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  • (Daffy's been hit by a trike Taz is on) Daffy: Thanks for coming, send me an e-mail.

  • Bugs: We're not changing nothing! Daffy: Really, not even my diaper!

  • Babies: Hi Granny! How the *squeaking noise* are you?

  • Daffy: Cheese and crackers! Sweet Aunt Sally! Knick knack paddy whack!

  • (Granny sees Bugs lying on the couch and he's upset) Granny: Oh, is everything alright, Bugs? Bugs: I let everybody down and now they don't trust me anymore. Will you tell them to trust me again, Granny? Please. Granny: I'm afraid it's not that easy, dear. Trust is something you earn. And if you lose someone's trust, they may not have anymore to give you. But if you try very hard, you might be able to earn their trust back. Bugs: Then that's just what I'm gonna do.

  • (after Bugs, Daffy, and Taz have broken the grandfather clock) Taz: (makes the time out sign) Time out! (Granny storms in and takes a look at the damage made to the clock.) Granny: Taz, dear, you took the words right out of my mouth!

  • Granny: "It's your favorite day out to the grocery store." Bugs: "We know and it will be lots fun, Granny."

  • Granny: "By kids! Have fun!" Kids: "We will!"

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Notes (101)

  • Guess what? Lola bunny is from Space Jam!

  • Kids WB didn't air 'Born To Sing' (song) during the episode.

  • This episode was a special preview on Kids WB. It will replay on Cartoon Network September, Monday 16, 2002.

  • This aired on Kids WB. It was another special.

  • Daffy Duck's Bugs Song:"Bugs eats bugs, spiders ants and slugs, he picks them off the garbage and licks them off the rugs...Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, he drinks a lot of bug juice...Big ears, Big ears, big, big, big ears, you tell him something one day and he'll be hearin' it for years...Wanna have a laugh? This will make you wail! Come and take a look at his poofy, poofy tail!...What do you know? What do you think? Little Mister's nose is pink! Hey now your whole face is pink...White fur, White fur isn't quite the white fur... Stinky, Stinky feet, Stinky, Stinky Big...Bugs eats bugs, spiders ants and...What? Everybody thought it was funny the first time."

  • Guest starring babies in this episode: Baby Road Runner, Baby Wily E. Coyote, Baby Yosemite Sam, Baby Marvin, Baby Elmer Fudd, Baby Porky Pig, all in the "Ten Loonies in a Bed " segment.

  • Although there are several episodes where some babies have no diapers, this is the first episode we see them taking off their diapers.


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Trivia (41)

  • In 'Duck! Monster! Duck!', after Bugs tells Daffy 'especially when we're supposed to be sleeping', once the camera shifts to Taz, Melissa and Petunia, Petunia has no eyes for a split second before they just 'appear' on her face.

  • WORST GOOF EVER!-In the bit in "A Lot Like Lola", when Lola is argueing with Melissa and Petunia, Petunia says "Well, how else are we supposed to be just like you" (or Something like that), and Melissa says "Yeah, what she said". But listen carefully...when Petunia is speaking, we hear Melissa's voice saying the line, and vise-versa. Its an audio blunder, the only one I know.

  • Response to second "gag"-So why is Granny the same age with the babys as she always is? Those things struck me once, but disappeared in about 3 seconds. Don't worry about it.

  • Why is Lola in this show when the other Looney Tunes didn't know her until "Space Jam"?

  • In A Lot Like Lola, where did Sylvester and Tweety go?

  • Granny tells Baby Daffy that he doesn't have teeth, but he clearly does when he talks

  • Taz's Fridge (song): What was a tractor tire doing in the refrigerator?

  • How can Daffy spell "Club Daffy"? He's still in diapers, and I doubt Granny would write it for him.

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Allusions (19)

  • Careaway Street: An allusion to Seasame Street. The babies also spoof the shows letter and number 'sponsors'.

  • TV Characters: Beanbag the Dino: Barney Yellow Bird: Big Bird (from Sesame Street) The Grump: The Grouch (from Sesame Street) Stu: Steve from Blue's Clues

  • Television Spoofs: The TV shows that Petunia is watching and that the babies act out are: Careaway Street= Sesame Street Beanbag the Dinosaur= Barney Mint's Hints= Blue's Clues Mr. Bunny= Mr. Rodger (this spoof also includes Bugs taking off his coat and putting on a sweater...which is how the show always started out)

  • Computer Game: The game Lola was playing had 3 girl characters are similar to the Powerpuff Girls battling a giant pizza.

  • n/a: n/a
    The title Now museum now you don't is also the title of an episode of Lupin the 3rd.

  • Bugs: "That's my favorite cereal, Puff 'N Pops"
    Puff N' Pops is similar to Rice Cereal and on the front of the box there is a dragon .The dragon is from a song called "Puff the Magic Dragon".

  • n/a: My name is Elmer Fudd
    Elmer Fudd was from the classic Looney Tunes series.

  • Lola: n/a
    There is a sequence when Lola is talking in a cardboar box acting as if it was a TV. She is talking about Sylvester and the borken sofa in a deep dark voice and Lola imitates the narrator from "The Twilight Zone". Tweety later says, "Get Granny, Lola is playing old re-runs of past shows!"

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