting (ironically a non-violent solution compared to the actual ending), and then flown back to Fire Nation homeland and blood-bended Azula, quickly and efficiently ending everything. Too easy? Well they wrote it into the show. Second: An entire 3 seasons of training and Aang wins because of a pointy rock? I laughed so hard as I saw that. It's a good thing the Guru at the Air Temple lied to him and it actually was possible to finish opening his chakra gates months after leaving. That's some good luck. You may not agree, but you should understand the irritation. My last thoughts on the ending of the Series:

    The choices made by the writers were humorous. Many episodes had amazingly well depicted battles and fight scenes. Violence is not the answer was a final plot point. Killing another person is wrong yet plenty died on all sides caused by all parties involved, it just wasn't shown. And finally, I am glad that after the Fire Lord was defeated, All War Across The World Ceased (not all caps because "That's like shouting"). If the people of the Fire Nation weren't thoughtless robots the show may never have ended...

    The series until the last half-dozen episodes: 10/10. The Last half-dozen episodes: 5/10.

    Of all the endings they could have chosen, I didn't hate this one. I still can't say I enjoyed it. It just happened.moreless

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