Back of the Y

TVNZ (ended 2004)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 8

    Back Of The Y Goes To Hollywood Special


  • S 1 : Ep 7

    Episode 7 - Behind the Y


  • S 1 : Ep 6

    Episode 6


  • S 1 : Ep 5

    Episode 5


  • S 1 : Ep 4

    Episode 4


  • Cast & Crew
  • Matt Heath

    Danny Parker, Dick Johansonson

  • Chris Stapp

    Randy Campbell

  • Matt Perkins

    Skip Butler, misc

  • Piers Graham

    Smoodiver, misc

  • Chris Winn

    Wally Symonds, misc

  • show Description
  • Back of the Y is a witty and clever New Zealand stunt show designed to "put New Zealand on the map". With unforgettable characters such as Presenter, Danny Parker, New Zealand's greatest daredevil stuntsman, Randy Cambell and retarded South Island mechanic, Spanners Watson, the show took New Zealand by storm, appealing quite often to the older generation as well as the younger. Every episode of Back of the Y consists of a number of mini shows (Constables, Smoodiver), take-offs (Bottlestore Galactica) and stunts as well as visits to the studio where we meet New Zealand's most loved television personality, Danny Parker. And of course the show wouldn't be complete without the feature stunt which always goes horribly wrong. But Randy's popularity rises. Misc Admittedly, the language is crude, but this is because the show encourages swearing in an attempt to remove taboos and help us to laugh at ourselves. The show is sponsored by V Energy Drink. The show was created also to promote the band, Deja Voodoo which a couple of the cast members play in. Characters Danny Parker: New Zealand's most loved television personality and presenter of Back of The Y. However, every interview he conducts ends up as a "violent and bloody brawl". Randy Cambell: New Zealand's greatest daredevil stuntman. Every week he performs a stunt which always goes "horribly wrong", whether it's his fault or not. Spanners Watson: Retarded South island mechanic. However, he seems to be a mechanical genious, even building a rocket car in one of the episodes. Cindy Cockburn: Stunt Groupie who tirelessly follows Randy around. However, whether she's faithful to him is another question... Wally Symonds: Extreme Cameraman. However, he does appear to have a habit of crossdressing. Dick Johansonson: Veteran Australasian stunt coordinator and old friend of Randy's. But he's not about to accept the blame for Randy's dismal stunt performances. Dr Crash Endicott: Doesn't do much except try and protest when he sees that a stunt isn't going to go right. He's never listened to, though. Skip Butler: Rookie stuntman. Wants to take over Randy's position, but Randy won't have any of it. Catch Phrases Danny Parker: "I'll see you c***s next week." Randy Cambell: "Cos you dared me to!" Spanners Watson: "I don't even like eggs", "Shut up - I'm building a rocket car!" Dick Johansonson: "If it's not safe, I'm not interested." DVD The DVD is packed with action. It's features: Disk 1: -Back of the Y Masterpiece Television (7 episodes) -The Back of the Y Goes To Hollywood Special -Commentaries Disk 2: -Randy Cambell's Celebrity Death Jump -The best of Artswhole -Music Videos -Vaseline Warriors 3 -The World's first commentary commentarymoreless

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  • Quotes (15)

    • "...Phillip Brough had a dream - a dream ... to make a New Zealand television series that wasn't complete s***! He failed miserably!"

    • "Everyone knows that if you keep pushing someone - especially sh**ty litte ginge kids like Morris, something is bound to happen"

    • "So come on New Zealand, say no to bullying. If you know a bully or know someone being bullied, get a grown up to smack his head in!"

    • "No Morris, it's not cool. We've given you a girl's bike."

    • "It's a BMX like your guys'. My mum said it's cool, it's cool!"

    • "Nice bike, nice helmet you ginge"

    • "Yes, yes, yes. Yeah! Ohhhh f***!

    • "Todd's Brain is too fried to know he's staring death right in the eye."

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    Notes (15)

    • The stunt goes horribly wrong and a dangerous, burning monkey is on the loose.

    • The stunt goes horribly wrong and Randy ends up falling through the roof of the Back of the Y girls' changing room.

    • The stunt goes horribly wrong.

    • Despite being a normal episode, the stunt still goes horribly wrong.

    • This is the first normal episode.

    • This interview is the first and only interview where Danny Parker is beaten up.

    • The stunt goes horribly wrong.

    • There is no interview because the monkey arrives at the time Randy arrives to be interviewed.

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  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • I had a good laugh out of watching Back of the Y. In fact, not that the show was particularly humorous but there was something special, something unique that brought a smile to my face when I watched this.

    By t12345uk16, Apr 13, 2006

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