CBS Sets Premiere Dates for Bad Teacher and Unforgettable and Switches Up Its Thursday Nights

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, kids! To celebrate his Hallmark holiday full of love and mushy stuff, CBS has, um, announced premiere dates for its new comedy Bad Teacher and the third season of its pretty forgettable (if I'm being honest) procedural drama Unforgettable. Unfortunately, these premiere dates did not come with gift receipts and you cannot return them, so you might as well just suck it up and pretend you care until CBS leaves the room for an extended period of time and you can discard them in the nearest trash bin. I kid, I kid (but not really).

Bad Teacher stars Ari Graynor (For a Good Time, Call...) as a former trophy wife who apparently fakes her way through being a teacher in order to find a new victim rich spouse after her wealthy husband leaves her. The half-hour comedy is based on the feature film starring Cameron Diaz and will premiere on Thursday, April 24 at 9:30pm. Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars), Kristin Davis (Sex and the City), Sara Gilbert (The Talk), David Alan Grier (In Living Color), and Sara Rodier (Happy Endings) also star.

Unforgettable—which stars Poppy Montgomery and her less-than-convincing American accent as a detective with one hell of a memory—will return for Season 3 on Friday, April 4 at 8pm, after Undercover Boss wraps up its fifth season.

Oh! And before I shut up and leave you to marathon the new season of House of Cards, a couple more housekeeping notes: CBS also announced that The Crazy Ones will be switching places with Two and a Half Men on Thursday nights. Beginning February 27, the Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar comedy will move to 9:30pm, and Jon Cryer and his fellow men will move up to 9pm. I now give you permission to stop thinking about Jon Cryer on Valentine's Day.

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  • pamelliajohns Feb 22, 2014

    Actually, I happen to enjoy Unforgettable. I was very excited when it got picked up (after being cancelled) and I have been waiting anxiously for season 3 to start!

  • MarlboroMagpi Feb 15, 2014

    BAD teacher was a very funny movie. I was pleasantly surprised but I really wonder if a TV series is a good idea. Looks like one for the dead pool. I will still try it for a few episodes. It does have Kristin Davis !

  • KeithStammer Feb 15, 2014

    I swore that I had heard that Bad Teacher didn't get ordered to series, but I guess I was wrong.

    As much as I'm going to enjoy having Ari Graynor on my TV for 5 or 6 episodes until this gets cancelled... there is zero chance this gets a second season.

  • MichelleHood24 Feb 15, 2014

    I can't wait for unforgettable about time it came back

  • ukeishiro Feb 15, 2014

    Last rime I watched an episode of unforgettable season 1 was cancelled and now season 3 in the starting block :D. I like the show but I have too much to watch...

  • flyPBA Feb 15, 2014

    I can't remember if i've ever heard Poppy Montgomery speak in her native Australian accent

  • MarcBedggood Feb 14, 2014

  • KevinG87 Feb 14, 2014

    I love me some Ari Graynor, I might watch the show, but I'm not expecting it to be around long... having seen the movie, it just seems like a weird movie to adapt for tv and should probably be on cable or even premium cable.

    doesn't matter to me where Two and a Half Men moves to, I still won't be watching that horrible show.

  • bmoshier Feb 14, 2014

    Yeah, Unforgettable is returning!!!!!! It is a wonderful series.

  • pamelliajohns Feb 22, 2014

    Completely agree!