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  • 3.5

    A good show for those under 7.

    By WhizzerMckwoff14, Dec 02, 2014

    Believe it or not, I actually don't entirely hate this apparent abomination. Let me explain. I saw a few episodes when I was a little over the demographic, and found it pleasantly enjoyable. Maybe it was cause I was sick to death with the likes of shows like Dragon Tales and PB&J Otter (which I can't believe doesn't get the hate of this show), and this felt sort of like a breath of fresh air. Or maybe it was just that the animation, score and writing was more of my style.

    Either way, it felt like a good show at the time and to me, THE spinoff of the Looney Tunes. I saw the Tiny Toon Adventures once and felt it was some creepy knockoff of the classic stuff, but this was the actual characters. I even, uh, enjoyed it more than the original cartoons, which, as a kid, I didn't really like, seeing as I hadn't learned to appreciate them for their timelessness, amazing animation, adult jokes and undeniable brilliance, instead seeing them only for their formula.

    This show, on the other hand, was more entertaining to me. However, I was growing out of the demographic and didn't watch much of it, but I remember loving the episode "Creature From the Chocolate Chip" even though I saw it just once, although I was a little pissed with the ending. Anyways, it's galaxies behind the show of it's namesake, but it's less cheaply animated (though not by much) than the 2011 LT series or the 2003 Duck Dodgers series and Loonatics Unleashed, which it probably sits with (although I, myself, am not an anime fan, and haven't really watched LU).

    So in the end, while this show ISN'T the classic Looney Tunes, I look at it as a cheap but sweet kids show that young children can learn from and enjoy at the same time, and which they might look back on nostalgically years later, and maybe even enjoy an episode or two for old time's sake.

    One last thing I want to add is there are a few things I honestly dislike about it. The first would be the irregular but unavoidable appearences of new character Melissa Duck and Petunia Pig, Porky's girlfriend who was pretty much forgotten by the mid 40's (which is extremely bizarre considering Porky himself is nowhere to be found). The girls are so much more annoying than the boys, so yeah, here, there is a benefit to having Lola be Smurfette.

    The second would be the songs that occur mid-episode. In between the two stories there's a song like on "Dragon Tales", but whereas those were at least original, these are rewrites of those crappy nursery rhymes a lot of us wish we could forget. The only saving grace is that they give us cameos of various characters who rarely or never are seen on the show (Marvin, Wile Pepe le Pew)

    And the third would a second season actually exists. The second season, which returned without any notice in early 2005, over two years after the original season aired and continuing after what most people assumed was the last episode, is more like a series of bad Rugrats episode. They hardly are ever at that mansion from the first season---and that's what made it special. The fact that they never left their comfort zone. Oh, and don't even get me started on the new character in the season.

    The one saving grace is that there are no songs anymore. Still, I'd advise you that if you ever decide to watch the series, stick to the first season---particularly the episodes without Petunia Pig and Melissa Duck---and avoid the songs.

    Well, this review ended up being longer than I expected. I guess it's because I rediscovered the show this year and have a lot to say about it.moreless

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  • 1.0

    This is not the Looney Tunes!

    By BiggestSpongebobFan, Feb 20, 2014

    Really Warner Brothers? You had to make the Looney Tunes an educational show, but more likely, this should have been the Looney Tunes I grew up with! I love the original Looney Tunes, but not this stupid spin off. All the characters are crybabies and they don't act like their original selves.

    Bugs is not clever anymore.

    Daffy is a very huge jerk that keeps throwing tantrums over his mistakes. What a baby! You need to forget about your mistakes like I do with mine!

    Lola is acting like a mother! She's nagging a lot though mothers do nag. But at her age, I don't know why she's acting like this! You know what! If I was Sylvester and I was still in my diaper days, I would shout out, "You can't tell me what to do!" - the asdfmovie4 line in skit 5

    And nobody knew Lola till Space Jam!

    Taz is a huge crybaby that cries over the dumbest reasons. He's not the tough devil we know of anymore! Are you trying to make Mother's Day Madness A Day Without Tears Warner Brothers?! Spongebob cried 43 times! And Taz only cried 3 times! I knew he was a big baby in this episode and also Taz in Toyland! Not watching either of these episodes!!! I'm going to punch Taz and present day Spongebob's faces for acting like big babies! This is what kids these days are becoming!

    And yes, we have Sylvester and Tweety. Sylvester is my favorite character in the original Looney Tunes, but not in this show, why? Because both Sylvester and Tweety are friends and not enemies. And possibly, when he chases Tweety, it's just for fun and it's not for real! He doesn't actually eat the bird!

    Granny: Oh Granny! How could I have forgotten you in the series. But her voice is not squeaky anymore. And why is she still old? Shouldn't she have been younger?

    Floyd: Floyd is not a Looney Tunes character! He's just the dumb babysitter who appeared in Season 2 of the show! Floyd never appeared in the old Looney Tunes shorts!

    Okay, so people need to stop asking about who Melissa and Petunia are!

    Melissa is Daffy's girlfriend and Petunia is Porky's girlfriend. They did both appear in the old Looney Tunes! Melissa appeared in this medieval episode when Daffy tries to save her from Sylvester so she gets married with him. And Petunia appeared with Porky in the black and white Looney Tunes shorts.

    So will you shut the hell up and stop asking about these characters! Hmmph! But where are all the other characters? They're gone! They're ghosts! I'm so upset that the rest of the characters only appear in the musical numbers! Speaking of musical numbers, I hate the musical numbers! If I see one of these musical numbers ever again, I'll be crying and burrowing myself under the covers! I would rather watch SkyGuy16's YTPMV Big Beat Mario which is actually better than these musical numbers! Don't believe me? Go check it out!

    Or I'll do this! I'll put Queen's music in the musical numbers! Mwahahaha!

    Twinkle Baby Looney Star: Don't Stop Me Now

    Born to Sing: Bohemian Rhapsody

    Down By the Cage: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    If You're Looney: We Will Rock You

    Mary Had a Baby Duck: You're My Best Friend

    Looney Tunes Zoo: I Want It All

    Baby Bunny: Save Me

    This is just a parody of Baby Looney Tunes musical numbers for the teenagers and adults! Listening to baby songs at this age is so immature! Queen is on the way for the older kids! Also, the cartoon itself needs a parody! The Looney Tunes need to be absolutely looney! Take the dumb brats to Wackyland! It can happen here!

    What is the educational value of the show? Oh that's right! It's to teach kids to be spoiled brats and throw fights (like Caillou). This show is not Looney! Should be called Baby UnLooney Tunes! It's not funny in any part of the show! I only laugh at how bad the show is! Babies being scared of stupid imaginary crap! Wow! You need to learn that these things are imaginary! You know what! I made Granny's house in Minecraft because I used to like this show! Now I don't! I want the explosions, I want the funny jokes, and I want the characters to hurt each other! Not like the episode when Lola stuck a banana in Bugs's arm and he faked dying! Holy shit! He should be really hurt! And there should be blood just like in the Family Guy parody of Looney Tunes! This blows! The babies and young children need to laugh at my version of the show, not the one Warner Brothers produced!

    You need to watch Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, or anything else made by Warner Brothers and not this show! Please! I'm begging you!moreless

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  • 3.5

    Wow,I can't believe I used to like this.

    By fosterfan123, Oct 14, 2013

    Even though this show is not as bad as mickey mouse clubhouse ( that show is 100x worse than this show) , it's still pretty bad. I mean, I used to love this show as a kid, but now....... it's just too bland for me. The characters are all annoying ( even bugs ) ,the art style is nothing special and the jokes are just bland and childish. The only reason I'm giving this show a 3.5 score is because it sorta gives me a nostalgic feeling. But other than that, I dislike this show for ruining the good name of the original looney tunes.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Cute as babies

    By RyanGriffin1, Sep 29, 2013

    The baby looney tunes looked cute as babies!

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  • 9.5

    Loved this.

    By Lyoko88, Mar 18, 2013

    I swear, I loved this cartoon. I used to have my baby Bubs Bunny spoon, I used to eat with all the time as a baby and toddler. I used to love to watch this show. Awesome show.

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  • 8.5

    Looney Tunes

    By DeangeloHill1, Nov 10, 2012

    Okay this show was easily 8.5 like i remember when i was like 5 years old and I'd wake up and turn the television straight to Cartoon Network and this would be on it had some of the greatest episodes every it would make me feel warm and cozy around the holidays with it's specials and the good thing about this show is when you watch the newer Looney Tunes shows with like bugs and daffy you say they grew up with each other like they really put all the looney tunes characters into one show as babies Hilarious Love it.moreless

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  • 2.0

    Not my Looney Tunes!

    By TwoTonePhantom, Jul 23, 2012

    I'm used to the real crazy versions of the Looney Tunes. The REAL Looney Tunes. Unlike A Pup Named Scooby Doo, The Flinstones Kids, or The Tom and Jerry Kids Show, this is a show with the main characters as babies with 15% of appeal to anyone over six.

    This show put me to sleep the first time I saw it. This show is Looney Tunes in the name only! It's pretty much Cailou mixed with the post 2001 episodes of Rugrats. It has no humor whatsoever.

    If you want to introduce someone to Looney Tunes, introduce them to the real ones and Tiny Toon Adventures!moreless

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  • 1.0

    I'd rather watch Loonatics Unleashed than this junk

    By Movienerd213, Jul 12, 2012

    If there's one thing that ruins a good show,it's turning them even younger. We've had Muppet Babies,A Pup Named Scooby Doo,Flintstone Kids and Tom and Jerry Kids. Now,let's hear about the worst of them all:Baby Looney Tunes. Now,this is the Looney Tunes,and you would expect slapstick,,explosions and crazy cartoon antics.But no,instead,it's aimed at little kids,and we get a crappy excuse for the Looney tunes. The show is about Bugs,Daffy,Lola,Taz,Tweety and Slyvester as babies. Now,the first problem is continuation. Most of the original Looney Tunes like Gossamer,Witch Hazel,Elmer and Yosemite are not even in here. Second of all,the characters act nothing like their normal selves. Bugs is not clever or witty,and is just a big pussy. Daffy is annoying,and is the worst character of the entire show. He is just a selfish brat who whines about everything. Lola is not as independent as she was before. Taz is a huge cry baby who acts like the Cookie Monster. And Tweety and Sylvester are now friends. And plus,these characters always fight all the time,and cry over everything. The plots are just stupid and are always things we've seen before,like trying to give Taz a bath. And there are always parts that just make me say "WTH?". For example,Tweety had to go to the bathroom,and Floyd had to take him. I know she's a baby,but she's a freakin bird,and she could fly! And what's worse is that during the middle of the episode,there's a freakin musical number. And these always have to be filler for the show itself. Overall,this show is such a disgrace to the Looney Tunes. It acts nothing like it,and just feels like you are watching animators rape the cartoons you loved since childhood. If you want a good spin-off,watch Tiny Toon Adventures and Duck Dodgersmoreless

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    Not a bad Looney Tunes cartoon

    By Garurumon94, Jun 12, 2012

    Why are so many people beginning to hate the Baby Looney Tunes? It's such a great show. Just because it shows the Looney Tunes as babies doesn't mean it's bad.

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    Just because it's aimed at kids does not mean that it should have mocked our beloved Looney Toons

    By That_TV_Dude, Jun 08, 2012

    The Looney Toons will always be in my opinion the show that got me interested in cartoons. When I saw it, it always had me laughing and never failed to bring a happy feeling to me. So when I heard of another show of Looney Toons, I was psyched, but only to be really disappointed. Baby Looney Toons is about all the Looney Toons if they were babies, and it's just as bad as it sounds. The artwork and animation is really the only good thing in this show and is decent. All of our favorite Looney Toons act nothing like the ones we grew up watching. Sylvester and Tweety are friends, Bugs is not witty or clever, Lola is not as athletic as we once saw her in Space Jam. The only characters who stayed the same were Taz and Daffey. There is also a huge question to ask when you see the babies. Who is Mellisa and Petunia? When I first saw these characters, I was confused, I never saw them at all in any of the old cartoons and it leaves a big hole as to what happened to them when the grew up. There is also no Porky or Pepe Le Pew at all in this show either. Why? What possible reason could the creators have for not including 2 of the most memorable Looney Toons ever? The plots themselves are just boring. The babies usually discover something new and learn about it at the end. There is absolutely no humor at all in this show, there was not a chuckle or a snicker moment to be found anywhere in this show. Now I know this show is meant for little kids, but it doesn't excuse the fact of how it mocks the Looney Toons. The plots are terrible, there is no humor, and the characters act nothing like the ones that got me into Looney Toons. Stick with the original Looney Toons, not this shameless mess and mockery of a beloved franchise.moreless

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