The Show Must Go On

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Quotes (3)

  • Young Babar: You may be the world's greatest dancer, but you've also been the world's greatest pain! Mademoiselle Soretoza: No-one talks to me like that! Young Babar: Right, because you're always too busy talking like that to somebody else! Mademoiselle Soretoza: I don't don't have to stand for this abuse! Young Babar: You mean "this truth"! Mademoiselle Soretoza: You can't insult me like this! Young Babar: Actually, I can do much better, but after all, you are a lady! Mademoiselle Soretoza: Well, I never! You can go ahead and put your show on - without me! Young Babar: Thank you. I'm glad you understand!

  • Young Babar: What am I gonna do? Minutes 'til curtain time, and still no sign of Mademoiselle Soretoza! Zephir: I think the only sign we'll see is "exit"!

  • Lady Rataxes: The greatest ballerina in the world's dancing in Celesteville, and all you can say is "That's nice, dear."? Rataxes: Uh, that's very nice, dear?

Trivia (1)

  • Mademoiselle Soretoza's full name is "Mademoiselle Rosa Anastasia Soretoza".