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  • Babar: Just as there are good people and bad people, there are good kings and bad kings, and one of the things that decide which we are is how we handle our responsibility to others.

  • Celeste: Babar, are you busy? Babar: Never too busy for you, my dear. Can we spare a minute, Cornelius? Cornelius: Without question, Babar. Pompadour: Take two, if you wish!

  • Cornelius: Babar my boy, I knew you'd come back! I kept telling everyone "That Babar's just too clever for the hunter!" Pompadour: Only about two thousand times...

  • Celeste: I don't know about you Babar, but I'm in the mood for a hot fudge triple-chocolate sundae. Babar: Ah, the romantic desert!

  • Rataxes: (about his hammer) Basil! This watchamacallit you stole is defective! Basil: It's a tacky tyrant who blames his tools.

  • (Talking about Madame) Babar: I'd give up a thousand cities for her.

  • Babar: We were doing quite well...that is until Rataxes showed up.

  • Pompadour: 3 words. Quantity over quality.

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Notes (21)

  • Series Premier

  • Old Lady makes an appearance on the series.

  • From this episode onward, all of the elephants wear clothes.

  • First appearance of Dovtor Cabaloose, Rataxes, Lady Rataxes, Basil, and the rhinoes.

  • First appearances of Troubadour (Pompadour's diminuitive mute assistant) and Zephir the monkey.

  • First appearance of Lady Rataxes.

  • From this episode onwards, the rhino wear clothes.

  • Lady Rataxes' first name is revealed to be "Louise".

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Trivia (12)

  • Goof: Babar says that the Juju plant is the antidote for a speckled snake bite, but the snake that bit Madame was striped.

  • Mademoiselle Soretoza's full name is "Mademoiselle Rosa Anastasia Soretoza".

  • When Young Celeste says "Hi" to the children on the swing, he voice sounds more like her adult self.

  • Judging by the label on the jar of peanut butter, this episode's flashback takes place in the year 1930.

  • First appearance (outside of the opening sequence) of the adult Zephir and Arthur.

  • The Jungle Journal headline reads "King Babar to woo Tuttle on anti-pollution vote", but Rataxes reads it as "King Babar to woo Tuttle FOR anti-pollution vote".

  • When the poster of Babar is first seen, the picture's mouth is closed. when the fork is jabbed into it, the mouth is open. And when the police officer unfurls the poster, the mouth is closed again.

  • The Celesteville cup misspells Celesteville as "Celestville".

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Allusions (18)

  • The Handyman's suggestion for a restaurant ("McBabar's") is a play on the fast-food franchise McDonald's.

  • Zephir: It just so happens that I have recently graduated from the Sheerluck Holmes School of Super-Sleuthing! "Sheerluck Holmes" is a parody of the Arthur Conan Doyle character, Sherlock Holmes.

  • Cheetah: That's oil, folks! This is a parody of the Looney Tunes character Porky Pig's catchphrase "That's all, folks!"

  • The basic premise of this story (Zephir making several false alarms, and not being believed when a real emergency happens) is reminescient of the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  • The idea of a "Skull Island" being inhabited by a giant ape is a reference to the classic film King Kong.

  • Arthur: Pretty sneaky, sis! This is a reference to an old commercial for the game Connect 4, where the sister proclaims "I gotchya, diagonally.", and the brother replies "Pretty sneaky, sis."

  • Young Babar: Go west, young duck. This is a play on the title of the film Go West, Young Man.

  • Pom: Once upon a time, there was an elephant named Goldilocks who met three warthogs who blew down the house and so they scaled the beanstalk and lived happily ever after, the end. Pom's "story" contains reference to the fairy tales Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk.

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