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  • 7.0

    ending of the korra is not a problem

    By hermanamiela3, Jan 09, 2015

    Base on what ive search... the legend of korra is too manly, fightin scenes were so scary(for kids), and some teenage problems, and its like.. the movie is not really for kids.... but some of people says the last episode is bad for those religious.... in my opinion.. kids define it is a very strong friendship... not a just what youve thinking... and i wish.. there should be a nickelodeon for teens... so others can watch... because some of people are enjoying to legend of korra.. because its educational(theres science, history connection, wisdoms).... and please... youve watch atla as a child so youve enjoyed so far... well now the lok series is boring for adults if they not understand what it meansmoreless

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  • 6.5

    ATLA over TLOK

    By DeeSomera, Jan 08, 2015

    I honestly didn't enjoy watching TLOK as much as I enjoyed watching ATLA. I had more laughs and realizations with ATLA than with TLOK. ATLA, for me, had more depth. This sequel, at it's heart, deals more with the struggle of maintaining balance within one's self and within the community. Korra very much displayed this struggle for balance with her teenage-always-on-PMS angst. Yes, I understand that every teenager goes through the "rebellious" phase (I had mine too!), but it's just so tiring and so energy-draining to witness this angst every single time. The sequel however had good action scenes - not as epic as the fighting scenes in ATLA but still good.moreless

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  • 6.0

    Quite sub-par when compared to A:TLAB

    By LENZ5369, Jan 03, 2015

    Overall the show ranged from *sigh* and 'meh' to 'okay' but the last season was particularly not good.

    I found the lack of meaningful character development and the teen soap elements extremely taxing.

    As for the surprise ending:

    It's like having a black Superman -the right actor, the right script and it could be awesome but if it's an okay actor and a shitty script -it simply becomes a travesty where race was a primary driving factor.

    Had they played out Korra's and Asami's lesbianism subtly and tentatively from the beginning and then have it naturally progress -it would have been pretty cool but instead it is just slapped on in the last season to make a futile point.

    It is like stringing a bunch of Van Goghs together and spray painting an anti child porn message on them. The people against child porn are still against child porn, the people involved with child porn are not going stop because some randoms defiled some master pieces of art.

    "I'm not going to discriminate based on sexual orientation because Avatar Korra was a lesbo" -said no one ever.

    So in the end TLOK people have not changed the minds of bigots and done nothing but ruin the art/entertainment media that I was trying to enjoy. . .Thanks guys -I'm sure the first homosexual president will give a shoutout to 'Legend of Korra' in his/her inaugural dress.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A bit rushed

    By stpatricksday45, Jan 02, 2015

    I really liked the idea in Avatar the last airbender on how they had one bad guy for the whole series and had a build up to the final big fight between Aang and Ozai, but was bummed when there four bad guys in the Legend of Korra, which kind of made them rush the whole series. Then it was even worse when they moved the last seasons into the internet. But other then those two things, the show was amazing.moreless

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  • 1.0

    Where's Sokka's Kids At?

    By joeyvic96, Dec 26, 2014

    The only thing about this series that really gets to me and disappoints me is that there was no story/mention of Sokka's possible descendants. And, also, the horrible "Anime" season pacing. I would have liked that they would have introduced Sokkas's kid or grandkid as maybe some member of the White Lotus and maybe pop up at the end of season 4 like Bumi did in season 1.

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    not thought out at all!!!

    By LuisCervantes6251, Dec 25, 2014

    first off why would they cut the budget and the ending what the heck is that i mean she didn't evolve as a character at all also i have no problem with them getting together but i feel like the ending was just slapped together just for shock value thats it if theres something there why wasn't there sings first off she should have been the one to help korra deal with her inner demons or show her support but i guess half assing the ending its the way nowadaysmoreless

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    Kids watching this!!

    By fachmii, Dec 25, 2014

    Maybe Nickelodeon doesn't remember that this show airs outside USA, or England & Europe. I believe some country in Europe doesn't like the ending too. SPECIALLY religious country, do you even think about that? now I have to tell my sister that the show canceled at final. I am not ***phobic, but kids don't have to know this stuff until teen (or older maybe). What's next? spongebob with patrick too? I seriously hate this show, I would give this show 7.8 without the ending, but because the ending I have to give it 1.0, -10 If I could.

    btw 10/10 for The last airbender (the TV show, not the movie)moreless

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    If only the story was decent...

    By kyutieboi, Dec 24, 2014

    Sure, the ending where korrasami are together is fine but I almost feel like the creators ended it that way just so that we talk about that instead of how fragmented the entire show was. korra jumps around too much between books, months later, years later. Main characters that were developed earlier all of a sudden became insignificant (Mako). The worst part was Korra herself. I couldn't stand her. Always brash, always selfish. she is pretty much an entitled little bitch. she says plenty of stuff in the end like "I learned" but it just sounds like empty words.moreless

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    By briansilva370, Dec 24, 2014

    The whole series was great until the last episode usually with all good shows boy meets girl they fall in love and live happily ever after. Keep in mind this is a kids show the last episode ended with the main character turning out to be gay this is something we should not be teaching to kids no wonder the series got cancelled and thrown off the air. If this was up to me I would ban this episode or make them do a remake of some last episode ruined the whole series for me.moreless

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    Actual lovely ending spookyfreaks

    By shark420, Dec 22, 2014

    The series was great and feel atleast at same level as ANK was in previous series.

    I must say for next one they should choose some past avatar to tell his story and one specific for me in mind is if u remember what the old guy on the tropic island said to Korra when he took the picture from her.

    Anyway back to spookyfreaks rewiew yea totaly the lovely ending man (Yuri Manga of the finest)

    As we finali aproch era where the Homosexuality is not taken as ilnes, but as a choice that is maide for us be birth, its great that its added as normal thing in world where two people love each other souls.

    Huray Asami and Korra and lets meet in one of these coutries on their wedding ^^

    Argentina (2010) England / Wales (2013) New Zealand (2013) South Africa (2006)

    Belgium (2003) France (2013) Norway (2009) Spain (2005)

    Brazil (2013) Iceland (2010) Portugal (2010) Sweden (2009)

    Canada (2005) Luxembourg (2014) Scotland (2014) Uruguay (2013)

    Denmark (2012) The Netherlands (2000)moreless

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