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  • 4.0

    It felt like the show just didn`t live up to the comics quality

    By Raven77, Nov 08, 2014

    I guess some things don`t turn out well on TV when you adapt it from a video game or a comic or Youtube channel and I think this show seems to prove my opinion. Sure, it had some good quality moments but still could have been better like the comic.

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    Just read the comic strip instead

    By Gryphon-Guide, Sep 22, 2014

    My family (myself included) are fans of the comic strip Baby Blues. I ranked it close to Calvin and Hobbes, the Far Side, Fox Trot, and others. We were excited about this then new series coming out but were sorely disappointed. It lacked the charm, wit, wisdom, actual humor, and overall enjoyment found in the comic strip. I only recall a couple of times something was worth laughing at. The animation was done very well but the content was not edifying at all. The voices were annoying, the stories were very anywhere from lacking, sleazy, to just bland. This show is a failure in so many ways.

    Why was the show a failure? First the original creators had little creative control and some executives (and perhaps some writers) tried to make it more like the Simpsons and stuff like it. Problem is that' not what made Baby Blues a success in the first place. After 3 or 4 episodes my family figured this show wasn't worthy of our attention. I quickly got bored and entertained myself. Even my brother stated how much this show bombed. Boy was he ever right, the show wasn't worthy of the comic or of any fan's attention and was quickly cancelled for good reasons. I fear that this experience will scare the creators away from other adaptions, proof in the link below.

    In a nutshell, stay away from this show. You'll at best be bored/disappointed and disgusted if you admire the original comic strip.moreless

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  • 7.2

    its okay

    By tjtalman, Aug 02, 2010

    i don't remember anything about this show but 5 years ago i gave it 7.2 put of 10. so it most have been decent of a show. I have nothing more to say so goodbye.

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  • 8.0

    Umm best way to describe it..."Yes Dear" only animated.

    By TannanBaldwin, Jun 05, 2010

    Although with only one main set of parents (Carl may be seen as kind-of analogous to Jimmy), less selfish parents. more focus on the actual parenting and the kids who need parented, and well actually better. Never-mind the fact that Mike O'Malley plays Daryl in this(think Greg MUCH less selfish) and also plays Jimmy in "Yes Dear." It's some what similar as it takes a sitcom-ish style of story telling, but stays truer to the comic strip stories, which (being an animation major) I find to be a good thing. The parents although animated drawings, come off as more genuine and real then characters in the live action sitcom. Granted Jimmy(O'Malley) in "Yes Dear" is a much better, and all around more believable character, the others come off too stiff. Yes I know which show I'm reviewing here. I'm only doing it to demonstrate that Mike O'Malley is a fairly good actor and as most of the main cast in "Baby Blues" is as well. That along with animation that sticks to the comics style almost to the letter I think are a few of the things that make this a good series. Parents who've been there will love it, and those without kids will enjoy as well.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Part Simpsons part King of the Hill

    By ssimonds1, Apr 21, 2007

    I love the comic strip, and the show was just as good. I wish it would have lasted long enough to add at least Hammie to the cast. Im glad the writers stayed close to the original comic strip. Being a father I could really relate to the situations and senerios.

    This is one of the few times You'll see a SNL alum working with someone from Mad TV, Julia Sweeny and Nicole Sullivan. These two ladies were always strong on the sketch comedy shows they were on and thier work here is just as strong. If i'm not mistaken, one of Bill Murray's brothers palys the next door neighbor. Strong work there as well.

    Babt Blues is not as over the top as the Simpsons or Family Guy, but it's realism only added to the show. It died befor it's time.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Baby Blues is one scoop teen drama, one scoop quirky comedy and one scoop away from solving the big mystery. The cherry on top is they were, the Baby Blues's creator and executive producer.

    By t1g3ara76, Apr 13, 2006

    Baby Blues is one scoop teen drama, one scoop quirky comedy and one scoop away from solving the big mystery. The cherry on top is they were, the Baby Blues's creator and executive producer. I love love love love love love this show very very very very very much..

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  • 6.0

    not bad but needs work

    By Er0KSeinfeldfan, Dec 16, 2005

    the episodes can be okay but it can be preatty harsh sometimes. It's annoying just seeing the same episodes over and over again. They have some good lines and some memorable episodes, but it definitely needed some work. I would still recomended it, especially to someone who loves cartoons.


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  • 8.6

    They should kick Smallvile and 7th Heaven off and bring back Baby Blues, Oblongs, and the misunderstood Mission Hill( or on [adult swim] Inuasha, FLCL, and Samouri Champloo ).

    By gloobadude, Oct 01, 2005

    A show about a normal family. Theres a baby, a mom, and a dad. Sounds boring right, WRONG! With all the neighbors, the job, and the odd babysitter, this how turns out to be funny! So it turns out that this was a great show that got canceled to soon because the BOSS IS A BIG FU*KER!

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    Right on the Money

    By ReneeCK, Aug 26, 2005

    I am so disappointed that someone hasn't picked up this cartoon depiction of real life. The cartoon strip was introduced to us during our first pregnancy and the truth of it came to us more and more as we expanded and grew our family. I know that the creators ask readers for their experiences and then turn them into strips and it really works.

    The show was able to spend more time developing plots, characters, and personalities. We hadn't really gotten to know the neighbors who are the anti-Wanda and Daryl. How many of us are living in THAT situation?

    Word to the execs, reality sells, and this is reality in a cartoon. If it was on at a time when moms can watch, it'd go through the roof!moreless

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