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    By Dreshaj, Jan 10, 2013


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    Just hear me out

    By MadameTamma, Dec 28, 2011

    Okay so you can go ahead and give me a thumbs down for this review on sight if you want to or you can just listen to my reasoning, because I love this show and have no desire to bash it, only critic it.

    I just don't think this episode works as a whole. To be honest it's my least favorite of the series and the reason for that is because of the portrayal of Katara. they labeled her as the mommy of the group and Avatar is a great series for it's complex characters whose personalities can't be summed up in a word or two, also why are they having this kind of episode in the final season. We've gotten to know Katara for over two seasons, the writers don't need to label her now. They don't need to say these things out loud at this point.

    Also I just don't think that labeling her as the group's mother figure is a good fit. People forget that when her mother died, yes she had to step up a little, but for the most part it was her grandmother who took over as the mother figure of her family.

    I suppose she has a lot of nurturing traits, but the truth is some of our favorite and note worthy moments of her's is when she acts her own age. When she challenges the water bending master because she felt insulted even though she knew she couldn't win, stealing from pirates, fighting with gran, gran in the first episode for telling her she couldn't go with Ang, her short lived crush on jet, her short lived obsession with getting her fortune told, I can go on with these great moments where she just had fun acting like a teenager and to be honest those events kind of contradict the kind of person she is portrayed as in this particular episode.

    Over all I'm just trying to say her character development in this episode just felt forced.moreless

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    Filler Episode

    By carnagae1225, Jan 18, 2011

    This episode was another waste. The beginning of the episode was surprised me but it was supposed to entice the viewer because overall the plot was weak. The Suddenly tensions between Toph and Katara rise again. But this time its for Toph risky gambling. The teasing between Toph & Katara shows me they are really dumbing this show down and they are attempting to make it more humorous. This contrasts with many great episodes which are more serious. Combustion Man also returns, which I believe is a stupid villain with a ridiculous name. But this episode was not all bad. When Sokka talks to Toph, about how he sees Katara as a mother figure, really touched me. But despite that the show is exploiting and parodying her motherly nature. She seems more like a nag. Katara's analysis of Toph that Toph was acting because she missed her parents had no correlation. Toph has always acted like that. Also why haven't they found wanted posters of Toph before, and why were they in the fire nation. Sokka seems like more of an idiot than usual ex. "Hawky" and "Sparky-Sparky Boom Man".moreless

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    The Runaway

    By TrueTvWatcher, Jan 13, 2011

    The Runaway was a superb and character driven episode of Avatar The Last Airbender. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Toph had a lot of character development as did Katara. Both began to butt heads as Toph continued to get the Sokka and Aang to perform scams to obtain easy money. After learning Toph's true feelings Katara decides to pull of a scam with her. I thought the scene where Toph was talking with Sokka as Katara secretly listened was very touching. Seeing Sparky Sparky Boom Man was fun and the trap was clever. The end of this episode was good. Overall this is a small step, however it moves things forward!!!!!!!moreless

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    The things in this episode were awesome. I am talking about get tons of cash. Katara is mad at Toph for keep pulling scans off then she hears what she has to say about Katara acting motherly. Katara is upset and she shows Toph she isn't as motherly.

    By leon_s_kenndy, Dec 29, 2010

    I really like this episode because it is cool how they make all the cash that they make. It is funny at one part how Sokka and Aang are watching Toph and Katara fight then, Toph says, What are you going to do send me to my room Mom". Katara says,"I wish I could" then, Toph says, "Your not my mom and your not their mom." Katara says this to Sokka, "Do I act motherly". He replies, "I am staying out of this" then, she says to Aang, "Do act motherly". He starts to rub his eye and mumble something. She says, "Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk. He replies, "Yes, Mam". I thought that part was funny. Take my advice and watch the film. So on a scale one to ten. I give this episode a one hundred.moreless

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    As always, another great Avatar episode.

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Feb 09, 2010

    As always the character development in Avatar is really great and touched upon some sensitive yet heartful subjects. This time it concentrated on the issues of being cautious and going wild, and later it transcended into being a trouble child to being a controlling mother. In the beginning it was pretty neat to see how Toff, Aang, and Sokka were able to scam scammers at their own game. The second half was all character development; an argument between Toff and Katara ignited their deep inner emotions and it really shows how despite Katara being the mother of the group, she is still a kid herself. It ended with a bang as well with the mysterious pursuer with the mysterious laser beam powers having a showdown with the group.moreless

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    This epsiode is a must see character development episode! Katara acts like a mother to Toph.

    By avataraang113, Sep 06, 2008

    Although this episode, The Runaway, is a character development installment, it is such a great addition to the series! Usually, character development epsiodes are fillers and don't mean anything, but The Runaway is excellent, like most Avatar episodes. Katara's motherly instinct definately was influenced by the fact that Sokka and Katara don't have a mother anymore, so Katara took over. Also, Katara has had to do many of the chores around the Southern Water Tribe. So basically in this episode, Katara gets closer to Toph. Just like how Toph shows effection by punching you in the arm, Katara acts motherly and tries to protect someone. And in this epsiode, that's exactly what Katara does to Toph. Katara wants to help Toph grow up, and Katara started to understand Toph more, like why she breaks rules and why she doesn't care about much. With much comedy included to go along with the drama, The Runaway is one of my personal favorites.moreless

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  • 9.9

    combustion man attacks again

    By Breaker94, Jul 10, 2008

    for the next review im just gonna put periods. i was gonna do it for this one but i already wrote words so yeah im gonna finish it off with periods starting now lol they didnt let me do this so that means i cant do all periods for the next review. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .moreless

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    People dont see the greatness in this episode.

    By Blind_Legend, Jun 22, 2008

    At the begining of the episode we see Toph running to the statue in Fire Fountain City. She is then captured by a net, and screams at Katara, saying that she betrayed her. Katara replies that Toph brought this upon herself, and that she had no choice. The scene goes to three days before the event. Katara and Toph are training Aang. When Toph accidentally hits Katara with the rock, the two start battling each other instead of Aang. Aang, still blindfolded, tries to figure what is going on while from a distance Sokka screams "SNEAK ATTACK!" and makes a failed attempt to attack Aang.

    The fight between Toph and Katara continues with them wrestling in mud; Aang interrupts them and they stop. While Katara goes off to clean up, Toph suggests to the boys that they should go and have some fun. Aang, Sokka and Toph go into town with only one silver piece left. However, Toph suggests they get more from a gambling game below them. She knows through her Earthbending that The Dealer flipped little rocks under bowls into his sleeves to cheat others. She uses her bending to cheat back, earning them forty silver pieces. When they arrive back at camp, Katara advises them not to do it anymore. However, even when Aang makes an Avatar promise not to do so, they don't listen. Later on, Toph cheats at a dice-like game and a test-your-strength game, winning even more money. She also pretends to get run over by a noble's carriage so that Sokka, dressed as a Fire Nation soldier, can scam the noble by accepting money for silence.

    Katara continues to think these con jobs are dangerous and immoral. Toph retorts, calling Katara a "motherly" figure and complaining bitterly that Katara is not her, Sokka or Aang's mother. Toph goes on to say how much she hates her own parents.

    After going to make purchases in town (and buying a Messenger Hawk, dubbed Hawky) Sokka finds a wanted poster for 'The Runaway' (a.k.a. Toph). After Sokka reads it aloud, Toph is delighted at the nickname and how much money is being offered for her return. Toph convinces Sokka to keep the wanted poster a secret by giving him funds for Appa's armor and expensive atlases.

    While going through Toph's possessions, Katara discovers the wanted poster and has an argument with Toph, in which Toph angrily replied that Katara is not her mother and should not tell her what to do. Sokka tries to write an apology message sent by Hawky to Katara but she easily finds out because Toph can't write. He later talks to Toph to try to mend the rift between her and Katara. As they discuss how Katara's motherly instincts can also be supportive and nurturing, Katara (who is bathing in the water beneath the cliff side where they sit to chat) listens to them. Sokka reveals how Katara took on the role of their mother after her death, so much so that, to Sokka, she eventually became the face of their mother. Toph admitted that Katara cared for her more than her real mother ever did. A touched Katara suggests that she and Toph work together to collect the bounty that Toph has accumulated as the 'ultimate heist'. The group is very surprised, but Katara is insistent that she can show her fun side.

    After Katara fakes handing Toph in to the authorities, the entire scenario turns out to be a trap set by Combustion Man. Katara and Toph are placed in a prison made of wood-a material that neither of them can bend. As Aang and Sokka battle Combustion Man, Toph and Katara try and think of a way to escape the cage. Katara suggests that Toph use her meteor bracelet to make a saw, until Toph says she left it at camp. Katara then jumps up and starts to run in place. When Toph asks what she is doing, Katara replies, "I'm making my own water!" She then Waterbends her own sweat to escape the prison (Toph says, "You're a genius! A sweaty, stinky, genius!"). Katara and Toph race to help Aang, arriving in the nick of time. Toph, accidentally manages to hit Combustion Man on his forehead tattoo with a stone, knocking him back. He gets up and attempts to launch another explosion in the group's direction, only to find his chi blocked. The air around him explodes and the group escapes. While running away, Sokka renames their opponent Combustion Man.

    At the end, Toph realizes she does not hate her parents after all. With Katara acting as a scribe, she writes down a heart-felt message for her parents that gets delivered using Hawky. The episode ends with Sokka returning and asking where Hawky is, not knowing that the girls used him.moreless

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